KSO 9 Krechet carbine, rifled gun

Self-loading carbine KSO-9 “Krechet” is produced in the Zlatoust machine-building plant, based on its design submachine gun PP-91 “KEDR” (Design Eugene Dragunov).

Description of the carbine KSO 9 Krechet

Self-loading carbine blowback, receiver, pistol grip and USM taken from a submachine gun “CEDAR”.

Left the same and the type of ammunition – pistol cartridge “Luger” 9×19.

  • So that he fell into the category of civilian weapons, back to the receiver attached pipe (threaded joint) on which is mounted a sliding butt. Increased barrel length (360 mm) and for entry into the standard on the muzzle arranged openwork brake-compensator.
  • Magazine size reduced from 30 to 10 rounds, but if you want you can put the combat option. Changed USM left one firing mode – single.

The design of the carbine is only used metal and plastic. The whole “kit” taken from the Israeli arms company CAA Industries.

  • Handguard attaches to the barrel with clamps and is actually only the trim on the trunk not bearing structural loads. It is square, it contains three straps weaver for the canopy handle, tactical flashlights and other items.
  • Cover the receiver received reinforcement in the form of a bracket weaver high bracket. There is an external sights – folding rear sight and front sight.

In the end, the upgrade, the designers instead of PP “CEDAR” was something resembling the American assault rifle M4.

Advantages and disadvantages

The carbine looks like it was pulled from the movie “starship troopers” or virtual reality RPG like Mass Effect. Someone that can warm the soul, but also the “cool” type and other Ponte, dignity KSO-9 “Krechet” it ends.

  • The main and fatal flaw is the attempt to make the carbine pistol cartridge. Can’t the nine-millimeter bullet with a rounded end to have the same ballistic characteristics of the rifle. This is contrary to the laws of physics, so “Merlin” is to lose all the small indicators, accuracy, precision and stopping power of any carbine with a rifle bullet. For example, “the Saiga of MK” in the performance of the 03, even though its shorter (336 mm) barrel.
  • For example: the rifle ORSIS-120 when shooting at a distance of 100 meters gives the deviation from the aiming point is not more than 2.9 cm, which is equal to 1 MOA and that is why he gets into the standard sniper rifles. The “Cedar” dispersion at the same distance of 15 cm, which is acceptable for a machine gun but for a hunting rifle is unacceptable.
  • The carbine is all rough, angular, many protrusions. For hunting – this is simply unacceptable. Handguard with three straps weaver – separate “song”. This is only for fans of the “Zombie Apocalypse” may seem like a very useful device. For the hunter is more important than the convenience of grip and durability, and massive panel hanging on the trunk, has no practical value. By the way, the American assault rifle M4, which is so similar to “Merlin”, has the best ergonomics.
  • The knob is on the left. This is a great idea for a submachine gun, because if the right hand grasped the handle and finger on the trigger after cocking, you can immediately open fire. The carbine KSO 9 Krechet, which is positioned as hunting, this feature is not needed, it is rather dangerous.
  • Separately want to mention the traditional Russian arms tight to move all of the parts. The fuse box is shifted with great effort, compounded by its small size and angularity. By the way, the bolt handle is also small and angular, to operate it extremely uncomfortable.
  • For a partial disassembly of the rifle required tools that adds convenience in its use.

With all these disadvantages, its price exceeds 50 thousand rubles. Now compare “CEDAR” and “the Huntsman” (by the way, they have the same weight – 3.2 kg), standing the same and it will become clear how justified the purchase of the product from Chrysostom.

Carbine KSO 9 Krechet (photos)


This is a civil rifles, acquisition and possession of which it is possible for the license after five years of continuous service in the status of hunting gladkostvol. According to the manufacturer, the carbine Krechet convenient for hunting in the woods and in the mountains, when we might see animals “nose to nose”, he is considered suitable for self defense.

It remains to Express a dissenting opinion, that neither that, nor another it is better not to use. Hunting will produce wounded, and for the defense would’ve been better KEDR unchanged.

Feature The value
Type Self-loading carbine
Size (mm) 9
Ammunition Pistol cartridge “Luger 9×19”
Barrel length (mm) 360
Sighting range (m) 150
Capacity 10
Length with folded stock (mm) 830
Weight (kg) 3,2
  • Self-loading carbine blowback – locking only at the expense of the masses, which is common to submachine guns.
  • The receiver is made of sheet steel, it is at an angle 800 fixed pistol grip plastic, with three anatomical depressions for the fingers and curved “back”. A hopper to store the rifle KSO 9 Krechet 10 rounds of 9×19 is in front of the trigger guard, his latch is a round metal button located to the right. On the cover of the receiver is fixed high bracket with strap weaver.
  • The back of the receiver tube is fixed with a sliding butt. The butt pad is unregulated, plastic, in the base case on the left side of the butt has a container for storage of accessories.
  • Handguard attached to the barrel with clamps, it’s massive, square, three edges fixed bracket weaver to install the handle, tactical flashlight, and other body kit.
  • On the muzzle fishnet brake-compensator.
  • USM unregulated, the handle of the shutter is to the left, check the fuse on the right on the receiver. Fuse blocks all USM.
  • Strap in addition to weaver, there is an external sights – kicking back is the rear sight on the high bracket with groove for mounting on Weaver rail and front sight (flip), the bracket which is located on the front face of the forearm and is connected to the barrel.
Picking and packing

The rifle comes in a cardboard box with a print of gray and the inscription KSO-9 “Krechet”. Wrapped in waxed paper.

In the package:

  1. Two 10-round magazine.
  2. The cleaning rod.
  3. A set of keys and supplies for disassembly and cleaning.
  4. Instruction manual.
  5. Certificate.
The principle of operation

The carbine operates on the principle of free slide. The reload happens when a shot. First bullet slams into the rifling of the barrel and the shutter, because of its massiveness, slides back a little later. Breakthrough of the powder gases does not occur due to the difference between the speed of movement of the bullet along the bore and bolt on rails of the receiver.

For a shot of the KSO-9 “Krechet” it is necessary to raise the box of the fuse until it stops, then twisting the handle of the paddle to rest the butt plate in the shoulder and pull the trigger. Supply of the following round from the magazine into the chamber automatically.

  1. The key supplied to the squeeze pin on the back plate of the receiver, lift the lid up.
  2. To release the clutch return mechanism out of the groove, by submitting it forward, remove the spring from the guide rail.
  3. To move the bolt back and remove it.
  4. A special key (the head with a lamb) remove the screw fixing the shaft guard (left on the receiver), remove the fuse from the box Assembly.
  5. Remove from the receiver the trigger Assembly.
  • Possible replacement of standard buttstock mounting foregrip for any tactical suspension: handles, flashlights, laser sights.
  • Scopes (optical, reflex) you can install those that are compatible with strap weaver.

The price and the reviews on self-loading carbine KSO 9 Krechet is given below.

Price and reviews

The average price for carabiner KSO 9 Krechet – 52 thousand rubles. Feedback is contradictory.

However, the majority of those who are serious about hunting, I think that “Merlin” for her unsuitable. In awe of the futuristic look and capabilities of weapons only fans of “heroes”.

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