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With advances in the field of creation of hunting weapons manufacturers have made not only to improve the quality and firing rates, but all of the parameters that largely determine the level of demand for our in-house model.

Among the most popular today especially, it should stay on the rifle model of MC-558, which is well-known for both professional hunters and beginners: a lightweight version of the housing, an elongated receiver, the contemporary, thoughtful design and balance the entire design of this carabiner offers maximum convenience when using it.

Among the analogues available on the market, model MTS-558 is excellent in terms of shooting range of a bullet, determine the initial speed of its flight, shooting accuracy and high lethality – all of this should be considered the main advantages of this model. Ease of use and relatively small outside dimensions determine the possibility of using this rifle to teach beginners. The unique ergonomic design of all components guarantees the possibility to use the carbine as men, also for the beautiful half, having a more fragile structure and smaller size hands.

Overview of the rifle MTS-558:

Combining excellent performance shooting, stylish exterior design and use in the manufacture of all structural parts only high-quality advanced polymer materials, characterized by high strength, model of carabiner for hunting MTS-558 is well proven in field trials.To use it simply due to the lack of complexity in design and lack unnecessary and distracting during shooting elements provides a high-aimed fire.

The ease of the process of operation is ensured as due to the sophisticated ergonomics and the external parts of the rifle, and through his device. Simplicity and guaranteed reliability provided by the manufacturer, which is laid in the present model is also excellent technical characteristics, providing a high level of shooting from a carbine. A large number of positive reviews both from buyers and from the owners of the model of MC-558, can also be considered an important indicator of quality.

Advantages and disadvantages

The most complete picture of the capabilities of any modern carbine appears in the analysis of its advantages and disadvantages that reflect an objective picture of the model. Carbine MTS-558, being one of the most frequently purchased models in comparison with analogues, has several important advantages.

The advantage of the model of MC-558 should be ranked as such its characteristics:

  • high rate of fire provided a high initial speed of a bullet;
  • convenient form, ensuring maximum convenience when using the carabiner;
  • the possibility of exploitation of the model by right-handed and left-handed users;
  • relatively low cost with a significant amount of positive quality;
  • the use of modern polymer materials provides long-term preservation of the attractive appearance of the rifle even when used in difficult field conditions – high strength prevents the structural part of the barrel and the stock from mechanical damage and the negative impact of changes in temperature and humidity;
  • with the help of modelmc-558 can not only participate in the hunt, but for target practice, and to take part in competitions in sport shooting.

Compactness and light weight of this weapon provide an easy way to transport it, to ensure ease of use. Many owners as an important advantage noted the appearance of a carabiner: the lack of spare parts, high quality materials and the presence of a recoil pad that provides more convenience when shooting, – all these details, connecting in the model of MC-558, it is possible to identify a carbine among others.

Disadvantages some owners include the need to use ammunition for this carbine imported, which increases the cost of firing him. Not too convenient bolt stopper is also a manufacturers defect.

The appearance of the rifle MTS-558


The use of the carbine model MTS-558 is due to its technical capabilities; most often it is used in hunting as great sighting gives the ability to hit stationary and moving targets at a considerable distance (about 500 m). Also, thanks to its lightness and compact size, this rifle is ideal for obtaining initial skills of shooting from a firearm of this class and participation with competitions in sports shooting.


Carbine model MTS-558 is available today under three main calibers, in particular, under the most powerful ammunition with the measurements 7,62х70 mm and 8 mm 6х70 called Lapua Magnum, as well as domestic cartridge standard 12.7 mm STS-130. They say the developers of the model – if it’s a hunting weapon will receive a “welcome” at the beginning of series production, will be considered the question about the possibility of releasing another modification that will be performed under civilian cartridge 12.7 mm.

With a choice of models with different characteristics to a significant extent, it is possible to improve the performance of the shooting of this rifle depending on the purpose which it is assigned.


The main indicator of how the capabilities of the carbine, and it features the shooting of it are technical characteristics that largely determine the quality of firing, her aim and range. Type the stem of the box, the weapons will help to create the most complete picture of its capabilities.

Specifications Carbine MTS-558
Country of origin Russia
Appointment Hunting, sport shooting
View Large caliber with manual perezarazhenie
Capacity cartridges 5 replaced native store for more volume
The total length of the body 1 120 mm
Kind of ammunition is used The 12.7×55 STS-130, LM .300, .338 LM
View USM Hammer type
The length of the barrel 625 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

Manufactured by cold forging the barrel, high quality riflescope, represented in the base set, and decent customer reviews and the owners allow you to get a good impression of this model.


The relative simplicity of the construction allows not to experience serious difficulties with the process of application of the model of the rifle that is important for beginning students and shooters. The main structural part of the carabiner can be called the butt and the trunk box.

Made from high quality advanced polymer materials, a stem box and the butt withstand temperature changes when using the rifle in the field and don’t have mechanical effects that allows them to maintain an attractive appearance.

Picking and packing

Carbine model MTS-558 is Packed in plastic packaging that protects its body from external influences. On the carton, which is the weapon caused that the client needs information about the country-manufacturer and the name of the product.

The principle of operation

The use of the rifle MTS-558 begins with the premise in a magazine. In the native store may be up to five rounds, if necessary, improve the model store can be replaced by a more three-dimensional.

Carabiner classic is the use of the shooter’s shoulder, the recoil is relatively small.


The implementation of the partial dismantling of the MTS-558 can become a necessity in the implementation of minor maintenance of the rifle, in the process of cleaning. Since the design of this model is relatively simple, the process of dismantling is performed without the expenditure of time and without too much difficulty.

The optical sight is installed and removed from intended place of fixing on the surface of the stem box. Also the barrel has a rail for mounting other attachments.


Improvement almost every model of carbine is through the use of an optical sight with a higher performance. This allows you to improve you aim a shot to increase the final efficiency when shooting.

The price and the reviews on the gun MTS-558 is given below.

The product price

Cost factor affects the demand for the model. And large-caliber hunting rifle MTS-558, with the price from 150 to 151 153 280 rubles, is popular even with a relatively high value when the combination of attractive design of the model and its characteristics. The same money will cost you, for example, Browning Maxus Sporting, Browning Bar .308 Boss, Remington 1100 COMPETITION, Fabarm XLR 5, Remington VERSA MAX.

Owner reviews

According to the owners, the carbine model MTS-558 gives the ability to execute scoring shots, provided they are nested in it specifications. Able to make certain alterations in its design, the relative simplicity of the mechanism makes it more convenient when operating.

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