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In 2007 in the market of hunting weapons has a very mixed structure from German rifle Semprio Krieghoff company. Its author Wolfgang Schmidt literally turned inside out principle pump-action reloading and suggested to not move the bolt, and handguard together with the barrel.

Description of the carbine Krieghoff Semprio

Rifle, the design of which is mirrored principle pump-action reloading. She has to open the shutter unit moves the forearm with the barrel.

Belongs to the category of high-end weapons, for the year, the company produces not more than a thousand Semprio, its price starts from 450 thousand rubles. Perfect adjustment of all moving parts is complemented by a luxurious appearance. Nickel-plated receiver is adorned with an engraving that can be customized.

The rifle is designed primarily for driven hunts. It is equipped with a rear sight and front sight with a fiber-optic filaments, their position adjusted in the process of production tests Semprio target.

Advantages and disadvantages

Impeccable quality of workmanship. It is a weapon that can emphasize the status of the owner. While he has a good shooting performance.

  • A somewhat unusual method loader seems difficult only at the moment of acquaintance with a rifle.
  • When reloading rifle open cavity, which are the weapons of conventional design always remain closed. Therefore, it is sensitive to all types of contaminants.
  • A very large area of the rubbing together of parts. The slightest infringement of the quality of polishing, chips and scratches, the mechanism would jam. The rifle is extremely demanding of its content.
  • The possibility of quick change barrel, and delivery can be several blocks handguard – barrel of different caliber.
  • Have the opportunity to shoot the rifle with cocking or to bring it into firing position manually. This significantly increases the safety of using it.
  • The design of the trigger mechanism allows to adjust the force on the trigger. He also has mode shneller.
  • The kinematics of the weapon is that at the moment of shot under the action of the recoil momentum, supporting the shooter’s shoulder moves back, and the hand holding the fore-end, slightly leaning forward. This ensures the preliminary unlocking of the barrel, which increases the rate of fire. However, you cannot exclude the fact that when using cartridges of large capacity, defective ammunition or improper position of the Lodge – for example, no support of the butt plate in the shoulder – complete separation (breaking) of the block of the barrel and butt.
  • At the time of reloading the entire set of sights – rear sight, front sight or optical sight is shifted forward. The shooter temporarily loses the target and may miss it altogether.
  • The rifle is designed for driven hunts. For on scopes on the cover of the receiver made the undercut. Their size and the distance between them do not coincide with the standard brackets. Will have to buy a special “bridge” and scopes of the company Krieghoff. Although for those who are able to pay half a million rubles for the hunting rifle it’s a mere detail.

Semprio inaccessible to most hunters. However, she does not possess the unique qualities of small. Rifle Remington 700 series (Police LTR TWS, VTR, XCR, VLS, SPS), which are incomparably cheaper, much higher on this indicator.

Krieghoff Semprio (photo)


The rifle is designed for use on driven hunts in Europe, where the law prohibits the use of semiautomatic weapons with a magazine capacity over two rounds.

  • Semprio is available in different versions – with polished or blued barrels, different types of engravings on the receiver, Nickel-plated, oxidised or blued bolt carrier.
  • The bed can be with the Bavarian pillow and without it, and with a hole for the thumb on the neck.
  • On the muzzle is optionally threaded for a silencer or muzzle brake.
  • There are models with a trigger, covered with a titanium alloy or gold.
  • Significant external difference is the decorative covering of the Lodge. It can be transparent, emphasizing the wood texture and opaque – paint in camouflage colors with a predominance of fiery orange (Blaze Orange) or green (Forest Green) color.
Feature The value
Movement type Pump-action, with loading the shear block of the trunk forward
Gauges standard .223 Rem., .243 Rem., 6,5×55 SE, .270 Win., 7×64, .308 Win., .30–06, 8x57IS, 9,3×62
Caliber Magnum 7mm Rem. Mag., .300 Win. Mag., .375 Ruger
Barrel length (mm) 550 – standard, 630 – Magnum
Capacity 4+1 standard, 3+1 Magnum
Standard trigger pull (g) 1250
Total length (mm) 1007 (cal standard)
Weight (kg) 3,4

The Krieghoff company has positioned the rifle as a weapon with In-line shutter. This kind of pump-action reloading, in which the stopper remains stationary, and moves the unit consisting of a barrel, forearm and the silo store.

  • Shutter direct action – the larva turns around and locks the barrel under the action of the parts of the mechanism without the participation of an arrow. The larva seven lugs, it looks like a gear with rounded teeth. Interestingly, this configuration was used in the rifle M-16.
  • The trigger mechanism is adjustable, with the possibility of manual arming and withdrawal. Trigger pull is adjustable by a screw slot which is located behind the trigger. There is a mode of shneller, activated in the usual way – when the cocked trigger, the hook moves forward.
  • Store removable, the eject button is located on the shank, the front face of the bunker.
  • You can block a rifle outside (forward block) position, in which it is safe to carry and transport. On the top face of the rear edge of the block of the trunk button is pressed.
  • Sights – rear sight and front sight equipped with colored fiber-optic elements. They are regulated by. To install the bridge bracket under the optical sight on the cover of the receiver is parallel to the undercut, forming a semblance of a lath of the type “dovetail”.
  • Polupoltina bed, made of solid wood of valuable species. It can have a ledge “Bavarian cheek” or be smooth. There are options with a hole for your thumb in the neck of the butt. The shock-absorbing recoil pad, fixed.
Picking and packing

The rifle comes in a gorgeous hard case, lined with leather. It disassembled into two blocks. The store is cleared, put in a separate cell in the trunk.

In the package can be two or three barrel with forend, the bridge under the telescopic sight himself. Have hex bolts to adjust the effort of the descent, completely and flies. Accompanied by a certificate, instruction manual.

The principle of operation

To charge the rifle, it is necessary to shift the block of the forearm with the barrel forward. On the first millimeters of progress in unblocking its two component parts – unit of the barrel and buttstock with USM, and then, upon further movement, the shutter cylinder is rotated and out of engagement with the breech of the barrel. Guide on which slides the receiver is the bolt body having in cross-section the shape of a star with rounded rays of petals. In the reverse movement of the bolt picks up a round from the magazine and docile it into the chamber.

  • The design of the rifle manual provides the platoon firing mechanism. To do this, click on the top edge of the lever on the back plate of the striker and drown him inside. For de-cocking, you must click on the lower edge of this lever, after which it POPs back. All actions involving the operation of USM made in the position of the lever 12 hours. He has another 2 hours of the day, it is intended to divide blocks of rifles.
  • If firing pin has been cocked, then subsequent cycles of reloading it remains in this position.
  • Shop two-row, he is armed as in the removed position, which is necessary to move the block of the trunk forward and press the eject button and through the window of ejector sleeves. This way you can add another cartridge, pushing it into the chamber.
  • Mode shneller descent is established when the cocked firing pin. For this we need to move the trigger forward. To remove it, but the firing pin needs to be deactivated. Adjustment efforts descent is a hex wrench included. The slot screw located behind the trigger.
  • To transport the disassembled rifle she deactivated. For this, the barrel moves forward, then his upper face, left top, click the button. The barrel is fixed forward. In this position, the breech opened, the cartridge in the chamber it is impossible to apply.
  1. Remove the impactor from the platoon to press on its bottom face.
  2. To push a block of the barrel forward until it stops. So on his right side opened the latch.
  3. To remove the store.
  4. Rotate the cocking lever to the right of the drummer position for 2 hours a day (there are white risk) and click on it, sinking inside.
  5. Rotate the latch check box in the block of the trunk.
  6. To remove the unit, moving it out of engagement with the bolt body and the bottom pin.

The barrel mounted to the forend and the receiver by two screws located on the front and rear of the bunker store. Within one group calibers – for example, .270 Win, .308 Win, 30-06 – change larvae shutter is not required.

Prices and reviews on the carbine, Krieghoff, Sempro (Krieghoff Semprio) is given below.


Rifle Semprio caliber .243 Rem in the minimum configuration and not in a particularly elegant design is not less than 450 thousand rubles.


Those who had the opportunity to shoot with this rifle, note the impeccable quality of its performance. Block stem moves smoothly, without excessive noise. The larger the caliber, the more pronounced the effect of pre-release the shutter when fired.

Habit to the direction of movement of the forearm when recharging is formed very quickly. Semprio has a good shooting qualities. With a telescopic sight shooting possible at distances up to 300 meters. The value of MOA is placed 1.2-2 units.

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