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Having excellent technical characteristics, modern hunting carolinabaptist the best firing rates and allow you to get real pleasure from the process of shooting. The thought shape, ergonomics all structural parts of these carabiners and an attractive price – the main advantages of this type of weapon available on the market.

And among peers with similar data should stay on the model hunting rifle model Maier m03, which has received many positive reviews from buyers due to the optimal combination of opportunities for the application and affordable cost, and from owners of this rifle, which performs well in defeat as a small game, and the goals of the larger sizes.

Modern design, which immediately attracts the attention of potential buyers, well-designed form and the use of valuable breeds of wood in the design of the rifle – all this should be attributed to the main advantages of the model Mayeh m03 before analogues of other manufacturers.

Overview of carbine Maier M03

With modern rifles you can quickly and easily hit stationary and moving target. However, such important for shooting firearms performance, as accuracy and sighting, this model at the highest level. Thanks to the sophistication of the forms and constructive details, it is possible to use this carbine people with very different complexion: regulation of growth provides the most snug fit to shoulder a minimal impact when making shots and convenience of the process operation of the weapon.

Available in the basic configuration, the optical sight allows you to make the most effective shots, and the relatively small weight of the model Mayeh m03 not complicates the process of transportation.

The thought shape allows the use of weapons for professionals in the hunt, and also to receive initial skills of shooting: the ergonomic shape of the butt and the reasonableness of the ratio of the length of the barrel and the entire rifle guarantee optimal and comfortable use it for its intended purpose and men with a high hand, and women are fragile constructions.

Advantages and disadvantages

Through the analysis of existing carabiner positive characteristics and flaws of the manufacturer you can get the most complete picture of the model. So, the main advantage of hunting rifles Maier m03 must be considered his great striking ability that is provided primarily by the high speed of a bullet, the excellent characteristics of the optical sight and adjustable attachment on the barrel of the rifle.

The advantages of the rifle for hunting purposes and sport shooting, as well as those of her qualities and characteristics:

  • optimal for a given weapon size and weight – compact size with light weight and add convenience to the process of exploitation and transportation;
  • the original design, which is based on the application of modern polymeric materials with high strength and natural wood, which retains its attractive appearance even under adverse external conditions such as high humidity and even in contact with the rifle in the water that can occur when using it in the field, as well as high and low temperatures;
  • the possibility of replacing the base set: flies and forearm with different characteristics, the optical sight and store larger capacity;
  • the presence of the two types for the lock shop in the place reserved for him, to prevent the loss of the store;
  • use the turning lever to close the crown ensures complete safety when using the model Mayeh m03;
  • affordability, which is very important for those who seek to obtain high quality weapons of a professional class at a relatively low cost. This parameter is important to almost every buyer and plays an important role in the process of selecting a hunting rifle.

Surprisingly modern and attractive appearance, immediately stopping on his view of how the professional and the Amateur, perfectly finished natural wood and the optimum barrel length is the most important model parameters Maier m03 that distinguish it from the analogues of other manufacturers. To install an optical sight to mount on the surface of the barrel somewhat worse degree of precision shots due to the minimum curvature of the barrel – this time some owners of the model attributed to the number of faults.

Mauser .308 M03 EXTREME Special


The use of the rifle Maier m03 not just limited to professional hunting. Specifications allows you to use the carbine for training in marksmanship and shooting training, and the relatively low weight and compact external dimensions ensure easy transport.


The market today in the professional shops of the hunting weapon offers several modifications of this model. They are characterized by excellent performance shooting, made of quality polymer and natural materials, and also the ability to use cartridges of different calibers, which increases the degree of efficiency of shooting from a carbine.

Among the most popular it is possible to allocate following types of the model:

  1. Professional Hunter with a strong prey appearance and exclusively black shades in the design of the rifle. For this model the cartridges used as large caliber;
  2. Stutzen with convenient mounting forend and shorter barrel length;
  3. Trailс signal panels made of rubberized material and having a bright orange color;
  4. Extreme with rubber inserts black color on the handle butt and is made from fiberglass with a high strength factor.

The use of different size calibers (.308 and .223) allows you to hit medium-sized and large-sized goal.


The technical capabilities of the model allow to use it in various ways. But since the manufacturer provides the use of a carbine in professional hunting, more simple goals (e.g., sport shooting, target practice) is also available when using the model.

Specifications Carbine Maier m03
Appointment Hunting, sport shooting
View Semi-automatic carbine
Capacity cartridges From 5 to 9
The total length of the body 1 120 mm
The length of the barrel 625 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

The combination of several possibilities (replacement of the basic configuration, tuning and improvement model) provides a high level of demand for a carbine, and a lot of positive reviews from customers and owners immediately attracted attention in the analysis of advantages and disadvantages.


Important design element of the model is the receiver, which is attached to the other structural part. The barrel is optimally designed taking into account the impact of attachment, which can affect the targeting.

The presence of the butterfly valve allows you to use when shooting different calibers, and the manual platoon provides control for perfect shots.

Picking and packing

The basic package includes the carbine, the belt, cleaning rod to clean the barrel from dirt and soot formed during the shots, as well as the manual and passport of the rifle. Weapons Packed in polymeric containers is a cardboard box.

The principle of operation

Simplicity of design ensures lightweight operation of the rifle. The process of a bookmark of ammunition in the store is on top, which is especially useful in the presence on the trunk optical sight. Shop to eliminate the risk of loss is fixed by means of a button, locking the store.

The striker is cocked, which produces the kick for the installed cartridge, occurs when bringing the check box in the position signified by the letter “F”.


The process of dismantling this model requires no special tools and can be easily performed even in field conditions, which is especially important when using it in hunting conditions. The shutter, consisting of 4 parts, easy to dismantle, which takes a minimum amount of time even without special skills of handling firearms.

On the receiver houses the barrel, bolt, trigger Assembly and an optical sight which can be easily removed with a screwdriver and in the same way attached.


Conducting improvement may be due to the installation of an optical sight with the best characteristics. Replacement shop for more volume makes it possible to increase the number of bullets and their caliber.

Owner reviews and the price of the rifle Maier M03 (M03 Mauser) is given below.

The price of the product

The cost of the model is about 85 750-91 800 rubles, for a carbine with such technical capabilities can be called a decent value with excellent parameters.

Owner reviews

According to most buyers, carabiner Maier m03 has the potential to be the best among similar models. Comfortable design, thought-out configuration of each structural part and attractive specifications laid down by the manufacturer – these characteristics primarily attract buyers.

The owners noted the possibility of tuning arms and easy disassembly and convenient operation of the rifle.

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