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A Marlin 336 carbine is a modern adaptation of the model 1892 Winchester with a movable trigger guard, which plays the role of lever for reloading. This mechanism has two equivalent names: brace Henry named inventor, and Lever action. Most of the inhabitants of the planet Earth he is known for the movies-westerns of the adventures in the Wild West. In the US, despite some drawbacks, this design belongs to the category of “everything” and is actively used.

Description Marlin 336

Carbine with a rifled barrel, tubular underbarrel store and the so-called bracket Henry, used as a lever to move the shutter when reloading. The design of the locking and trigger mechanism almost without exception copied from the Winchester model 1892, only a window of ejector sleeves is moved to the right side of the receiver, which gave the opportunity to install the optical sight.

Advantages and disadvantages

If any of the kinematic scheme is used over a hundred years, its reliability and practicality it is possible to trust. Its main drawback – noise. The clank of the mechanism Marlin model 336 surpasses even the Mossberg 500, nicknamed the “rattle”.

  • Clip Henry allows you to reload with a speed comparable to the mechanism semi-automatic rifle. However, due to the bolt body, which is almost 10 cm out of the back of the receiver, hold the weapon in the line of sight impossible.
  • Due to the window offset extractor shell casings on the right side of the receiver, the decreased dependence on contamination with dust and sand, the weapon has become more reliable.
  • External trigger trigger recently received a second recognition among shooters, as the design solution which ensures greater safety in the handling of weapons.
  • As ammunition cartridges are used with a blunt bullet with a diameter of 9 mm. They are loaded with relatively slow burning gunpowder. Because of this, the trajectory of the bullet, ballistic, which reduces the effective range of the shot. But its stopping power is very high. For this reason, the Marlin Lever action carbines in the U.S. are recognized as the most effective “reneboy”. Useless year and a wounded animal on the hunt with him does not happen.
  • A slow-burning gunpowder generates, and another nice “feature”: this carbine is no such brutal recoil as other weapons of similar caliber, so the model number is instances that are in the hands of teenagers.
  • Equipment store rifle ammunition with bullets, even blunt, some danger: while falls and hits there is a possibility nacola of the cap and the explosion. Therefore part of the proposed ammunition is bullets in a soft polymer shell.
  • To discharge the weapon through the window, ejector sleeves, a consistent distortion of the brace Henry, which cannot be considered as comfortable.

To improve the ballistic qualities of the barrel it is threaded four or six deep grooves, and a dozen smaller ones. They also allow you to use a bullet with a soft shell or completely lead.

The presence of an external sighting devices, even archaic in design, making the weapon versatile.

Rifle Marlin 336



This is a hunting weapon designed to prey of bears, wild boars, deer, and elk. Effective shooting distance is less than 150 meters. Models with a short barrel can be applied for self-defense.

  • Model 336C 35 Rem. Considered the flagship in the family “three hundred and thirty-six”. Caliber 35 Rem – obtuse nine-millimeter bullet cartridge 48,8 mm. the Barrel length of 50.8 cm Metal parts blued, the Lodge polupoltina, wood dark American walnut.
  • Model 336SS in 35 Rem , is notable for its use of stainless steel.
  • The model 336 BL. Caliber 30-30 Win cartridge 7,62×51, the sleeve with the edge. The barrel length 47 cm Metal parts are blued. Bed polupoltina, laminated, brown.
  • Model 336C 30-30 Win. Caliber 30-30 Win. The barrel length 50.8 cm, blued. Receiver with anti-glare light gray covered with Stone Wash. Polupoltina bed, dark wood American walnut.
  • Model 336W. Caliber 30-30 Win. The barrel and receiver blued, barrel length of 50.8 cm of the Bed polupoltina, nutty, bright. On the cover of the receiver two groove type “dovetail” with a width of 11 mm at optics.
  • Model 336W/Scope. Similar to the previous one, but on the cover of the receiver mounted Picatinny rail, in the package rifle scope 3-9х32.
  • Model 336XLR. Caliber 30-30 Win. The barrel and receiver is Nickel plated, barrel length 61 cm, shop cropped, instead of the traditional six it holds five rounds. Bed laminated, gray.
  • Model 336Y. Caliber 30-30 Win. The barrel is blued, with a length of 41.3 cm Shop on five cartridges. Bed polupoltina, light-wood American walnut. The manufacturer is positioned as a weapon for teenagers, can be used in self-defence.
336C 35 Rem 336 BL W336C 336 30-30Win 336XLR 336Y
Type of reloading Lever action – clamp Henry
Caliber 35 Rem 30-30 Win
The rifling 12 Micro – Groove® rifling barrel 6 keystone 12 Micro – Groove® rifling barrel
Step rifling 1:16 1:10 1:10 1:12 1:10
Barrel length (mm) 508 470 508 610 413
Capacity 6 6 6 5 5
Overall length (mm) 978 940 978 1080 845
Weight (kg) 3,18 3,4 3,18 3,4 2,95

Rifled carbine, rechargeable clip Henry (Lever action). Shop tubular underbarrel.

  • The barrel is stainless steel, cold forged, with a dozen small cuttings (Micro – Groove® rifling barrel), allowing the use of soft, shell-less, and coating a polymer film by a bullet.
  • Shutter longitudinal sliding, locking occurs by engagement of two vertical pins for the undercut on the stem. The tooth extractor one larva shutter without points.
  • The receiver is made of steel, stamped. The window of ejector sleeves is located on the right side. Under it is a closed spring-loaded shutter the window of the bunker store.
  • On the top side of the receiver is optional, four threaded holes two or undercut, forming a semblance of a lath of the type “dovetail”. They are used for installation of optical sights.
  • Clip Henry steel, continues almost to the end of the bottom edge of the pistol handle stock.
  • The trigger mechanism has an external cocking lever of the firing pin, so it is not equipped with the usual check of the fuse. The weapon is deactivated as follows: slightly press with the thumb on the shank of the trigger downwards, thus freeing the spring battle of the hook whispered, and then give him a chance to return forward while holding a sharp blow to the firing pin.
  • Set the outer sighting devices consist of a simple rear sight, adjustable vertically, and still fly, closed round casing.
  • Polupoltina bed, with a gentle grip. On it and forend have a well-developed corrugations, improving the reliability of the grip. The butt cushion butt pad. The comb is straight, with a slight inclination to the axis of the barrel.
Picking and packing
  • Carabiner Packed in a cardboard box.
  • Package can enter riflescope 3-9х32.
  • Attached passport, manual, warranty card.
The principle of operation

When the clip Henry is fed down two vertical pins in the slots of the receiver are shifted in and out of pairing with a cylinder lock. Upon further movement of the lever, the shutter is moved back, the spent cartridge case or cartridge is removed from the chamber and discarded the reflector through the window of the receiver. The back plate of the shutter goes from the receiver to the outside, catches on the cocking lever, and puts it back, causing the firing mechanism in the firing position.

  • At the same moment the cartridge is fed from the store into the bunker. On the line loading it rises in the Elevator when moving the bolt back when the clip Henry returns to the place. After entering the cylinder chamber into the breech, the locking pins go up and hold it.
  • To charge the rifle, turn the window of the bunker store up. The cartridges fit the bullet forward, overcoming the resistance of the spring the shutter of the hopper for the convenience of the process has a semicircular notch.

Before shooting the clip Henry goes down, and vigorously so vigorously back into place. The bolt out of the receiver almost the entire length, so Lodge it is better to keep the butt down on the weight.

  • The shutter will move the lever trigger and put it horizontally. If you do not need to immediately shoot your thumb to push down on the lever, snapping it out of engagement with the sear, after which, keeping it from sharp blow by the firing pin, return to the upright position.

To clean the weapon enough to take out the shutter. Further disassembly outside the weapons shop is not recommended.

  1. To discharge the weapon several times, dropping and lifting the bracket Henry. Make sure the chamber is clean, and the store does not – in recessed curtain store see the red pusher cartridges.
  2. Lower the clip to open the shutter. Remove the screw fastening the bracket of the hinge on the receiver.
  3. To remove the bracket.
  4. Squeeze the lever trigger and remove the bolt.
  5. To remove from the receiver the spring of the reflector cartridges. It is better to use tweezers.
  • The Marlin model 336 BL manufacturer has established a minimum recommended price of $ 667. The same money will cost you, for example rifled Vepr-hunter, 1B, saiga MK 03 Spanish.
  • Model 336Y, in his opinion, may not be cheaper 548 (like Mr-155), and the 336XLR – 969 dollars (as Sabatti Rover, Zastava m70).
  • Carabiner conveniently fits the hand, perfectly balanced.
  • Best use – shooting in the short – to one hundred meters distance. Scope hunting limited to medium size ungulates and predators of small game over the nine-millimeter bullet makes the meat.
  • Expensive and rare ammo.
  • A lot of noise when recharging.
  • Impact strength similar to that have smooth-bore guns of the 16th calibre.

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