Mossberg Silver Reserve II shotgun, rifle, smoothbore weapon

The Silver Reserve II series, produced by Mossberg arms company (the manufacturer of model 802 Bolt Action, 702 Plinkster, 9200, Shot 930 SPX 500 590, 100 ATR, etc.) is a smooth-bore weapon premium in the form factor bokflint. It consists of six subcategories, and the total number of models equal to ten.

Description shotguns Mossberg Silver Reserve II (Mossberg silver)

Smoothbore gun with a vertical arrangement of trunks (bokflint). Weapons premium collected manually. Beautifully crafted bed with perfect ergonomics complemented by a silver-plated receiver with engraved art.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Piece of armour with excellent ergonomics and small qualities.
  • Impeccably crafted trunks made of refractory steel with chrome channel and the chamber.
  • A wide variety of models with different length barrels, a method of extracting cartridges, extraction, ejection.
  • Dual degree locking: upper and lower latches. Powerful axle-hook, holding the barrel block on the hinge fracture.
  • A wide set of gauges, including 28 minor hunting and sporting .410 bore. The model with the combined blocks of the nozzles, for example, 12-and 20-gauge, making the weapon versatile in application.
  • Conveniently located at the neck of the butt of the slider is the fuse that activates your weapon, all while aiming.

The design of the trigger has a single trigger, select the top or bottom of the barrel that fires first, is the shift of the fuse box to the right or left. This saves the hunter from having to think about the position of your finger on the “right” the trigger in critical situations, but with different equipment munition or combined receiver unit can cause a fatal error.

On a bed there is no antabok for belt fastening. The gun is not really suited for day or multi-day hunts, Hiking.

Photos Mossberg Silver Reserve


The Silver Reserve II guns are used for hunting all types of game, including medium ungulates and predators as well as bench shooting and self defense.


Available in gauges 12, 20, 28, .410 bore, as well as in their combinations.

  • A series of Mossberg Silver Reserve II Field Combo. Gun with hybrid barrel block having a combination of the caliber 12/20 or 20/28. The casings are extracted from the chamber by the extension of the lever of the extractor (the deletion manually). Buttstock with straight comb, ventilated strap low fly bronze.
  • Series Silver Reserve II Field. Hunting rifle caliber 12, 20, 28 and .410 bore. The trunks in a block of the same diameter. Extraction cartridges. Buttstock with straight comb, fly bronze, ventilated strap low.
  • Series Silver Reserve II Sport. Sporting shotgun 12 caliber, ported barrel, low rib, front sight – dual red fiber-optic “stub”. Buttstock with straight comb. Extraction cartridges full (ejection).
  • Series Silver Reserve II Super Sport. Sporting shotgun 12-gauge with extended ported barrel. Butt with a pillow “Monte Carlo”, high rib, fiber-optic front sight (red). Is possible to install a plank under the optics. The sleeve ejections.
  • Series Silver Reserve II Bantam Youth. Hunting and training gun 20-gauge with a short barrel. The sleeve excretiruyutza. The sighting bar is so low, fly bronze. Comb of buttstock a straight line.
Silver Reserve II Field Combo
Type Bokflint
Trunks Smooth, channel and chamber chrome
Caliber The combination of 12/20 or 20/28, chamber 76 mm
Length of stems (mm) 660 711 or
Length unit 20/28 (mm) 1092
Weight unit 20/28 (kg) 3,18
Length unit 12/20 (mm) 1143
Weight unit 12/20 (kg) 3,4
Silver Reserve II Field
Type Bokflint
Trunks Smooth, channel and chamber chrome
Gauges 12, 20, 28 and .410 bore
Barrel length (mm) 660 711 or 12-gauge
Overall length (mm) 1092 1143 or 12-gauge
Weight (kg) 2,95 – .410 bore, 3,18 – 28 and 20, the 3.4 – 12
Silver Reserve II Sport
Type Bokflint
Trunks Smooth, ported, channel chrome
Caliber 12
Barrel length (mm) 711
Overall length (mm) 1143
Weight (kg) 3,4
Silver Reserve II Super Sport
Type Bokflint
Trunks Smooth, ported, channel chrome
Caliber 12
Barrel length (mm) 762 or 813
Overall length (mm) 1207 1257 or
Weight (kg) Or 3,86 4,08
Silver Reserve II Bantam Youth
Type Bokflint
Trunks Smooth with chrome channel
Caliber 20
Barrel length (mm) 660
Overall length (mm) 1067
Weight (kg) 3,18

The gun with two smooth barrels arranged vertically (bokflint).

  • Trunks, cold forged, channel and chamber chrome-plated, outside made deep blueing. Connecting barrels wide ventilated strip. On the front the muzzle, on the inside, the way the phase metric thread for changeable muzzle contractions.
  • Trunks sports models ported six through-holes in the last third of the barrel length.
  • Extraction sleeves can be made as ejection and ekstragirovanie.
  • Locking double – top and bottom latch. Release lever located on the back plate trigger. In the locked position it parallel to the axis of the barrel, for unlocking it is necessary to turn to the right.
  • Trigger mechanism with a hidden trigger and spoiler (perehvatyvaet). The trigger one on both barrels, the choice of shooting first is by shifting the slider of the fuse to the right or left. The slider of the fuse has two positions: up to the stop – Fire, all the way down – Stop.
  • Sights consist of a ventilated strap and fly – in hunting models she bronze in the sport – a fiber-optic red. Also on the sports models, you can set the bar for fastening of optical sights.
  • Polupoltina bed, solid dark wood walnut. On the handle and foregrip applied corrugation for ease of grip. The shock-absorbing recoil pad. The comb of the butt is straight, with an inclination to the axis of the barrel. Swivels for attaching strap not available. Forend latch is on the bottom edge.
Picking and packing

The gun comes in a hard case with removed barrel unit. Supplied with five interchangeable muzzle narrowing, installation key, security lock. Attached instructions and the passport.

The principle of operation

For the installation of the trunk must perform the following steps:

  1. Include fuse, dropping the slider down.
  2. To move the locking lever to the right.
  3. Hang the barrel block the front axle on the axis of rotation of the receiver.
  4. Vigorously lift the unit and lock it into the receiver – locking lever should return automatically to its original position, and then be heard a distinct click.
  5. To install the fore-end, which pull the lever down, push the metal tylnik into the receiver, press the forearm to the barrel, and release the lever.
  • If you assume that the game would be more appropriate to shoot the bottom barrel, and after shooting to the top then slide the slider to the right fuse. And left if Vice versa.
  • For reloading the slider of the guard moves down to the Stop position, release lever is moved to the right. The balance of the gun allows the receiver unit to lean down automatically.

In hunting models extractives cartridge case from the chamber, its final extraction is done manually. And in sports it flies directly in the face of arrow, so we must have the skill to repel it by hand.

  1. Discharge the weapon – put the fuse in the Stop position, move the release lever to the right until it stops.
  2. Making sure the chamber is clean, close the gun.
  3. Pull the lever on the fore-end down, then pull the front edge of the trunk and remove the rear metal plate out of engagement with the receiver.
  4. Remove the handguard.
  5. Open the receiver by turning the locking lever.
  6. Remove the receiver unit with the axis of rotation of the receiver.

The gun is worth from sixty to one hundred thousand rubles.


The gun has a good fight, it is quite reliable and not very whimsical to quality of cartridges. The ergonomics of the Lodge is one of the best in its class.

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