Moose 7-1, rifles

The Elk 7 1, becoming one of the most popular among professional hunters and Amateurs, is considered to be successful and combining as a well thought-out structural parts, and a great striking abilities.

Offer today sale modern carbines have excellent technical characteristics that determine the possibility to use and attractive “appearance”, which immediately draws the attention of buyers.

The affordability allows you to name the rifle Elk 7 1 attractive to buyers who are looking for the best combination of attractive appearance and high quality of shooting at affordable cost. Multiple positive reviews allow us to estimate the interest in a model of Elk 7 1 even in comparison with analogues with similar parameters.

Overview of carbine Elk 7-1

The advantage of this model Elk 7 1 is its adaptation to the conditions of our country, because imported ones are not always able to cope with sudden changes in temperature and humidity, maintaining their excellent quality and having a high level of shooting. Thanks to the good treatment of the natural materials used in the design of the butt of the model, carbine Elk 7 1 for a long time retains its attractive appearance even mechanical effects that are inevitable when operating it in field conditions have a significant impact on their condition.

The external data models have also had an impact on the level of demand for the carbine. Thanks to the compact dimensions and relatively light weight carabiner is often used to teach shooting skills and its fairly easy to transport. Advantages model Elk 7 1 stands out among other similar carbines that may have the same wide usage.

Advantages and disadvantages

Having a considerable amount of positive characteristics, model 7 Elk 1 has become popular among professionals and beginners shooters: relatively light weight with compact size provides ease of movement of the carabiner, and the possibility most convenient for its use in shooting and for men of any build, and women.

Through the analysis of existing positive characteristics and flaws of the manufacturer you can get the most complete picture of the carbine, and its owners will provide insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the model Moose 7 1.

The most principal advantages of the model include:

  • the ergonomics of each design details and thoughtfulness of all parameters of the carabiner;
  • modern design using natural materials (walnut and birch) and advanced polymer materials with high resistance to external influences (temperature changes, high humidity, frequent mechanical stress);
  • the thought shape of the carabiner that allows you with the greatest convenience to place it on your shoulder and not feel in the shots of a significant impact;
  • the presence of an optical sight with good characteristics in the basic configuration that allows you to make shooting with high accuracy and sighting;
  • stylish appearance immediately attracted the attention of buyers, the lack of spare parts gives the chance to carry the carbine to the classical models of firearms hunting weapons.

Possessing all the positive qualities affordable cost, rifle Elk 7 1 can be considered as one of the most frequently purchased models. Modern and attractive due to its exterior design, carbine model Elk 7 1 proved to be excellent in hunting, in field conditions and when used for training accuracy. Range and accuracy are determined by the laid down technical parameters.

Flaws, in the opinion of the owners of the model, the rifle was not detected.

Carbine Elk 7-1 (photo)


Used rifle Elk 7 1 can and professional production of the beast, for training accuracy. Thanks to its good design and simplicity of the device it can be used for skills shooting: relatively light and compact, it is easily used by men and women, and teenagers. Due to these characteristics, the carbine just transported.


The market today offers rifle Elk 7 1 ammunition caliber 7,62х51А that can be used for hunting medium and large animals, as well as cartridges of caliber .308Win. Both versions of the carbine are well-proven for hunting, as well as for trainings of accuracy.

Technical characteristics of the rifle Elk 7-1 given below.


Given below in the table technical characteristics allow to obtain a more complete picture of the capabilities of the rifle, due to the options embedded by the manufacturer in the process of manufacture of the rifle.

Specifications Carbine Elk 7 1
Country of origin Russia engineering plant, Izhevsk
Appointment Hunting, shooting, fun, target practice
View Semi-automatic carbine
Capacity cartridges From 5 to 9
The total length of the body 1 120 mm
The length of the barrel 625 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

With its simple design the rifle Elk 7 1 can successfully be applied in teaching beginners, the ergonomics of the butt allows the maximum comfort to train in accuracy to both men and women regardless of their physique and hand sizes. And excellent performance shooting (sighting shots, their accuracy and range of a bullet due to its high initial velocity) are guaranteed by the manufacturers and allow you to get maximum pleasure from the process of firing of the carbine.

  • Modified front sight in combination with optics (optical sight) carbine Elk with 7-1 allows the greatest degree of precision to hit the target, and the possibility of replacing many of the parts of the rifle for a more powerful or modern enables its improvement.
  • The simplicity of the design allows the disassembly of the carbine, it may be necessary to conduct its current repair or during cleaning. The barrel is made of high quality steel, its length is optimal for the model. Varnished stock, made of wood (birch or walnut) that is pleasant to use and retains its appeal due to high-quality treatment.
  • The store attached to the carbine in basic configuration, involves the building in it 5 rounds, which are arranged in a staggered manner. If necessary, the base shop can easily be replaced with a larger one.
Picking and packing

The basic kit for rifle Elk 7 1 includes an optical sight which can be replaced with a more three-dimensional, front sight, handguard and cleaning rod for cleaning guns. Also carabiner in the sale is accompanied by a certificate of quality and an individual passport.

Carabiner packaged in plastic material: it allows to retain its attractive appearance during transportation and to avoid damage to relatively soft wood, which is decorated butt.

The principle of operation

The action of the rifle is standard. The use starts with the room to store ammo. When you press the trigger is tripping hook bolt, straightened the spring produces a sharp pressure on the firing pin, resulting in a shot.

Carabiner classic is the use of the shooter’s shoulder, the shot impact is relatively small.


The implementation of disassembly may be necessary when performing planned maintenance or tuning of the model with a view to its improvement.

For a partial disassembly of the rifle does not require special tools, and it can be carried out even in field conditions. Inserting the bolt from withdrawal from it is abstraction ago, then the fuse is attached to a vertical position, and can then be removed from the stem box the shutter.


Improvement of carabiner can be made by replacing the base of the optical sight to the sight with more powerful magnification. Also the store can be replaced with a larger one that will positively affect firing rates.

The following are cost (price) and the owner reviews on the new (updated) hunting rifle Elk 7-1.

The product price

The value indicator of the carabiner relatively low, which largely determines the high level of demand for it. Customers also note the possibility of buying a model Elk 7 1 even under the constraints of the budget purchases.

Owner reviews

Many owners noted the excellent combination of attractive exterior design of the rifle Elk 7 1 and its good technical characteristics, which provides both range and excellent hitting ability. The use of natural wood in the manufacture of butt and polymeric materials with high resistance to external influences allows to preserve the appearance of the rifle even with frequent operation in the field.

Also, the owners speak well of the ability of the rifle to hit a far away target, which provides a high speed of a bullet when fired.

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