Mossberg 590, pump action, shotgun

Pump action shotgun Mossberg 590 is a military weapon. It began in 1972, after a decade of running the basic “five hundredth” model in the civil field and in police departments. It is characterized by increased durability and the presence of some specific elements. For example, mount a bayonet-knife. Available for sale comes in limited quantities and without any adaptation to civilian use.

Description Mossberg 590 shotguns

Pump-action shotgun with a tubular underbarrel store. The design of the Mossberg 590 Mossberg 500 the same, it strengthened and got some extra items. The trunk is more thick, it is fixed perforated cover that protects hands from burns.

Trigger guard and base of the firing mechanism are made of metal, not plastic. Barrel mount and the store with knurled nuts, not screws, making disassembly of the weapon more comfortable. The store is arranged a bracket for mounting a bayonet-knife. Bed only plastic.

Advantages and disadvantages

The gun was inherited from the “five hundredth” model reliability and simplicity of operation. With him still no reason to stand on ceremony, it is not afraid of moisture, sand and dirt.

  • A good shooting performance. Battle heap and sharp.
  • The forearm secured with additional Picatinny rail, which allows you to equip rifle tactical accessories – flashlight, laser designator, and other things.
  • On the muzzle fastened open front sight with red fiber-optic thread, and on the back plate receiver – rear sight ring. A long sighting line provides a confident defeat the purposes of both short and long distances.
  • The outer sighting devices augmented Picatinny rail for mounting optics.
  • On the butt has a recess for temporarily storing an additional cartridge. The ergonomics of the Lodge is perfect, it is convenient for shooting from any position. The butt pad shock absorbing, softening the rather hard impact.
  • The control method of the trigger mechanism remains the same – this is the lever-disconnector placed on the neck butt. It can be used to remove the gun from cocking.
  • The external surface of metal parts treated with a solution of phosphoric acid followed by dipping in oil. This method of protection is called parcelizacija. He is not particularly reliable in the environment of American gun owners is a sign of cheapness and not particularly high quality. If with a gun to walk in the rain, then it should be required to wipe with a rag and grease, especially under the fore end. Otherwise, there will be signs of corrosion.
  • Mossberg 590 is still the same rattling with any movement, so for hunting with the approach he’s not too comfortable.

The manufacturer offers this weapon only in the twelfth caliber and with a barrel of the same length. Amid the diversity of Mossberg 500 it looks depressing.

A variety of rifles Mossberg 590


It is a versatile weapon that can be used in battle, for protection or self defense, hunting large ungulates with storage shed.


In addition to the basic model with a plastic poliestireno Lodge, there is a model Mossberg 590 A1. She has a removable (Unscrew) the butt, rather sliding the shoulder rest and pistol grip. It is used for equipping units of the U.S. Navy.

In some cases, to protect metal surfaces not used parcelizacija, and the coating bluing.

Mossberg 590 Mossberg 590 A1
Type Pump-action shotgun with a movable forearm
Caliber 12, the chamber 70 or 76 (Magnum ammo) mm
Barrel length (mm) 470 508
Capacity 6 9
Length (mm) 1003 1041/961
Weight unloaded (kg) 3,2 3,3

Pump-action smooth-bore gun with a movable forearm.

  • Tubular shop is located under the barrel. The window for loading is on the bottom of the receiver. The store includes a bracket for mounting a bayonet-knife.
  • Receiver from a solid aluminum billet, made by milling. On the left side of the Mossberg 590 A1 can be a logo of the private military company Black Water (BlackWater).
  • The larva of the shutter catches on the tooth of the breech of the barrel by turning from the bottom up. The casing ejected to the right.
  • The set of sighting devices consists of a pillar-shaped rings (osprey) and an open fly at the highest bracket. It is supplemented with a Picatinny rail. Another similar strap is at the fore-end, it serves for installation of tactical accessories.
  • The trigger mechanism is single action. It is not regulated. For control modes is provided a lever-disconnector firing pin, located on the neck butt. It has two positions: Fire – all the way up, a red dot is visible; the Stop all the way down.

At the same time:

  • The base model Mossberg 590 is equipped with poliestireno box of high impact plastic. The buttstock with a straight comb and a cushioned butt pad. He pronounced downward inclination relative to the axis of the barrel. The butt has a recess for storing a spare cartridge.
  • Model Mossber 590A1 has a sliding butt (shoulder), which can be unscrewed, leaving the pistol grip is made of plastic (spare). On the left side of the receiver he fixed the cartridge capacity of six rounds. It can optionally be installed on the base model.
Picking and packing
  • Comes in a cardboard box with the inscription Mossberg and the image of a medieval coat of arms of Sweden.
  • The package includes a clamp for fixing forearm in the stowed position (two rough shaped metal plate fastened by a bolt) and the lock to lock the shutter.
  • There is a manual passport warranty.
The principle of operation
  • Before filling the magazine the gun is placed on the fuse – slider-lever-disconnector drummer moved down.
  • The cartridges fit into the store muzzle of a cartridge case forward through the window located in the bottom face of the receiver.
  • For the filing of the cartridge in the chamber it is necessary to vigorously move the forearm to the side of the butt and return it to its original position.
  • Before shot of the slider, the lever-disconnector moves upward. About shooting readiness is signaled by a red dot.

To protect weapon against unauthorized use, pull the handle of the lock supplied with the lock opening. She won’t let him open until the end and submit the cartridge in the chamber.

  1. Put the rifle on safe.
  2. To discharge the weapon one or more times twitching forearm. Make sure that the store is empty, what to look in the window of the bunker. You should see a red feeder cartridges.
  3. Unscrew the knurled nut on the front of your store.
  4. To separate the barrel from the receiver.
  5. Squeeze a rod of suitable diameter (door key, screwdriver cross slot) pin of the trigger Assembly and remove it from the receiver.
  6. Be removed from the receiver and the two notched plates.
  7. To move the forearm back until it stops. To remove the slider bolt.
  8. Remove the feeder cartridges, which compress the branches of the back plate of the receiver.
  9. To remove the shutter.
  10. Withdraw handguard with the rails of the receiver.
  11. Remove the shop.

After removing the trunk and retrieve the firing mechanism of the possible “incorrect” disassembly. To do this a few times distort the fore-end, resulting in all the details of the mechanisms will consistently fall out.

The price and the reviews about the gun, Mossberg 590 and 590 A1 is given below.

Price and reviews

Mossberg (Mossberg) 590 is 35 to 40 thousand rubles. About the gun, you can say that it is the Real McCoy.

Reliable, indestructible and undemanding. Shooting performance is excellent. The ergonomics of the Lodge raises no objections. Ill return does not involve the use of guns by beginners and people with weak physical training.


On arms of special units of the MIA of Russia is a pump-action shotgun BSR-93 “Rys”. A special feature of its design is the movable barrel and the store located above it. Spent cartridges are ejected downwards. Barrel 12 gauge, length 528 mm, weight 2.6 kg.

The choice of rifle does not end there. Among call also pump-action shotguns Mossberg 500, with loading the shear block forward of the barrel Krieghoff Semprio, Remington 7600 etc.

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