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Having good technical capabilities, the carbine model Мerkel sr1, standing out among peers due to the attractive appearance and relatively compact dimensions, has also quite democratic price.

This factor determines the degree of demand for a carbine, and customer reviews that indicate a high accuracy of fire, her sighting and a possibility to hit even moving targets at a distance of 100-200 meters, allow to understand the reason for its popularity among professional hunters and novice shooters.

Offer today sale options for modern rifles, suitable for professional hunting and for fun, allow you to make your selection even the most demanding customers. With great features at the expense invested by the manufacturers specifications, they allow you to achieve maximum comfort in their use, and due to the optimal ratio of structural parts makes the whole operating process comfortable.

This is especially important when obtaining initial skills of shooting from a rifle, since the optimal, characterized by ergonomic shape and light weight make it easy to use the carbine, even women and adolescents.

Overview of carbine Мerkel SR1

To understand the possibilities, advantages and shortcomings of any model of modern carbines, enough to analyze its existing advantages and disadvantages. And the model, having excellent performance shooting, attracts the customer’s attention first and foremost to its external design: strong design, no distracting details and the classic design can be considered characteristic features of this carbine. And the usability of the carbine due to the reasonableness of the form and its ergonomics; as noted by many owners of this model, the rifle rests in the arm the first use.

Compactness, ease of use and light weight is an important advantage of any kind firearms with good striking opportunities. And convenience is not dependent on the physique of the user. This allows the maximum comfort to master the skills of shooting firearms even women with small hands.

Advantages and disadvantages

Owner reviews that point out the amazing quality of the model, indicate a predominance of advantages of carbine Мerkel sr1 over his shortcomings. The advantages of it are many:

  • the balance of the sizes of all structural parts, designed for maintainability;
  • optimal barrel length, ensuring a good range, the lack of a pronounced recoil;
  • the ease of walking the trigger, which is important for target shooting;
  • the possibility of fast dismantling – this allows you to quickly clean the barrel and the accumulated soot and dirt are inevitable in the active use of the rifle in terms of hunting;
  • single store, which is virtually unbreakable even when active and prolonged use of weapons;
  • open sight that provides easy aiming process;
  • attractive when a large number of positive qualities, necessary for any model of the rifle.

The simultaneous possession of attractive “appearance” and excellent technical features have made the model sr1 Мerkel one of the most interesting both for professional hunters and beginners archers.

The disadvantages, according to most owners of this model, carbine Мerkel sr1 has not.

Carbine Merkel SR1 Standard 9,3×62 (photo)


The use of the rifle Мerkel sr1 is not limited to the professional production of small and medium animals. It is proven in training accuracy, in part in competitions in sport shooting.


Stores hunting guns offer several options for carabiner Мerkel sr1 for its customers, which differ with caliber cartridges. The most good in terms of range and accuracy demonstrated calibers .308 Win (passed the test), .30-06, 9.3х62, .300 Win Mag, which have similar characteristics.

The range target is 100-200 meters, with the caliber of .308 Win from a carbine Мerkel sr1 it, as practice showed, the best.


Boasting an attractive exterior design, the carabiner of the model has attractive technical characteristics. Their analysis allows to understand the reason for the popularity of the rifle, his opportunities for professional hunting, and for training accuracy.

Specifications Carbine Мerkel sr1
Country of origin Germany
Appointment Hunting, sport shooting, as a civilian weapon
View Semi-automatic rifled carbine
Kind of caliber .300, .308
The total length of the body 1 000 mm
The length of the barrel 524 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 2,69 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating that does not corrode

The use of this attractive material of natural origin in the design of the butt of the rifle as a tree nut held laser processing, increased the beauty of the rifle. This material is not afraid of moisture and sudden changes in temperature, light metal alloy is allowed to make as easy a carbine barrel, with high strength and resistance to mechanical stress.


Due to the simple structure model Мerkel sr1 has a simple method of operation. Rolling shutter locks the barrel into the six lugs that is a simple turn of the barrel, and guarantees the reliability and safety of weapons.

The main structural part of the rifle is its barrel, in combination with butt. Shortened course the bolt handle allows you to make shots in the shortest time with minimum effort and through the use of lightweight alloy barrel has a small mass.

Picking and packing
  • Carabiner Packed in a cardboard box which has information on its surface information about the model and manufacturer.
  • The carbine is applied passport and certificate of quality.
  • The carabiner wrapped in foil to prevent damage during transportation.
The principle of operation

Modern carbines are simplicity of its design and maximum convenience during use.

  1. Breech mechanism, when removing the trigger lock, sends to the trunk cartridge from the store.
  2. Pulling the trigger causes disengagement with the latch inside the trunk, and is fired.
  3. Abstraction ago when the shutter is administration of a cartridge in the barrel, after cocking mainspring is a sharp blow to the firing pin.

Box version of the store is one of the most easy to use, and its capacity is enough for high rate of fire carbine. To change the barrel enough to withdraw from engagement combat larvae shutter.

Disassembly is done by draining bolt back, and after removing the forearm pressed latch on the barrel and the barrel can be removed. This is important for cleaning weapons and maintenance of weapons in the field.

About tuning and the necessary parts to Мerkel sr1, see below.


The implementation of the tuning of the model the advantage of the carbine model Мerkel sr1, which gives the opportunity to improve targeting, accuracy and firing range. Can be installed on the surface of the barrel such additional devices like optical sight, a positive effect on firing rates, and you can replace the front sight and forend.

Owner reviews and the price of the rifle Мerkel sr1 is given below.

The price of the product

The cost model can be quite affordable in comparison with similar products available on the market. This explains the high demand for the model Мerkel sr1 and continuous interest from buyers.

To sell a carbine Мerkel sr1 at a price of 65 250 65 300 rubles. However, even such a relatively high price does not stop buyers who appreciate perfect execution and excellent opportunities Мerkel sr1.

Owner reviews

Compactness and light weight, excellent performance shooting and the ability to hit a target at a considerable distance, – these figures should be considered most important when assessing the advantages of this model Мerkel sr1. It is evidenced by the feedback of both buyers and owners of the rifle.

Due to the possibility of tuning can be carried out the improvement of the model, increasing performance range and accuracy of fire, and easy cleaning of the barrel is the possibility of dismantling even in the conditions of the hunt. These qualities are especially important for those who use the carbine for production animals.

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