Mauser M98 (M98 Mauser), rifles

Buyers often pay attention to quality performance and attractive appearance, and modern rifles designed to use them in hunting and for training accuracy, amaze with the diversity of proposed models, but also their capabilities inherent characteristics.

Manufacturers strive to satisfy the demands of customers, both professionals and novice lovers of shooting firearms.

And among peers, which immediately draw attention to themselves when looking in the window of the hunting store, you must separately highlight the model of the mauser m98, which has become especially popular due to the many received positive reviews from its owners.

Overview of carbine Mauser M98

Modern appearance, the cavity classical with the lack of spare parts and high technical capabilities – so you can briefly describe the model. Guaranteed ease of use and process safety operation designed by the manufacturer and expressed in the presence of the locking buttons and levers, to prevent the Commission of accidental discharge and loss of the store. And the possibility of replacing the “native” carbine on more volume allows you to increase the rate of fire.

Once you experience shooting a rifle mauser m98, immediately realize its power and effectiveness: due to the presence in the base of the optical sight with excellent characteristics, flies and forend with high quality every shot hit the chosen target, the motion trigger is maximally smooth. The design of the carbine model mauser m98 determines the reliability and quality of performance, and applied physical and polymer materials give the greatest appeal to a rifle stock mauser m98.

Relatively light weight allows you to quickly transport the rifle, feeling its weight even when transferring over long distances, which is especially important when applied in the hunt for considerable distances. Using a hunting rifle, it becomes possible to lose far targets, both moving and stationary.

The simplicity of the design carabiner clip provides ease of use, and also gives the ability to quickly and without special tools to make a partial disassembly of weapons.

Advantages and disadvantages

And to more fully understand the strengths of the model as well as manufacturer defects, it is required to consider a list of advantages and disadvantages of the rifle.

The most important from the point of view of the buyer and the owner of the mauser model m98 has the following positive features:

  • improved ergonomics of the Lodge, which determines the ease of use and most comfortable placement of the butt on the shoulder;
  • good basic equipment, giving the opportunity to immediately begin to operate the carbine;
  • guaranteed quality of all materials used in the decoration of the butt and the manufacture of barrel: stainless steel barrel, special processing method (cold forging), which retains its original appearance even under high humidity, and the wood has a protective coating, preserving its integrity even under considerable mechanical loads and temperature changes;
  • ergonomics and every detail, allowing you to use a carbine, maybe even a teenager with convenience and comfort.

A lot of positive qualities provides continued interest in the model from buyers, but the rifle has one significant from the point of view of buyers, drawback: the cost is quite high that allows you to purchase a rifle to every connoisseur of quality and reliability. Although different vendors the price may be slightly different, all the same purchase such a rifle for hunting only when sufficient numbers of Finance.

Photos of the rifle Mauser M98



Used mauser model m98 maybe in the hunt and learning the initial skills of shooting from a firearm: compact size and low weight make it easily transported the rifle and use both men and women.


For sale is a version of the standard mauser m98, which has a polymer coating on the butt and can be used in kit with the cartridges calibers from .22-250 Rem. to 9,3х64, and Magnum, trim butt natural walnut. The caliber of cartridges this modification also can vary that to some extent affects the quality of the made shots: 6,5×57, 7×64, .30-06 Springfield, 8×57 IS, 9,3×62 mm.


Modern and functional, the carbine of the model has proven itself in the destruction of the target as a medium-sized and more substantial. The rate of fire, range and speed of a bullet is determined by the technical characteristics of which are given in the table below.

Specifications Carabiner mauser m98
Manufacturer mauser
Appointment Hunting, sport shooting, target practice, training new
View Semi-automatic repeating rifle
Kind of caliber 6,5×57, 7×64, .30-06 Springfield, 8×57 IS, 9,3×62 mm.
The total length of the body 1 100 mm
The length of the barrel 524 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 2,69 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

Modern and with unique characteristics, the mauser m98 karabiner provides the ability of hitting the target even at a considerable distance, and also allows you to enjoy the process of shooting.


The lack of complexity in design determines the ease of use of the carbine model mauser m98, and it makes it especially accessible to all user categories, from beginners to more advanced Amateurs shooting firearms.

The design of hunting weapons of such a standard. The main constructive part of the rifle are the barrel and the butt. The barrel is made of stainless steel, specially processed method (cold forging), to protect it from moisture. Longitudinally-sliding rotary shutter provides easy feed cartridges from the magazine to the barrel and the smoothness of the trigger ensures quick and easy the Commission of a shot.

Picking and packing

Selling the carbine is carried out in specialized stores for hunters. Model mauser m98 is the cardboard package on which there is information on the model name and manufacturer. The carabiner is packaged to prevent mechanical damage to the polymer film.

When selling, the buyer is awarded the certificate of quality for the carbine and his personal passport.

The principle of operation

A simple principle is provided by the relative simplicity of the design of the rifle. When pressing the trigger, due to the impact trigger on the drummer is the message of the cartridge from the magazine to the barrel, followed by a shot.


Disassembly of the rifle for hunting you may need at any time for its repair and for the implementation of the tuning arms. The implementation of a partial disassembly of the rifle is held even without special tools, which is especially important when using weapons in the environment.


The improvement of the hunting carbines models is usually performed through the installation of additional attachments – optic sight, front sight and forend. As shown by the feedback, the model is a good basic sets (front sight, handguard and an optical sight), which possess ideal qualities and do not require replacement.

The price of the rifle M98 Mauser (Mauser M 98) described below.

The product price

The price of this model can be considered relatively high, however, excellent performance, attractive appearance and guaranteed the reliability of the whole structure gives the opportunity to talk about the reasonableness of the cost of the model: it varies from 85 000 to 91 000.

The reviews that got small-bore rifle Mauser M98, summarized below.


Reviews of both owners and buyers are very important to obtain the most complete picture of the rifle. In the opinion of the majority of owners, carabiner mauser m98 is well-established as a hunting weapon for both beginners and professionals. This is due to the consistency of shape and design, reliability and safety of weapons. Many owners Express admiration for his high damaging abilities.

Possessing a attractive and stylish “appearance” carbine model mauser m98 well demonstrated in your details on the sighting, while the high kill capability of this model manifests itself in the use of the cartridges of any caliber.

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