Mossberg 500, pump-action, shotgun

Pump action shotgun Mossberg 500 is the same legendary weapons like the Russian AK. It produced, almost unchanged, since 1961. Used security services, athletes, hunters.

Description guns Mossberg 500

Shotgun with pump-action principle of reloading. He has a classic under-barrel tubular store to which the cartridges are stacked one after the other capsule in the direction of the breech of the barrel.

At the heart of its design a pump-action shotgun Remington 870. In order to avoid the legal sanctions, weapons company “O. F. Mossberg and sons, Inc.,” radically changed the trigger setting on the neck butt lever manual cocking of the hammer.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Extremely simple, tough and reliable construction. Mossberg 500 works in all conditions, it can get sand, water, swamp muck. Shoot he can still.
  • Despite the fact that the manufacturer recommends to use only cartridges with a paper sleeve, “Mossberg 500” without a problem “digesting” and reusable brass.
  • This unpretentious rifle owes to the fact that in its production has taken all measures to reduce the production cost and parts have large tolerances mates. Because of this, when the slightest movement in it’s sloshing all that is possible and impossible. So its unofficial nickname of “Rattle”.
  • The noise of the mechanisms, especially of the forearm when reloading, make problematic the use of guns on sea hunts. Though to bring down wild boars with storage shed they are quite comfortable.
  • Weapon light, so the impact of it not just the hard – cruel.
  • The fact that in the manufacture of “Mossberg 500” producer did not enjoy the standards of the high-precision, doesn’t mean the weapon of poor quality. The level of technical control of the enterprise meets space technology.
  • The ergonomics of the gun are flawless. Simple logic works the cocking lever to the trigger makes it very safe to use. Wooden or plastic stock is comfortable for shooting offhand and from the hip, as is often demonstrated in action, where Mossberg 500 plays the first role. The buttplate Mossberg 500 is equipped with shock-absorbing recoil pad softens the recoil. Unfortunately, it is not regulated.

Some inconvenience is the fact that to change the shop for the more capacious does not allow the design of its attachment to the trunk.

Photos Mossberg 500


The gun used by the security units, it is convenient for self-defense. It can be used for hunting enclosure or storage shed when the particular secrecy is not required.


Mossberg 500 is available in several calibers.

  1. 12, with the cartridge chambers, length 70, 76 and 89 mm.
  2. 20, 76 mm chamber
  3. .410, chamber 70 and 76 mm.

Hunting modification of the Mossberg 500:

  1. The barrel length 61, 66 or 71 cm.
  2. Conventional contraction of various grades, including interchangeable tips.
  3. Solid or ventilated rib, optional rear sight and front sight, like a rifle.
  4. The magazine capacity of five or six rounds.
  5. Polupoltina bed, solid wood, plastic or camouflage (model Slugster).

Security modifications:

  1. The barrel length of 36, 47 or 51 cm. Contractions are allowed (cylinder).
  2. sights, consisting of flies with a solid strap and (or) mount type dovetail for mounting optics.
  3. Shops with a capacity of from five to eight rounds.
  4. Bed polupoltina or “shotgun” – a stick with no butt.

Characteristics of the Mossberg 500 shotgun is given below.

Feature The value
Type Pump-action shotgun
Gauges 12 (the chamber 70, 76 and 89 mm), 20 (the chamber 76 mm) .410 (the chamber 70, and 76 mm)
Barrel length (mm) 360, 470, 510 (security models), 610, 669, 710 (hunting)
Capacity 5, 6, 8
Total length (mm) 1105
Weight with cartridges (kg) 3,3
  • Smooth pump-action shotgun Mossberg 500, reloading is performed by displacement of the lining of the forearm.
  • Shop grenade, tubular. Window hopper loader is on the bottom of the receiver. Capacity from five to eight (optional) rounds.
  • The receiver is of aluminum alloy, it is made of solid ingots by milling. She has very thick walls, providing structural strength.
  • Shutter with smooth cylinders, locking the breech move upward and hook over the ledge. The cartridge ejects on the right side.
  • The trigger mechanism is unregulated, move the trigger without warning. The lever-disconnector drummer is on the neck of the box, he has two positions – “on” and “off”.
  • In the hunting Lodge polupoltina options made of wood or impact resistant plastic. Rib can be either solid or ventilated. Optionally set a rifle rear sight and front sight.
  • Model to protect can be fitted with a shortened stock with pistol grip. On the cover of the receiver Mossberg 500 make four holes with metric thread for fixing of laths weaver or Picatinny rail.
Picking and packing

The gun comes in a cardboard blue box with yellow lettering Mossberg.

  • In the basic delivery set includes: a lock-up clutch of the forearm in the transport position (two notched strips, connected by bolt with lamb), lock the bolt.
  • Optional can be added an optional short barrel, pistol grip for conversion into sawn-off shotgun and a set of interchangeable jokovich contractions for hunting models.
  • Attached instructions for use by the rifle and lock the bolt. There is also a brochure for the NRA USA NSFF on safe gun handling in General.
The principle of operation
  • Before loading the weapon is placed on the fuse. For this purpose, the lever-disconnector drummer on the neck of the Lodge moves down.
  • The cartridges fit into the store through a window in the bottom face of the receiver and the muzzle of a cartridge case forward, the primer to the gate.
  • For the filing of the cartridge in the chamber it is necessary to vigorously shift the foregrip back and then return to its original position.
  • Before you shoot the lever of the disconnector drummer is shifted up, the readiness of the weapon to fire is signaled by a red dot.

To lock the shutter and deactivate the weapons lock is used with a long handle supplied. Shackle is inserted into the opening of the shutter. It is not possible to take him back to the stop, stopping in a slightly open position. The cartridge in this store are served.

  1. To discharge the weapon several times twitching forearm. Make sure that the store is unloaded through the loading window is visible red follower. To distort the fore-end once again and produce control the descent.
  2. To move the forearm so that the shutter is opened halfway (up to the hole for the security lock).
  3. Remove the screw at the front of the store.
  4. To move the barrel forward and take it out of the receiver.
  5. Screwdriver with a cross slot or borodkom squeeze the pin of the trigger.
  6. Removing USM.
  7. Put the gun lower face of the receiver up, remove from it two notched plates located on both sides from the inside.
  8. To move the forearm back until it stops. Remove the slider bolt.
  9. Removing the Elevator of the ammunition, which compress the branches of the back plate of the receiver.
  10. To remove the shutter.
  11. To push forward handguard and bring it thrust out of the receiver.
  12. Remove the shop.

If the gun set pistol grip, it is removed before removing USM. For removing buttstock Mossberg 500 it is necessary to dismantle the back plate and through the long hole to Unscrew the screw fastening.

Installing a folding stock, replacement shop for carbine Mossberg 500 – some tuning is possible, find out below.


The design of the gun allows to change the store on more capacious. But you can install the pistol grip instead of the stock or change its shape. The strength of the receiver allows you to attach it to straps or brackets under the scopes.

The price and the reviews about the gun Mossberg 500 is given below.


In the minimum configuration Mossberg 500 costs 50 thousand rubles. Owners say the reliability and ruggedness of the gun in operation.

It is perfectly balanced and comfortable for shooting offhand. Shooting performance is very good, a heap and a sharp fight. Many believe the returns, “Mossberg 500” excessively strong. The shooter must be ready not only morally, but also physically. The correct position of the arms and not enough reliable retention when firing can cause injury.

  • In Russia is produced in two kinds of smoothbore pump action shotguns. This model Bekas you do at VPO “Hammer”, and Mr-133, manufactured at the Izhevsk mechanical plant.
  • A direct competitor to the Mossberg 500 is a pump-action shotgun the Remington 870, which is available since 1950 and differs from it only by the lack of a manual lever of a platoon.

If the environment is analogues to find anything failed, pay attention to other pump models with different features: Mossberg 590, Krieghoff Semprio, Remington 7600 etc.

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