Merkel RX Helix, a rifled gun

Among the selling options hunting carbines brand of Helix you must stay on the model Merkel RX Helix, which has become a hit among the analogues of other manufacturers firearms.

A lot of positive feedback from owners, and buyers, a great level of demand for the model and its attractive appearance has made the carbine Merkel RX Helix one of the most requested by both professional hunters and novices alike.

On the market models of modern rifles presented popular manufacturers, are able to surprise everyone: thought the form of the barrel and the butt, providing maximum convenience during operation, guaranteed by the manufacturer reliability and safety, and excellent performance of fire – all this allows you to purchase well-established models with confidence in his perfect characteristics.

An overview of the carbine Merkel RX Helix

With a modern and attractive form, the carbine Merkel RX Helix has excellent opportunities at the expense of performance, nested in it in the production and use of improved technologies. This allows you to hit even a moving target located at a significant distance: 200-300 meters.

The usability of the carbine due to the reasonableness of the form and its ergonomics; as they say, many owners of this model, the rifle rests in the arm the first use. And convenience is not dependent on the physique of the user. This allows the maximum comfort to master the skills of shooting firearms even women with small hands.

Advantages and disadvantages

Any model of the rifle will be more clear to the buyer when analysing its advantages and disadvantage. And thanks to the reviews you can get the most detailed picture, and given the technical specifications laid down by the manufacturer.

So, the advantages of this model should include the following qualities:

  • excellent amazing ability that allows you to be confident in the performance of each performed shot. This feature is in the process of manufacturing the carbine, and can also be adjusted by setting the optical sight, advanced front and sight;
  • convenient to use due to elaborately the form of the constructive parts of the rifle;
  • attractive exterior design with application of polymeric materials well able to withstand various external effects: changes in ambient temperature, increased humidity and even water on the body of the model, mechanical stimuli that arise in the course of using the rifle in the field. The butt has been used a natural material – wood of the walnut, which also is durable and can retain their attractive appearance even under difficult external conditions;
  • single store, which is virtually unbreakable even when active and prolonged use of weapons;
  • open sight that provides easy aiming process;
  • simple disassembly, allows for the cleaning of the carbine, even in the absence of the necessaries and special tools.

The advantages over the models having similar characteristics, should also be added the possibility of tuning with the installation of optical sight, front sight and sight. You can also replace the “native” store, which will increase the rate of fire due to its larger capacity.

Today, among the models that represented in the sale, it is the carbine model of the Merkel RX Helix is recognized as the most sophisticated manufacturer that provided constant interest in it despite its relatively high cost. It is recognized as the only drawback of the considered carbine because the other settings – only his dignity.

Carbine Merkel”s Unique RX-Helix (photos)

  • Use the carbine of the model can as for hunting medium and small game, and bird, and the training accuracy for entertainment and participation in professional competitions in sport shooting.
  • With this rifle you can acquire the initial skills of shooting from firearms and relatively small size, compactness and light weight make it ease to carry its transportation.

There are several varieties of this model, which differ in their characteristics. The most popular is the calibre .222 Rem, which allows you to hit a target at the farthest distance, and the cartridge is perfect for this carbine. Ease of installation and falling into the trunk when making the shot gives the greatest convenience to use a weapon and to make the most effective shots.

  • Also available on sale caliber .223 Rem related together with the caliber .222 Rem to the group of Mini.
  • To the group standard include the following calibers: 243 Win, 6,5x55SE, .270 Win, 7×64, .308 Win, .30-06 Sprg, 8x57JS and 9, 3×62 and to the group Magnum – 7mm RemMag and .300 WinMag.

All varieties allow you to make shots, which have excellent efficiency, hitting the target from a distance of 100-200 meters.


Rifles available at gun shops, have excellent characteristics of fire due to the accuracy settings and balance their shapes, and the Merkel RX Helix model also has a lot of opportunities due to its technical characteristics. The manufacturer took care not only about the charming appearance, but also about the maximum speed of a bullet, the smoothness of the trigger and the ease of disassembly, which allows you to clean the gun.

Specifications Carbine Merkel RX Helix
Country of origin Germany
Appointment Hunting, sport shooting, as a civilian weapon
View Semi-automatic carbine
Kind of caliber .223, .222
The total length of the body 1 000 mm
The length of the barrel 524 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 2,69 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating that does not corrode

Resilience to external shocks and long-term preservation of attractive weapon due not only to the use of modern polymeric materials with high resistance to temperature and humidity, but also by using the method of cold forging. It allows you to trunk that does not deform under the long and active use, and to ensure good progress of the bullet inside the barrel due to its perfect smoothness.


Due to the relative simplicity of the structure before us carbine is very easy to use.

  • Rolling shutter locks the barrel on 6 lugs, it is a simple twist of the barrel and ensure the reliability and safety of weapons.
  • The main structural part of this type of weapons is the barrel in combination with butt. Their ergonomic design provides a comfortable fit of the buttstock to shoulder, and a small impact does not cause discomfort when making a shot.
  • Shortened course the bolt handle allows you to make shots in very short time with a minimum on effort. Note that the trunk has a small mass due to the use of lightweight alloy.
Picking and packing

Sealed in a polymer film, the carbine retains its appearance even under mechanical effects are inevitable in the course of its transportation.

  • Is it in a cardboard box, which contains the necessary information about the model name and a production company.
  • To weapon models attached passport and certificate of quality.
The principle of operation
  1. Cartridge from the store is sent to the barrel of the rifle with the breechblock.
  2. Pulling the trigger leads to disengagement with the latch inside the trunk, and is fired.
  3. Abstraction ago when the shutter is administration of a cartridge in the barrel, after cocking mainspring is a sharp blow to the firing pin.

As mentioned above, ease of disassembly is one of the most important advantages of this model over competitors. To change the barrel enough to withdraw from engagement combat larvae shutter.

Disassembly is made in the abduction of the bolt back, and after will be charged the forearm, squeeze the lock barrel and remove it. This is particularly important for the implementation of cleaning weapons in the field. The possibility of quick removal of the barrel can also be considered a advantage when you replace the barrel, allowing you to change the performance and range.

  • The implementation of sophisticated models – a great advantage of model carbine Merkel RX Helix, which allows to increase the sighting and firing range. Can be installed on the surface of the barrel riflescope, an exclusively positive influence on the performance of the shooting, and possible replacement of the front sight and forend.
  • The above describes the procedure for replacing the trunk, which many owners noted as an important advantage of the model.

Reviews and prices on Merkel RX Helix 308win, camo and other is given below.

The price of the product

The value of the Merkel model RX Helix is considered to be fairly high, but understanding its advantages and positive options and opportunities, due to inherent manufacturer specifications, it will allow you to understand the reason for such a value of weapons.

The buyer will be able to find models Merkel RX Helix at the price from 120 to 125 250 300 rubles. However, we note that even such a very decent cost does not stop you from buying those who appreciate high-quality performance and convenient features of this carbine.

Owner reviews

According to most buyers and owners, a carbine of the model copes with all its tasks due to its technical parameters that distinguish the carbine is awesome. Modern and attractive design, no unnecessary and distracting detail, the positive qualities of the model Merkel RX Helix.

Light weight with compact size allow you to use it for training accuracy, but also to participate in competitions.

The presence of such additional equipment as cheek and made of quality rubber recoil pad that provides the greatest convenience in the operation of the rifle.

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