Magnum Research MLR Ultra rifles

Semi-automatic carbine Magnum Research MLR Ultra .22 LR is an improved version of the Barracuda model, which is based on the design of small-caliber carbine Ruger 10/22. Its main difference is the modular gun that allows you to switch from .22 LR to . 22 WMR.

Description carbine Magnum Research MLR Ultra

Small-caliber semi-automatic carbine chambered for the ring of ignition of the .22 LR and .22 WMR. Works on the principle of free slide. A distinctive feature is the thick-walled tube, consisting of a steel tube with rifling and a carbon shell that increases durability and provides effective cooling. Model name Barracuda arose because of the similarity of the form pointed with forearm hanging over her trunk and face of this predatory fish.

Advantages and disadvantages

Lightweight, compact, reliable and undemanding in operation.

  • Not enough tight locking of the barrel like every gun, offset by the design of the barrel with a graphite shell. In General shooting performance of the rifle is very good, the largest MOA he approaches sniper rifles.
  • The ability to quickly change the barrel to use the .22 WMR cartridge allows you to successfully use this carabiner is not only for sports and recreational shooting, but for hunting. Although controversial, the use of weapons of this caliber for such purposes has not been decided.
  • Picatinny rail is a structural part of the receiver milled together with her one-piece, the arrow is not necessary to demonstrate locksmith skills. Unfortunately, the outer sighting devices are not provided, and for weapons under the cartridge ring of ignition, they would have been useful, because the usual shooting distance does not exceed 50 metres.

Capacious store, containing ten cartridges, not beyond the Lodge, which is quite practical – not to be hooked. However, he has a drum design that is not very convenient for loading. Besides, rifles of the Mannlicher system are not particularly reliable because these stores. Hardly Ruger something radically different from them.

  • Rifle stock is clearly adapted for participation in sports. Her form – wide “orthopedic” butt-cut with pistol handle, narrow fore-end, far away from classical forms. According to some experts, it allows to avoid mistakes in applying and achieve the best results when shooting. However, for beginners this option can cause subsequent fatal failures. Because they will not be able to develop the right skills.

Photo carbine Magnum Research MLR Ultra


This weapon is for shooting sports (optics, absence of the usual rear sight and front sight make it too expensive toy) and hunting.


Available in the caliber .22LR and .22 WMR. In the basic version of the bed made of black high impact plastic. It can be camouflage color (Camo) – from the same plastic or wooden laminate.

Feature The value
Type Self-loading carbine blowback
Caliber .22 LR or .22 WMR
Step rifling 1:6
Barrel length (mm) 483
Shop Rotary, removable
Capacity 10
Total length (mm) 95,4
Weight (kg) 2,02

Self-loading semi-automatic rifle operating on the principle of free slide (kinematic diagram of the gun Walls, PCA).

The trunk of a cantilever, consisting of an inner steel pipe with thread and casing made of carbon with aluminum inserts on the ends. Optional is possible to install a silencer, muzzle brake. In the model Ultra the trunk is made modular, it can be changed, moving from cartridge .22 LR to .22 WMR.

The receiver is anodized aluminum, it is obtained by milling from solid material. Picatinny rail on its upper face is an integral part, a continuation. Completely and flies there.

Shop rotary, ten. Recessed in the box completely. The latch is located between the bin store and the trigger guard.

The trigger mechanism is single action, the force on the trigger is not adjustable. The safety button is located on the front branch of the trigger guard. To activate or deactivate a security mechanism it is necessary to move to the right (Fire position) or left (position Safe).

Lodge sports, cool set with handle and hole for thumb between her butt. The forend is narrow, between it and the barrel shroud left a significant gap.

Picking and packing

Comes in a hard carrying case. Supplied with two magazines, safety lock (trigger guard), cleaning kit. Attached the manual and a passport with a warranty card.

The principle of operation

Semi-automatic weapon with a free gate. Locking is carried out due to the weight of the bolt and recoil spring. After a shot the shutter freely moves back, urged by the recoil momentum. Along the way he extracts the cartridge case, cocks the firing pin and compresses the return spring. On the return stroke of the shutter extracts the round from the magazine and feeds it into the chamber.

For loading the magazine it must be removed from the hopper by pressing the latch in front of trigger guard. He falls out quite freely. The cartridges are stacked as in a conventional single-row store – consistently utaplivaja the previous cartridge, and installing the following from front to back.

Before shooting it is necessary to remove weapons from the fuse and distort the bolt, grasp its handle. Move the gate is short, the length of the cartridge is 35 mm. If you don’t need to shoot immediately, turn the fuse by sliding the button on the front branch of the trigger guard to the left.

After firing the breech returns to its forward position, delay no.

  1. To defuse the weapons, which eject and distort the shutter.
  2. Remove the screw on the shank in front of the bunker store.
  3. To separate the barrel from the stock.
  4. Knock out the two pins securing the trigger mechanism to the receiver.
  5. Remove the handle bolt.
  6. To move the bolt back, remove her from the pairing with the guides of the receiver.
  7. Remove the bolt carrier Assembly with the return spring.

The barrel fixed to the receiver by two pins.

Price and reviews about Magnum Research MLR Ultra (Magnum Ultra) is given below.


Weapons are not supplied to Russia, on the manufacturer’s website, it costs 890 $. In the Network there are proposals for the sale commision Magnum Research MLR Ultra for 200 thousand rubles.

At factory price Magnum Research MLR Ultra can be purchased and other models of rifles, for example, Browning Bar .30-06 Light Long Trac Executive, Sabatti ROVER 870 .300, .308 Win Orsis 120.


Excellent shooting performance when firing at distances up to 50 meters. You can put the bullet in the bullet. The impact is insignificant. The carbine is light, handy, fairly reliable.

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