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Tula hunting rifle MC 20-01 has a unique design used in the so-called frolovka – the Mosin-Nagant rifles and Berdan with bored chambered for .32 caliber or 28 barrel. It is considered a commercial weapon. Currently, carbine is discontinued, but is still found in a thrift sale. This weapon is very ambiguous. As for ergonomic, and light qualities.

Description shotgun MC 20-01

The smooth-bore hunting carbine bolt-on paddle and a box store.The trunk has a constant reduction “pauchok”, the basic model is manufactured in 20-gauge, as there are versions of calibre 28 and 32. Sights – rifle rear sight and front sight.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • The weapons are largely designed to fire bullet cartridges, as equipped with the rifle entirely and fly. It is difficult to follow the game, moving quickly and erratically.
  • Rifle design with two docking lugs provides a secure locking barrel, which causes hunters gear cartridges enhanced charge. However, this leads to cracks in the bed, which is too lightweight and ineffective dampens the energy of the shot. Recoil for weapons of this caliber just cruel.
  • The design of the fuse is not very reliable, possible disruptions in blow with the butt on the ground.
  • The store has two latches on the sides, it is likely that when it is installed it will warp and lock only one of them. Because of this, the store often falls when fired.
  • The whole idea engineer with Frolov Tula arms factory about the alteration of military weapons in a smoothbore is a technical curiosity, though very productive. For the reason that possible to obtain with minimal costs hunting weapons from substandard guns. It was actively used in the territory of the former Russian Empire with the 20-ies of the last century, when the broken or defective trehlineek or Berdan rifle was what is called a dime a dozen, but the issue of hunting shotguns, no one thought. Not up to it.
  • From MC 20-01 impossible to shoot “doublet” that are often practiced on the hunt. Obtuse cartridge often stick in the breech, preventing the loading. If the shutter retract smoothly, the case is not discarded, but remains in the receiver. To remove the reloading necessary to make literally jerk, which is accompanied by grinding, since the surface treatment of the shutter leaves much to be desired.

The popularity of such weapons is due, most likely, subjective feelings. Well, like part of the audience Fusiliers movement of the shutter back and forth like a “real rifle”.

Photo shotgun MC 20-01


Field guns for the extraction of small ungulates and carnivores. Can be used for self-defense.


At the Tula arms factory (known to us such models as Argali, CO-44, CO-98, TOZ-134-20, TOZ-BM, etc.) until 2006, produced six varieties of Frolovo:

  1. MC 20-01 – the base model 20-gauge with poliestireno beech Lodge.
  2. MTS 20-02 – size 28.
  3. MTS 20-03 – size 32.
  4. MTS 24-04 (domestic title “death of a President”) is shortened to 295 mm barrel 20-gauge, folding metal stock.
  5. MTS 20-08 – another shotgun, but the 550 mm barrel, butt stock replaced by a pistol grip.
  6. MTS 20-08 – short (550 mm) barrel and full buttstock, as on the model 01.
Feature The value
Type Carabiner
Shutter Bolt, a longitudinally sliding
Trunk Smooth, channel and chamber chrome
Caliber 20, 28, 32. The chamber 70 mm
The muzzle constriction Permanent, polochak.
Barrel length (mm) 635
Shop Box, detachable single row
Capacity 2+1
Length (mm) 1150
Weight (kg) 2,8

A hunting rifle with a smooth barrel, a longitudinally sliding bolt and a detachable box store.

  • The bore and chamber are chromed. The connection to the receiver – the friction with the fixing pin. To absorb impact used tide (axle) of the barrel, rests in a steel peg passing through the forearm. To enhance the can be placed one behind the trigger guard, at the neck of the butt.
  • The cylinder valve has two lugs. Mirror without rim flanges, spring loaded firing pin. Two tooth extractor – one movable, the other not. The firing pin is cocked when lowering the handle of the shutter. The shank of the firing pin comes out to 3 mm from the body of the shutter.
  • The trigger mechanism is unregulated. A mechanical fuse that blocks the sear of the trigger. The checkbox is located on the neck butt, made in the form of a slider. The shift – up position “Fire”.
  • Sights external – rifle rear sight and open front sight metal.
  • Bed polupoltina, buttstock with a straight comb and plastic butt pad. Handguard is its continuation. It is rectangular, it is therefore possible to install the supporting bipod.

Bracket for MC 20-01 rings with a diameter of 30 mm and a strap for 20 MTS

Picking and packing

The gun was shipped in a cardboard box, in the package was only it and a passport.

The principle of operation

The gun works as a weapon with a bolt-on shutter: loading is done by lifting the handle and tap the bolt back. Have MC 20-01 the handle rises to 90 degrees. Platoon projectile occurs at the toe of protrusion of the striker for the sear of the trigger on the last millimeters of the bolt travel forward and turn the handle down. About put on combat platoon indicates the shank of a striker looking out of the backplate of the paddle 3 mm. Spring drummer tight, so locking the barrel associated with the application of a fairly large effort.

Loading can be made through the window of the receiver and to the store, to relieve which to press two latches on its sides. The cartridges fit into one row, the further flange of the sleeve should be in front of the previous one. If you need to add ammunition into the chamber, this is done with the removed or extended half store.

It is necessary to close the breech without cocking the striker (at the end of the hunt, before storage), making sure the chamber is clean and the store is cleared, press the trigger and push the slide forward until it stops. When well-fitted surfaces of the receiver and the stem, the handle will fall in the combat slot of the receiver itself. Otherwise she needs help.

To activate the fuse, move the slider on the neck of the lodges close down and a red dot. In this position, it is just whispered, so pressing the trigger may cause failure of the projectile and shot.

  1. To remove the store.
  2. To open the shutter, make sure the chamber is clean.
  3. Pull the trigger, remove the shutter from the receiver.
  4. Right hand to hold the paddle at the stem and left to rotate the back plate of the drummer in a clockwise direction.
  5. Remove the impactor, remove the cylinder bolt.

To separate the receiver with the barrel and trigger mechanism remove the two screws: one at the shank of the receiver, the other on the bottom face of forearm, front of the bunker store.


The gun can only be bought with hands or in a thrift store. Price depends on condition, but never more than ten thousand rubles (as of TOZ-87 and 94).

Owner reviews

About MC 20-01, there is no consensus. Some actively reject it, to others it is incredibly important. The diameter of the ellipse of dispersion when shooting at distances over fifty meters spherical bullet with a cork wad is equal to 10-15 cm

This is a pretty good result for shotguns. When using containers, the accuracy drops sharply. The impact of disproportionate size. The tree is very fragile, because the shop window is wide and the residual thickness of the lodges in this place no more than three millimeters.

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