Mossberg 802 Bolt Action rifles

Carbine Mossberg 802 Bolt Action is a small-caliber weapon under the cartridge ring of ignition of .22 LR. It is used for teaching the basics of gun handling, entertainment (plinking) and shooting sports in the disciplines of writing and benchrest. Stopping power of a lead bullet shell-less enough for hunting small fur-bearing animals.

Description of the carbine Mossberg 802 Bolt Action

Rifled carbine bolt-on paddle and removable store. The .22 LR cartridge ring of ignition with a soft shell-less bullet of lead.

Trunk console, bed classic, polupoltina, butt, straight comb which has a slope relative to the axis of the barrel. Equipped with a set of external sighting devices and strap type dovetail for mounting optics.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Lightweight, compact, reliable, simple and easy to use.
  • Reliable locking bolt gate provides a good shooting performance. The magnitude axis of the ellipse of dispersion less than 1.5 MOA.
  • Models with thick match barrel and is equipped with an optical sight capable of hitting targets at distances up to 200 meters.
  • At the same time, it is worth noting that the bullet of the .22 LR has a low initial velocity, the trajectory of its flight ballistic, it is affected by wind. Therefore, the best firing results can be achieved only in enclosed shooting galleries.
  • Bed poliestireno type has good ergonomics, it is comfortable firing from all positions – offhand, with lock standing, lying down.
  • Removable magazine facilitates the process of loading. Its capacity can even be considered unnecessary. The length of the store is too big, it’s not very aesthetically pleasing, which is debatable, but surely the arrow should be afraid to catch them for something.

The trigger mechanism has a simple control logic. The fuse box it is located on the front branch of the trigger guard that not all small guru admits comfortable and has two positions. If the drummer cocked, it can be seen.


Therefore, the safety of gun handling is quite satisfactory, it can be used for teaching beginners.


This weapon is used for training and recreational shooting, and sports in the disciplines of writing and benchrest. You may also hunt for small furry animals.


In the basic version of the carbine is equipped with a console blued barrel length 460 mm, poliestireno box of black plastic or solid wood (birch). Sights only foreign – adjustable rear sight and front sight.

  • The model has a Brushed Chrome barrel length 540 mm, it is chrome plated (like a receiver). Bed polupoltina, of black plastic. Sights only external.
  • Model Varmiting is equipped with thick match barrel length 540 mm. External sights complemented by a strap of the type “dovetail”. Bed polupoltina, of black plastic or wood.
  • The carabiners that come with four times optical sight, have a model index Scoped Combo.
  • Thumbhole Tipdown models differ in the design of the Lodge. Buttstock with high comb separated from the vertical set of the handle bore, which increases the comfort of the grip. The barrel, receiver and trigger guard are chrome. The outer sighting devices augmented slat “swallow tail”. They are considered sports.
Feature The value
Type Carbine bolt-on shutter
Caliber .22 LR
Ammunition Cartridge ring of ignition
Barrel length (mm) 460 or 540
Step rifling 1:16
Shop Detachable, single-row, capacity 10 rounds
Total length (mm) 940 and 1010
Weight (kg) 1,8 / 2 / 2,35 (Varmint)

Carabiner with pivoting bolt lock. The trunk of a cantilever, made of carbon iron on the muzzle chamfer is made in the form of a funnel-shaped recess.

  • The receiver is aluminum, cast, outdoor, connecting with the barrel with two pins.
  • A bolt with two extractors. Locking due to the emphasis of the handle in the cutout of the box. When a drummer cocked his recoil pad is drawn back, on the stem of the stopper there is a red ring mark.
  • The drummer is in the stem of the valve. The trigger mechanism consists of a hook and sear. It is not regulated. The safety locks the sear, its check box is located in the front branch of the trigger guard and has two positions: Fire – the way to the right, visible red ring label, Stop – the way to the left.
  • Store removable, single row, with a capacity of ten rounds. His green feeder, it is incompatible with self-loading carbines 802, in which the feeder is red. The latch is located between the trigger guard and the bin store.
  • The rear sight is adjustable for elevation and position relative to the axis of the barrel. The adjustment is made the screw with a straight slot and slider with a toothed comb. Fly on the bracket of medium height, a closed annular shroud.
  • Bed polupoltina, butt plate without the absorber, the comb is straight, with a downward slope relative to the axis of the barrel.
Picking and packing

Packaged in a cardboard box. The shutter is put separately. In the normal supplied with the lock, locking trigger guard, and two stores. In the extended there is a four times optical sight. Applied manual and passport.

The principle of operation
  • Before operation it is necessary to set the shutter. To do this, take him by the arm and position so that the pin guide is in a vertical position. The box of the fuse should be in position to Fire. Pull the trigger and enter the larva in the receiver. Push the bolt inward until it stops pins in the end of the receiver.
  • Turn the handle so that the pins included in the guide slots of the receiver. Let go of the trigger. Turn on the fuse. Move shutter forward and lower the handle into the slot on the box. If done correctly, the drummer will platoons, which will be seen by its position and the red ring mark on the back plate of the bolt body. Lift the handle, the firing pin will be removed from the platoon automatically.
  • To remove the store press the latch and pull it downwards. The cartridges fit into one row. Each of the previous it is necessary utaplivat down, and the next feeding from front to back, hooking over the top flange of the store. On a regular place it is installed straight up, until it clicks.
  • For the filing of the cartridge in the chamber, move the safety button to the Fire position, lift the handle and pull the paddle far back. Then vigorously apply it forward and lower the handle into the groove of the box. You can then put the rifle on safe, by sliding the button to the Stop position.
  • Loading through the window of the receiver is possible only with the empty store. Cartridge pushed into the chamber with your finger and be sent shutter.
  1. Discharge the weapon, which remove the magazine, rack it and make sure the chamber is empty.
  2. Pull the trigger, lift the bolt handle and pull it back.
  3. The output gate of the receiver.

To separate boxes remove the two screws – one behind the trigger guard, the other from the front side of the hopper store. The rear screw holding the trigger Assembly on the receiver, so when you separate the parts it will act independently.

Price and reviews of Mossberg (Mossberg) Bolt Action 802 is given below.


Carabiner is worth 22 to 25 thousand rubles (as, for example, saiga MK 03, saiga-308-1 servomotor 46, boar 7,26х54 and PIONEER).

The weapon is reliable and unpretentious in operation. Impact negligible, no problem to use teenagers and physically unprepared people. Shooting performance is satisfactory in enclosed shooting ranges of the value of the MOA is not more than 1.5. Bullet much demolished by the wind.

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