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MP-221 Artemida – fitting Izhevsk Mechanical plant. The gun design is similar to the familiar shotgun mechanisms have the usual control, but fires more powerful rounds. The basic model for it was the IL-214 with removable trigger mechanism. Has a low weight due to the design of the bolt.

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Fitting unlike trehlineyki weapon less versatile. Its intended purpose – shooting with the RAID, when the hunter stands up against quite a large animal and have to shoot at running game and short-circuited.

In addition, the fitting is almost always more compact than a conventional rifle.

  • MP-221 “Artemida” combines the classic look of the usual “shotgun” and rifled barrels. The first allows you to quickly learn to shoot a gun because of its size and basic controls coincide with typical. And the second feature allows you to use more powerful cartridge that retains stopping power at a distance of 100-150 m.
  • The fitting allows you to make 2 shots in a row with a very small period of time. Recharge is not accompanied by noise.
  • MP-221 “Artemida” refers to the fittings of the German type. Ordinary double-barreled “horizontale” suitable for battue hunting or shooting with rigs, but not for sea hunting. That is, shooting from different distances, it is not too comfortable – great the difference of STP. Designers Izmena tried to solve this problem by creating a block freely posted trunks.
Advantages and disadvantages

MP-221 “Artemida” was presented in 2009 As just fitting compared to the self-loading carbine it has advantages when battue hunting. And, since the principle shooting is no different from hunting rifles, learn how to handle a rifle with rifled barrels just.

The advantages of this model include the following qualities.

  • The ability to shoot at different distances – it’s not that the designers have completely solved the task information of STP, but some of the results achieved. In MP-221 “Artemida” trunks are connected to each other only sighting plate. Trunks freely suspended: fixed in breech coupling-candy and spectacle is fitted on the muzzle. It is known that when fired, the barrel heats up and changes the length. If the docking of the hard trunks, the second is overheating and its average point of impact shifts. In MP-221 “Artemida” this problem has been resolved.
  • Adjustment of STP is horizontal: right, the trunk remains stationary, and the left shifted. This ensures the stability of the dispersion of the fraction.
  • USM rifle detachable – this ensures ease of care and lubrication, and, at the same time, increases the safety of storage.
  • Packing group MP-221 “Artemida” smaller in size, which reduces the weight of the weapon is 3.5 kg.
  • There is a base of the type “dovetail” under the optical sight.
  • The accuracy of fire models corresponds to the norms: at a distance of 50 m bullets stacked in a circle with a diameter of 80 mm. depending on the type of hunting for which the gun is designed, the measure can be considered acceptable. The rule requires that at a distance of 100 meters all the bullets a series of 4 shots from both barrels lay in a circle with a diameter of 16 cm.
  • The rifle is well balanced, the recoil force does not exceed the normal recoil of the rifle 12 caliber.
  • Automatic safety prevents accidental discharge.

The disadvantages of the product include the following options.

  • Adjust the gun difficult. It is recommended to give the MP-221 “Artemida” on sighting an experienced specialist.
  • The trigger characteristics of the poor: uneven slope, is too long. Trigger pull on the first hook is 3.7 kg, on the second and 3.2, to handle the stress.
  • Ejector on the model. The extractor just pushes the sleeve and the distance is too small. The liner must be removed manually hooking fingernails in the groove, that quick recharge eliminates. The thing is that the extractor is designed for cartridges is for the fitting – over a thin, long and protruding rim – Rand. These cartridges don’t have such problems

Off guard requires effort and is accompanied by a loud click that made inappropriate hunting from the tower.

Photo rifle MP-221 “Artemida”


MP-221 Artemida – more specialized model than a hunting shotgun with a smooth barrel. It is designed for battue hunting and hunting from a tower on a fairly large animal – wolf, wild boar.

  • Produced the MP-221 “Artemida” in 3 different calibers : 7.62 mm*51 (.308Win), .30-06 Springfield, .45-70 GOV’t. The modular design of the trigger allows you to change it.
  • You can install a traditional dvuhtumbovye – for driven hunt and is possible – USM with salernum front down force in this case is only 1 kg.
Technical characteristics

Main parameters and overall dimensions of the shotgun, the MP-221 “Artemida” in the table.

Option The value of the parameter
Caliber The 7.62*51 (.308Win), .30-06 Springfield, .45-70 GOV’t
The length of the barrel unit, mm 600
Total length mm 1050
Gun weight, kg 3,5
Material of a butt and tsevja Walnut, beech

Weight given for nonsparse gun.


Horizontal shotgun comprises a receiver module with a forearm and butt with box.

  • Rifled barrels are made of steel weapons, located in a horizontal plane relative to each other. Joined with breech and muzzle coupling. The right barrel is secured to the coupler with a gap – free hanging barrel. In addition to couplings, shafts fastened to the sighting bar. The gap between them closed slats on both sides, fixed with three screws.
  • The position of the left barrel can be adjusted horizontally in order to achieve information of STP. For this the design includes a regulating wheel, it is placed on the same basis as the charge is 22 cm from the muzzle. Unfortunately, the result of adjustment is not fixed because the mechanism is not provided for the locking screw. The vertical position does not change: it is recorded once at the factory the gun is sighting.
  • Foregrip removable, is attached to the barrel by the lever constipation placed on top of the box.
  • Striking mechanism hammer type with bottom location of the sear, trigger return run separately from the strikers, springs – helical. The effort of descent is large at 3.7 and 3.2 kg Front provides a hook shot from the right barrel, the rear – left.
  • Spent cartridges shall be nominated by the extractor. It is recommended to use a cylinder with a protruding rim: products of a different type to extract from the chamber is difficult.
  • Slide group reproduces the mechanism of the rifle IZH-43. Trunks lock on grenade 2 looming hook strap. Top bond no. Despite this, such a locking mechanism designed for high-pressure gases and has a large margin of safety.

Automatic fuse is activated when the bolt is unlocked and captures the thrust of the descent. Turned off the fuse by hand.

  • MP-221 “Artemida” is equipped with open iron sights: front sight and a rectangular lifting plate. The slot in the plate is only 1.5 mm, which is a great inconvenience when shooting at moving game. As a rule, hunters replace mechanical devices and optical sight.
  • The butt is made from high quality beech wood or walnut. The butt plate is rubber shock absorber.
Picking and packing

Rifles Izhevsk Mechanical plant (it was his masters made rifles and combination guns MP-18МН, MP-94 “Express” and “North”, Mr-143, the OP-SKS, shotguns and MP-133, MP-155, MP-43, MP-233) have a modest standard equipment:

  • cardboard box;
  • passport gun.
The principle of operation

MP-221 “Artemida” intended for shooting by lead bullets. Use ammunition with steel or brass shell is prohibited.

  • If after pressing the trigger shot is done, you need to hold the gun in the direction of the goal for another minute. Due to the slow response of the capsule is often such a thing as shot delay. If, however, a moment later, the shot did not happen, it is necessary to discharge the gun.
  • Charging the rifle, and reload are produced in the usual manner. As in the MP-221 “Artemida” there is no ejector, it is recommended to use cartridges with casing of type “Rand”.
  • Muzzle channels rifled barrel is not chrome plated so as not to reduce the accuracy of the battle. So after the shooting, cleaning and lubrication of the trunk is mandatory.

For cleaning and lubricating the MP-221 “Artemida” it is necessary to conduct a partial dismantling. The procedure is quite simple:

  • pulling the forearm latch to limit fore-end turn in the direction from the trunks and removed;
  • turn the lever of constipation right until it stops;
  • tip the barrels down and disconnect them.

When transporting a rifle or long-term storage it is recommended to attach the handguard to the receiver unit.

Full disassembly is only for repair. Desirable to carry out the procedure at home. Scheme complete disassembly includes all of these actions, as well as the separation of the butt, the disassembly of the trigger and ejector.


The use of the MP-221 “Artemida” begins with the fact that the gun refer to gun master, so he adjusted the barrel and sighted the rifle. Alas, to perform all necessary technological procedures even the experienced hunter is not easy, and the newbie even more so.

  • The replacement of the mechanical sighting devices on optical or reflex sight on the thing, too, requires some adjustment of the strap.
  • Almost always grinding finalize the slopes, as their baseline characteristics are clearly unsatisfactory.

Reviews from hunters and the price of hunting fitting MP-221 Artemida is described below.

  • Depending on caliber and price policy of the store value of the MP-221 “Artemida” varies from 27450 to 33890 R.
  • The cost of ammunition is also determined by the caliber and ballistic qualities. So, brand .45-70 GOV’t costs about 300 rubles per 1 PC.

Owner reviews, the MP-221 “Artemida” range from very positive to downright negative. The first option is due to the readiness of the future owner to work additionally with his rifle – in particular, targeting and handling of STP.

Overall design of the MP-221 “Artemida” is considered to be a promising and quite interesting. However, the quality of implementation according to experienced hunters is poor. In any case, the trigger and the trigger needs to be reworked.

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