Mossberg 100 ATR rifles

Rifle Mossberg 100 ATR is a sample of North American mass rifle. Simple, reliable, with good shooting qualities and affordable. Currently, they are produced under license in Turkey and Russia at the Izhevsk mechanical plant. In the historic homeland, the United States, on the basis of their design is now made bolt rifles under the brand name of Patriot. They differ in the shape of the valve (stem with spiral flutes) and optional shop.

Description of the carbine Mossberg 100 ATR

Rifle with a longitudinally sliding gate.

The acronym ATR stands for All Terran Rifles.

  • The trunk of a cantilever. Most of the models equipped with thick-walled, with longitudinal flutes for strength and maximum cooling.
  • Bed classic, polupoltina marks made of plastic or wood.
  • The store is integrated, the loading only through the window of the receiver.
Advantages and disadvantages

Very simple and reliable design. Good shooting performance, the diameter of the ellipse of dispersion less than 1.5 MOA.

  • Simple control logic trigger mechanism has only two positions: Fire and Stop. Shoot a rifle accidental touching of the trigger impossible. To do this, it is an additional lever, without clicking on that descent not rasplachivaetsya. In combination with small weight and dimensions this allows you to use a rifle as training.
  • The force on the trigger is adjustable. But to get to the slot is possible only after separation of the barrel from the stock.
  • Good ergonomics of the Lodge, it is comfortable firing from all positions – offhand, it stops.
  • Due to the fact that the rifle is equipped with only a single view of the sighting devices is entirely and fly or strap under the scopes, it cannot be considered universal.
  • Loading only through the window of the receiver in some cases great inconvenience. For example, if you set the optical sight. Empty store only a serial wanking.
  • The fuse is USM only blocks the sear, the bolt remains free. While driving through the woods you can catch on the handle of the paddle for the branches to open the receiver and superosity by snow, earth, and forest debris.

Carbine Mossberg 100 ATR .30-06(photo)



This rifle for hunting small ungulates and carnivores. Models with thick trunks and optics can be used to varminting and sport shooting at long range in discipline benchrest.


Rifles are available in calibers .243 Win, .308 Win and 30-06 Sprg. The manufacturer offers quite a wide range, different design Lodge, set of sighting devices and options for equipment. The index could be marking a Short – short stroke of the paddle, or long.

  • The model 100 ATR Short Action. Caliber .243 and .308 Win. The trunk of the console, the usual thickness. Bed polupoltina, plastic, comb of the butt is straight, parallel to the axis of the barrel. The shock-absorbing recoil pad. Sights – adjustable rear sight (mounted on the breech) and front sight with a fiber-optic thread.
  • The model 100 ATR Long Action. Caliber 30-06 Sprg. The trunk of the console, the usual thickness. Bed polupoltina, plastic, comb of the stock with an inclination to the axis of the barrel. The shock-absorbing recoil pad. Sights are the same as the previous model. Strap for optics no.
  • The model 100 ATR Bantam Short Action. Trunk console, match, fluted. Polupoltina bed, solid wood walnut. Butt caliber .243 Win has a straight comb with an inclination to the axis of the barrel. The caliber .308 Win it is parallel to it. The backplate in both cases, cushioned, adjustable. The trunk can be as long as 560 and 510 mm. Sighting device – separate Picatinny rail.
  • The model 100 ATR Scoped Combo. Console match barrel with flutes. Caliber .243 Win, .308 Win and 30-06 Sprg. Polupoltina bed, solid wood walnut or black plastic. Buttstock with straight comb, parallel to the axis of the barrel. The shock-absorbing recoil pad. Separate Picatinny rail, rifle scope 3-9х40 in the kit.
  • The model 100 ATR Night Train. Console match barrel with flutes and brake-flash Hider. Bed polupoltina, plastic, butt pillow “Monte Carlo”. Supplied with telescopic sight 6-24х60 and folding telescopic bipod.
Feature The value
Type The rifle with a longitudinally sliding gate
Caliber .243 Win, .308 Win and 30-06 Sprg
Trunk Normal or match, with the flutes
Step rifling 1:10
Barrel length (mm) 560
Total length (mm) 1010
Shop Integrated, charging from the top
Capacity 4+1
The weight of the model with entirely and fly (kg) 3,2
The weight of the model Scoped Combo (kg) 3,5
The weight of the model Night Train (kg) 4,3 (with bipod)

Repeating rifle with a longitudinally sliding gate.

  • The barrel is stainless steel, cantilever, regular thickness, or match, with the flutes. The connection to the receiver threaded.
  • The bolt with two lugs and a single extractor. The spring loaded firing pin, not go beyond the face of the mirror of the larvae. Handle with a ball on the end.
  • The receiver is cylindrical, is machined from a steel bar that is open. On the top side fixed front and rear halves of the Picatinny rail (optional).
  • If the rifle is set to external sights, the rear sight is adjustable in two planes, and fly open, with a red fiber-optic thread.
  • Guard trigger block the sear of the trigger. His box is on the right, the back plate of the receiver. It has two positions: Fire and Stop.
  • The inclusion of the fuse is possible only with the cocked firing pin, indicates the shank of the firing pin is peeking out of the back plate of the drummer.
  • To the left of the backplate of the receiver is a release lever the shutter used to extract it for cleaning weapons.
  • An additional measure of safety is the lever on the trigger. When you click on it lock the trigger off. This lever has a through hole in the form of lightning. Force adjustment possible, but it is necessary to separate the barrel from the stock.
  • The store is integrated, not removable. Loading possible only from above, through the window of the receiver.
  • Polupoltina bed, made of solid wood or plastic. It is possible to install a bipod.
Picking and packing

The rifle comes in a cardboard box. Supplied keys to adjust the sighting devices. The original model from the United States are equipped with the security lock that blocks the firing shutter. Optionally with optical sights 3-9х40 or 6-24х60 and bipod.

Applied manual, passport, warranty.

The principle of operation
  • Before loading the weapon is placed on the fuse. For this check box on the right side of the receiver is shifted as far back as the red dot is closed. The bolt body remains mobile.
  • Bolt handle is raised to 900, the stem is moved back. The cartridges are stacked on top, through the window of the receiver. If you don’t want to hand in these cartridge in the chamber, it will last imbedded down and slide the breech over it. Fifth, additional, ammunition is fed into the chamber with your finger, and finally be sent when closing the shutter.
  • To shoot, move the fuse box forward until the red point. The trigger rasplachivaetsya only clicking on embedded in it a lever with a through hole in the form of lightning.
  • The firing pin is cocked on the last millimetres of the stroke of the valve and during lowering of the handle. It remains cocked even when opening the shutter. So when unloading it is necessary to put the rifle on safe, and also keep your hands away from the trigger. To empty the store can only be in two stages: to hand in these cartridge into the chamber and then dropping the handle of a shutter, to take him stalk back.
  1. To discharge the weapon several times, twitching shutter. The handle thus can not be omitted.
  2. Raise the handle to move the bolt back until it stops.
  3. Click on the lever to unlock (to the left of the back plate of the receiver).
  4. Remove the shutter.
  5. Unscrew the two screws on the shank is located in front of the trigger guard.
  6. To separate the barrel from the stock.

Price and reviews on Mossberg 100 ATR rifle (Mossberg ATR 100) cal. 308 Win, 30-06, etc. are given below.


Rifles with conventional barrel and external sighting device cost from 25 thousand rubles. Models with match barrels and optics – from 30 thousand rubles.


The rifle is reliable and unpretentious in operation. It is relatively light and comfortable when moving through the woods. Recoil is moderate. The accuracy of the battle fit into the 1.5 MOA. In models of 7.62 mm applications domestic ammunition may cause jamming of the cartridges, since the cartridge chamber of a standard NATO has domestic.

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