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Semi-automatic self-loading shotgun Mossberg 9200 was produced from 1996 to 2010. Now it can be purchased only with it. It is a reliable hunting gun with good shooting qualities. We can only regret that the company Mossberg refused his release only due to the long bolt travel, which somewhat reduced the rate of fire.

Description shotgun Mossberg (Mossberg) 9200

A semi-automatic weapon with a smooth barrel 12 gauge, operating on the principle of the gas piston. Tubular shop is located under the barrel. The return mechanism is closed fore. In design there are no plastic parts, the so-called Old School, a real classic gun.

Advantages and disadvantages

Despite its venerable age and a lot of shooting practice, most sold hand-Mossberg 9200 functioning properly.

  • The gun no problem recharge the cartridges with all types of casings including brass. However, this should not be abused: the old, bloated as a result of repeated usage, and carelessly rolled up the sleeve may cause jamming.
  • The Lodge has excellent ergonomics, the weapon is well balanced and fits well in the shoulder when shooting offhand.
  • The trigger mechanism is controlled by a lever located on the neck butt. They can be operated without removing your finger from the trigger. He opens the trigger with the drummer and removes (or sets) of weapons with cocking, which increases the safety of use.
  • Unfortunately, it was produced only in 12 gauge, one barrel length and magazine capacity.
  • Optionally, the barrel can be set interchangeable tips with different chokes. Basic version – pressure cylinder.
  • The manufacturer offered additional rifled barrel shot 12 gauge with cylinder drilling and polygonal rifling.
  • The design provides for installation of optical sights. Only the classic rib and brass front sight.
  • Relatively lightweight and compact weapon, it could not be burdensome on sea hunts. However, according to the North American canons shotgun for waterfowl (primarily Mossberg 9200 was created for these types of hunts) are not supposed to let go of. So antabok belt on the bed there.

The bore is not chromed. On unprotected bluing the metal parts (store) appears very quickly rust.

Mossberg 9200 Crown Grade 12 GA


This is a hunting weapon used for the production of game birds and small ungulates.


The gun was produced only in 12 gauge, with the chamber 70 or 76 mm.

  • The base was made of wood polupoltina bed from canadian maple wood.
  • It was also suggested a model with a plastic stock.

The barrel was equipped with a high-low vented or solid impact plate.

Specifications shotguns Mossberg (Mossberg) 9200 below.

  • Semi-automatic shotgun 12 gauge. Shop tubular underbarrel, with a capacity of 4 rounds, there is a possibility to add the fifth. The window on the hopper is on the bottom of the receiver, it closes the spring-loaded shutter, simultaneously playing the role of an Elevator.
  • The gas chamber is simultaneously the clutch connecting the shop with the barrel. The spring and gas piston installed on the outer surface of the pipe shop. Slide the striker is actuated by a rod extending from the piston.
  • The shutter is locked, the models of the Mossberg 500, the larvae move upward and hook over the ledge of the breech. Similar was happening to him and the filing of the cartridge to the line of loading – lever-lift. After shooting the last cartridge, the shutter remains in its rearmost position (latency).
  • The receiver of thick-walled aluminium, milled. Window release liner is on the right at the top. On her right side, above the window on the hopper, there is a button of removal from the slide stop.
  • Sights consist of strap – vented or solid, as well as the bronze flies.
  • The trigger mechanism is controlled by a lever-disconnector located on the neck butt. It has two positions: Fire – all the way up, open red dot, and Stop all the way down.
  • Polupoltina bed, solid wood canadian maple. The shock-absorbing butt pad, straight comb, with a slight downward inclination relative to the axis of the barrel.
Picking and packing

The gun was Packed in a cardboard box. The package could be a set of interchangeable muzzle narrowing of the trunk and an extra shot, the channel of which has a polygonal rifling.

The principle of operation

Before loading, check the rifle on safe, why move the slider to the lever-disconnector drummer down.

  • The cartridges fit into the store muzzle of a cartridge case forward through the window on the bottom face of the receiver. To do this, press the cover of the Elevator and press it up, then push the cartridge to the store. Ammunition is kept from falling out of the slide stop lever. After laying four single cartridges can be fed into the chamber, which slide is moved back, then is released and returns to its original position. Then the store can put another cartridge.
  • Before the shooting arm guard moves up, until you see a red point. The cartridge is inserted into the cartridge chamber when the distortion of the bolt.
  • During the shot part of the propellant gases are selected from the barrel and enters the gas chamber. The piston moves, pushes the rod connected to the slide frame, and compresses the return spring. During this motion is extracted and removed the used cartridge case is cocked the firing pin, the bullet from the magazine is fed to the Elevator, which raises it to the line loading. On the way back, the cylinder bolt picks up the cartridge and docile it into the chamber.
  • If you want to empty the store, put the weapon on safe, raise the curtain of the Elevator up, opened the window of the bunker. After that hit the inside of the slide stop lever and release the bottom of the sleeve. Shop the spring will push the cartridge. If the store is empty, the slide remains in the rear position. To return to its original position, click slide stop is above the window of the bunker store.
  1. Make sure the rifle is unloaded. To do this, distort the bolt. If the store is empty, it will remain in its rearmost position.
  2. Click on the slide stop, put the frame back.
  3. Remove the nut on the end of the store.
  4. Remove the escutcheon forearm.
  5. Pull the handle of the bolt.
  6. Slide the barrel and remove it from the receiver.
  7. Remove the piston from the gas chamber.
  8. Remove the thrust return mechanism and pull it out of the receiver bolt carrier with striker.
  9. Remove the o-rings gas engine, recoil spring and the gasket from the store.
  10. Will villotte the pins attaching the trigger and remove it from the receiver.

The price and the reviews about the gun, Mossberg (Mossberg) 9200 below.


Commission Mossberg 9200 costs 25 to 30 thousand rubles. Note that this price can buy a new Vepr-9, pioneer, Saiga MK-03 and other good carbines.


The gun is quite reliable and unpretentious in operation. It is not particularly picky about quality of ammunition, but this should not be abused. The best accuracy of the battle is observed with ammunition factory equipment. Resistance to corrosion is low, requires constant monitoring and cleaning.

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