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MP-18M-M – easy, trouble-free single-barreled shotgun. A worthy successor of the line single-barrel rifles Izhevsk mechanical plant, produced in different versions

It is no secret that the Izhevsk mechanical plant produces the lion’s share of the hunting and civil weapons in Russia. Single-barreled, double-barreled, pump-action, semi-automatic and non-automatic rifles (e.g., MP-161K, Mr-142К, Mr-143, the Express, Mr-43КН, MP-133, MP-233 MP-18МН, “North”, Mr-155 K), are in constant demand of the consumer.

MP-18M-M single-barrel single-shot model, a classic hunting rifle, the maximum available value.

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Basic version of the hunting rifle is a model IZH-18. It is available since 1964, but has undergone many modifications and transformations. MP-18M-M is one of the lines, created on its basis.

This single shot shotgun, is characterized by simple design and low weight. However, to consider it a variant of the category of “just shoot” is impossible. The model refers to the type of sniper is on the case when the hunter prefers to kill game with one shot, and not the watered sector of fire. As a result, the model often develops from a hunting to a kind of simulator to hone their shooting skills.

Available in several different models – sport, the Junior, standard. The Izhevsk plant offers a model of how stable a muzzle narrowing, and changeable muzzle attachments, which expands the scope of the rifle.

Advantages and disadvantages

The gun is designed for different types of hunting – a wide variety of calibers it allows as well as for sport and for self defense. Simple design and reliability makes the rifle very robust and reliable.

To undoubted advantages of this model include quality.

  • High accuracy – an indicator of this somewhat depends on the skill of the shooter. However, competition varminting the best of the shooters were made from a distance of 350 m razmernosti, not exceeding one quarter MoA. The average is certainly lower, but still impressive.
  • The barrels are made from steel of the highest quality. The wall thickness at the muzzle is 2.5 mm. the Barrel depending on the caliber can withstand the pressure of powder gases from 65 to 90 MPa. Muzzle channel and a chrome plated chamber, which contributes to high accuracy.
  • The minimum weight of models from 2.9 to 3.3 kg. Junior model is specially designed for shooters, not possessing great physical strength adolescent women.
  • USM is installed in the receiver, which makes the design more simple but more reliable. The locking shaft is an oscillating lever.
  • To prevent accidental discharge gun is equipped with a non-automatic fuse and a special projection on the trigger that prevents contact of the trigger with the striker, if not pressed the trigger.
  • MP-18M-M is available for different caliber, with a permanent muzzle narrowing and with replaceable pads.
  • The gun has a high prekladatelu and excellent balance.
  • The advantages can and should be attributed to the affordable price of models with high quality of the gun

The disadvantages include the quality of the product.

  • In production models, there is no possibility of mounting optics or collimator. Fly, the included, normal, and in the dark is not lit, which is inconvenient for night hunting.
  • Below are some rifle caliber only produced the piece.

Photo of the gun MP-18M-M


Izhevsk mechanical plant offers under shotgun caliber 12 to 45-70 Govt – the latter, of course, not commercially produced. Such a wide choice allows you to use the gun for hunting almost any game:

  • production of small and medium animal, including fur;
  • the hunt for a large animal – wolf, wild boar;
  • bird hunting;
  • varminting – precise shooting at very long range. The excellent accuracy of the battle rifle delivers excellent results.

For shooting sports the factory produces a special model, different structural features. However, to develop the skills of accurate shooting any good version of this line.

  • Burst rifle, MP-18M-M are manufactured under the caliber .222 Rem, .223 Rem, .243 Win, 7,62*39, 7,62*51 (308 Win), a 7.62*54 R, .30-06 Spring.
  • Piece model can be calculated on the caliber 5,6*39 R, the 7.62*53 R, 9*53 R 9,3 x 74 R, .270 Win, 45-70 Govt.

In addition, the lineup includes a few modifications.

  • MP-18M-M – the base model, the most affordable. Available as with a regular barrel and changeable chokes. The package of the gun can enter rib. Stock and forend of a rifle made of wood – walnut, beech. A wide range of calibers allows you to use the gun for hunting and accurate shooting.
  • Mr-18M-EAT – is equipped with ejector device for automatic ejection of cartridges. If desired, the ejector can be disabled by turning a lever directly during the hunt. The ejector is activated automatically at the next opening of the trunk.
  • Mr-18МК-M – option the trigger of the gun. The trigger is performed by a release and a safety edge.
  • MP-18M-M “Junior” model in the first place is light. The forearm and butt are reduced in size, adapted to the anatomy of the target group – women and adolescents. The butt is equipped with a head-shock-absorber. Produced under the small gauges.
  • Mr-18ЕМ-M – sporting model for target shooting. Offers better ergonomics – butt type “Monte Carlo”, in the muzzle of the barrel holes – they cancel toss the rifle when fired. Improved sighting device – a sighting plank is wider with two flies: the front color and rear spherical. The rifle is equipped with ejector. The barrel and muzzle narrowing of the highest quality.

Perhaps a different implementation of the gun: the ordinary, that is, with the usual finish, and classic – with engraving or carving.

In each available caliber rifles with barrels of different lengths.


Rifles designed to shoot bullets and lead shot. Models that you can use steel shot, marked accordingly: the barrel has the mark “steel shot”, and removable choke constriction for steel shot have the designation “STEEL”. The table shows the characteristics of the choke constrictions for lead shot.

Settings The value of the parameter
Caliber 12 16 20 28 32 12 20 .410
Length, mm The chamber 70 76,2
Trunk 660, 710, 750 660,

















Trunk diameter, mm 18,4 16,8 15,7 14,0 12,5 18,4 15,7 10,3
The average maximum gas pressure, MPa 65/74 68/78 72/83 90/105
C 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0
IC 0,25 0,25 0,25 0,15 0,15 0,25 0,25 0,12
M 0,5 0,5 0,5 0,25 0,25 0,5 0,5 0,25
IM 0,75 0,75 0,75 0,4 0,38 0,75 0,75 0,38
F 1,0 1,0 1,0 0,6 0,5 1,0 1,0 0,5
Material of a butt and tsevja Walnut, beech, birch
Gun weight, kg 2,9

These options are marked on the hook of the barrel in the breech. If the model implies a change in the muzzle narrowing, the breech appears the symbol “Var”. The importance of closing indicated on the muzzle of the nozzle.

Hunting shotgun MP-18M-M 12/76,710 mm, plastic


All modifications of the line MP-18M-M consist of two structural parts – the box with stock and detachable barrel with forend.

  • The locking barrel mechanism is simple and reliable, the swinging lever. Open the rifle by moving the lever upwards. In the open state, the lever holds the delay. Latest automatically releases the lever when the trunk is closed.
  • Improved the connection node of the shaft and the forearm latch lever type. This method eliminates thermal distortion when shooting.
  • USM is mounted in the receiver. The trigger refers to the return type, the firing pin is made separately and is spring loaded. Lever locking up and opening of the barrel the trigger is cocked. At the same time, it extends the index and cocking the trigger.
  • Protection from accidental discharge ensure the safety lug on the trigger and manual safety. To enable it, you need to move the fuse to the right to turn off to the left. At the same time with the left side on detail becomes visible red mark.

MP-18M-M provides for a smooth descent. To do this, turn off the fuse, turn the lever to lock the top and hold it, and press the trigger. Then lower the locking lever.

  • The butt is executed from high-end wood – walnut, beech, birch. The wood is impregnated with a special oil. Recoil pad depending on the versions made of plastic or rubber. In the budget models, the butt is made of plastic.
Picking and packing

Equipment Izhevsk rifles are traditionally very simple:

  • cardboard box;
  • the passport of the product.

On request the shotgun can be equipped with replaceable smooth trunks, changeable muzzle attachments, and the bracket.

The principle of operation

MP-18M-M is designed for firing smoke and smokeless powder, cartridges, metal, paper and plastic sleeves. All products can be used for firing lead shot. Steel shot is allowed only in special models, which are marked accordingly.

  • MP-18M-M chamber length of 76 mm is charged with any cartridges with a length not exceeding 76 mm, including cartridges, designed for guns that can withstand the pressure 1320 bar.
  • A gun with a chamber length of 70 mm can be charged with any ammunition, no longer than 70 mm, except the cartridges marked “1050 bar”. Under the cartridge length means the length of the liner to twist.
  • The diameter of the bullet used for shooting should be at 0.2–0.3 mm less than the diameter of the muzzle constriction. Caliber bullet of steel or brass must not be used.

Only respecting all the requirements to ensure the rifle is really long life.

Weapon transferred to the buyer unassembled. Before Assembly, clean all parts of grease and lubricate with gun oil. When closing the trunk possible negohot lever lock. In this case, the lever needs to be brought manually, otherwise when shooting possible misfires.

There is always the possibility of a protracted shot – slow work the primer, so if the shot did not happen immediately after pressing the trigger, you should wait 30-40 seconds without dropping the gun. If the shot did not happen, the rifle needs to be defused.

  • MP-18M-M provides the ability to set different choke constriction. To take advantage of this, you need to properly secure the nozzle. Muzzle constriction is screwed to retract to the ledge on the barrel. Between the end of the barrel and the cylindrical part of the narrowing the gap remains. Regarding the muzzle muzzle narrowing should be either flush, or be recessed a few.
  • During the inspection of the bore at the point of joining the end of the contraction and protrusion should be viewed ring. His Nezalezhnosti indicates the damage of compression and the inability to use it.
  • The tightness of the constriction need to check every 50-100 shots.

Maintenance MP-18M-M is partial disassembly. She is done when you need to transport or store a long gun.

  1. Pull and hold the latch centered at the bottom of the forearm.
  2. Rotate the forearm away from the barrel and separate it. Efforts to separate not attached.
  3. Move the locking lever up to the limit.
  4. Turn the barrel down until it comes away from the receiver.
  5. Foregrip with storage or transport attaches to the trunk. For that, after the described manipulation lowered the shutter lever: press the delay locking lever, then the trigger and slowly lower the lock lever. While down the trigger with cocking.

If necessary repair, heavy pollution, the rifle apart completely. For this, in addition to the above, do the following operations.

  1. Unscrew indicated in the diagram the screws and remove the head.
  2. Easily hitting a box on a wooden object, undermining the connection box with the stock and remove the butt.
  3. If necessary, you can disassemble the trigger Assembly and the ejector. It is recommended that full disassembly of conduct only in terms of the weapons shop.

Possible for small modifications.

  • Usually, the changes relate only to decoration carving or replacement of the stock.
  • Popular is the fastening of the cover of the bandolier.

The price and the reviews on the MP-18M-M 12-76, 20-76? 410. cal. given below.


The cost of MP-18M-M, the most that neither is available. The version without ejector with a plastic butt is only 7050 p, model with a wooden stock is more expensive than up to 10050 R. modification of the ejector is 10560 R.

The cost of ammunition is determined by their ballistic performance capabilities of the range of the weapon provides a lot.

Owner reviews

A small price and a wide selection of calibers is not the only advantage, which is noted by the owners of the MP-18M-M, although this factor is important.

Many point to the unusually accurate adjustment of parts of the gun, the rifle is perceived as a monolith. However, such reviews are interspersed with the description of the poor quality products, poor processing, stock and so on. So, apparently, as the weapon of different years of release is significantly different.

Accuracy – the main advantage of MP-18M-M. To practice skills accurate combat model is ideal.

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