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MP-27M is not in vain called the most “popular” barreled rifle with a vertical arrangement of trunks. It is simple, unpretentious, incredibly reliable and at an affordable cost

A double-barreled gun with a vertical arrangement of trunks appeared somewhere in the middle of the 20th century. This rifle not only looks more aesthetic but also more compact. It is believed that the vertical arrangement expands the vision of the hunter. While the horizontal location of the survey limits.

MP-27 M – the famous shotgun manufactured by the Izhevsk mechanical plant (manufacturer of such famous models as the MP-161K, Mr-142К, Mr-143, MP-94 “Express”, Mr-43КН, MP-133, MP-233 MP-18МН, “North”, Mr-155) .

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MP-27 M Izhmekh produced for more than 40 years. Despite the continued existence of the shotgun continues to enjoy steady popularity among professional hunters and among fans.

The basis for the model served as the famous IZH-27. In fact, labeling the letter M indicates the modification of the rifle. Changes include some structural changes, and the development of changeable muzzle contractions. The new line in 2003 was awarded at the competition “100 best goods of Russia”. The main developer of the new version was made by A. And Klimov.

One of the main features of line – high safety. It is achieved through the installation of fuses, reliable and simple node locking.

In addition, modification of construction allowed to start production of model combo – rifled and smooth barrels.

Advantages and disadvantages

Rifle Mr-27 M is primarily used for hunting, but can perform the role of means of self-defense. Available range for different calibers and in different versions, so that among the range of vertical double-barreled guns, you can find the option for almost any type of hunting.

Popular model uses not only in Russia but also abroad. To import issued under the cartridges “Magnum” with the cartridge chamber of greater length.

To undoubted advantages of the shotgun must be attributed the following qualities.

  • High accuracy – standard distance of 35 m fraction are placed in a circle the size of 750 mm. And according to the hunters, the rifle responds well to all activities designed to increase the accuracy of the battle.
  • Security – Mr-27 M equipped with as an automatic fuse, and prihvatyvaya Kurkov – incepture. This solution completely eliminates the possibility of an accidental discharge.
  • The barrels are made of the strongest weapons of steel channels and bolts chrome plated, which improves the accuracy and durability of the product to corrosion. Between the trunks are connected by soldering and is pressed into the coupling. Toss rifles reduce the compensation of the hole in the muzzle part.
  • Produced several modifications of the lineup with an ejector, for target shooting, with two trigger hooks and so on. In addition, the Izhevsk plant offers a model for shooting with lead shot and steel – on products marked.
  • The design of the rifle is simple, but reliable – a breakdown of the gun is something exceptional. Case in combat helical springs that ensure trouble-free operation of the mechanism.

The disadvantages of the product are also available.

  • Despite the rigidity and reliability of the rifle is the weak link – soldering on the trunks. Side plank quite often departs.
  • Quite a lot of weight, the MP-27M is a property can be both a disadvantage and an advantage. When running hunting and shooting small caliber of the weight of the shotgun becomes a “significant” disadvantage. But it also reduces recoil and allows you to use more powerful ammunition.

Photo rifles Mr-27M 12/76 Buk (barrel 725)


MP-27 M is available in popular calibers from 12 to .410. respectively. Used for various types of hunting.

  • Most often we are talking about hunting medium and small game at a distance of 40-60 m For these purposes a vertical double-barreled shotgun is the best option.
  • Bird hunting is preferable to the version with a cylindrical trunk.
  • For hunting at long range is the same Fox in the field, a bird in flight, fit combo shotgun with rifled and smooth barrels.

MP-27 M – a hunting rifle. Use it for shooting sports, in addition to special model, not too comfortable. However, for recreational shooting or hanging out in the dash the gun, of course, also applies.


Available Mr-27M for the following caliber: 12/76, 16/70, 20/76, 28/70, .410/76. In addition, models can have different lengths of the chamber under a conventional munition , and under. “Magnum”. Standard muzzle narrowing of the link: top of type F, and the lower – M .

There are the following modifications.

  • Mr-27M – basic version with two trigger hooks.
  • Mr-27E M – rifle equipped with an ejector that ejects only the spent shell casing. Eat man world out there, only slightly moving out. The ejector can be disabled even in field conditions, if required.
  • Mr-27M-1C model with one trigger. The order of shots is set at will by pressing the trigger forward.
  • Mr-27E M-1S – equipped with a single trigger and ejector, throwing the spent shell casing. The sequence of shots is adjustable.
  • MP-27 EM-1C “sporting” – has a more ergonomic buttstock with rubber butt pad to reduce recoil. The rifle has a wide rib, one of the two flies the color that it provides the best visibility. The fore-end is wide, the type of sport. In the muzzle part of the barrel has holes to reduce muzzle pressure.

Separate shotgun caliber 12 with a chamber length of 76 mm can be equipped with interchangeable barrel block 20 gauge with the drilling of the Lancaster – oval-screw. In the trunk there are 2 broad thread, but the rifle is still classified as a smoothbore.

The model can have an ordinary execution, or the design classic – with carving on the wood parts of the shotgun.

Some are single-piece models, for example, Mr-27M-M, TC “Rus”. The rifle is engraved on the silver plate, the locking mechanism tungsten carbide tipped, exceptional bluing of the barrel. The kit includes 2 pairs of trunks: poluchat-chalk with a length of 725 mm and the cylinder is a cylinder of length 610 mm. However, the cost of piece goods is almost 3 times higher than serial.

Technical characteristics of the gun MP-27M is described below.


Caliber, length of the chamber, the pressure of gunpowder are displayed on the breech sleeve. If allowed to use steel shot, the barrel appears the mark “Steel shot”. The data in the table are for serial models, designed for lead shot.

Settings The value of the parameter
Caliber 12 16 20 28 32 12 20 .410
Length, mm The chamber 70 76
Trunk 660,




710 660,







The diameter of the bore, mm 18,4 16,8 15,7 14,0 12,5 18,4 15,7 10,3
The average maximum gas pressure, MPa 65/74 68/78 72/83 90/105
DR +0,4 +0,4
C 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0
IC 0,25 0,25 0,25 0,15 0,15 0,25 0,25 0,12
M 0,5 0,5 0,5 0,25 0,25 0,5 0,5 0,25
IM 0,75 0,75 0,75 0,40 0,38 0,75 0,75 0,38
F 1,0 1,0 1,0 0,6 0,5 1,0 1,0 0,5
T 1,25 1,25
XF 0,8 0,7 0,7
Gun weight, kg 3,4 3,65 3,1 3,6 3,3 3,2

Weight of rifle with barrel block with the drilling of Lancaster reaches less than 3.8 kg.


Mr-27M consists of a receiver with a stock and barrel unit with the forearm.

  • Trunks joined in a vertical plane and connected breech coupling and milwalkie straps – two side and top. Top refers to the type of vented. Locked trunks due to shifting of the locking bar: it is inserted into the opening of the hook on the clutch. When you open the trunk bar and the release lever is held by the delay. When closing the gun delay automatically releases the bar.
  • In the receiver block with the drilling of the Lancaster connection is made through the breech and muzzle couplings. In the muzzle coupler lower barrel is fixed, with a gap to prevent thermal deformation. Combining trunks STP achieve a special adjustment nut with screw. Her turn on one click means the change of distance between the STP trunks of 7 mm at a distance of 100 m. During the rotation of the nut clockwise STP upper trunk moves upward relative to the bottom, counterclockwise – down relative to STP the bottom of the barrel.
  • In addition, the barrel with the drilling of the Lancaster equipped with adjustable sights: the front sight on the muzzle coupling can change the position vertically, and pillar – horizontal. The trunk complements the sighting strip of the type “dovetail” that allow you to install a rifle scope.
  • In models without the ejector sleeve is pushed by the ejector and removed by hand. In the shotgun with an ejector device ejects the fired cartridge case at the opening of the trunk. The ejector can be disabled by sliding the disconnector 90 degrees.
  • USM is mounted partly on its basis partially in the receiver, is provided with internal hooks. The strikers kept separate from Kurkov, is spring-loaded and fixed in the nest box. As battle used twisted cylindrical springs, ensuring reliability of the mechanism. Installed perehvatyvaet Kurkov, prevents accidental shot when the failure of the trigger or drop the gun, for example.
  • Automatic fuse is activated when you turn the lever it locks the sear when cocked the trigger. When the fuse is translated into “protection”, the sear will not lock. When opening the trunk the fuse automatically locks the sear.
  • In shotguns with a single trigger standard sequence is as follows: first fires the bottom barrel then the top. The order can be changed: this trigger is transferred forward until it clicks.

In guns with two trigger hooks have the ability unstressed descent Kurkov. This requires that you open the barrel, remove cartridges, place the safety button in forward position, hold down the triggers, close the trunks.

  • Stock and forend are made of walnut or beech. Sports models are equipped with rubber recoil pad.
Picking and packing

Standard rifle is simple:

  • cardboard box;
  • passport gun.

Some models can be supplied with the receiver block with the drilling of Lancaster. In this case, the kit also will include a special key.

The principle of operation

Mr-27M – line vertical double-barreled shotguns with some changes in design, but with a common principle of action. Gun designed to fire cartridges with plastic, metallic and paper shells, and bullets with a diameter of 0.2–0.3 mm smaller than the diameter of the receiver channel. Use caliber bullet made of hard materials – steel, brass, prohibited.

All models involve the use of lead shot. For steel made special modifications on the barrels which are marked “Steel shot”. The same applies to muzzle contractions: those that can be used for shooting steel shot, have a mark of “STEEL”.

Rifle with a chamber length of 70 mm allows the use of cartridges of any kind, except those that are marked “Max.1050 bar”. Gun with chamber length 76 mm involves the use of such a cartridge, that is, for models that are tested under pressure 1320 bar.

For firing the guns with the drilling of the Lancaster recommended ammo type “at gualandi”, “Brenneke”, “Sabot Slug”. Ammo 20 gauge, loaded with buckshot, use any.

  • Shooting is performed sequentially according to the standard scheme or change of priority. If the charge rifle is held after one shot, eat man world out there, it is recommended to place the cartridge into the cartridge chamber of the barrel, which is already shot, and the second to discharge the gun, which shoots the second.
  • Possible “long” shot due to slow response of the capsule. If pressing the trigger shot did not happen, is to hold the rifle in the direction to the goal for another 30-40 seconds and only after that to recharge.
  • Shift operation of muzzle of the contractions is performed traditionally: the nozzle is screwed into the barrel until it stops at the end of the ledge in the receiver channel, wherein between the end face of the barrel and the cylindrical portion of the contractions should be a gap. With the muzzle attachment should be flush or slightly recessed.
  • Tightening muzzle constriction is checked every 50-100 shots. Be sure before firing checked the visual integrity of the ring, which is formed on the junction narrowing and protrusion in the channel.
  • Charge rifle is usually: turn the right release lever until it stops, turn down the trunks. Then, in the cartridge chamber alternately put the ammo and guns return to the starting position. Release lever when it is in the center relative to the shank of the box. If not, the lever is adjusted manually.
  • Before firing, the fuse was transferred to the position of “fire.” Doing it at the last moment, when the rifle is aimed.

Maintenance – cleaning and lubrication require only a partial disassembly. Scheme of it is this:

  • pulled down the latch of the forearm on its lower surface and, while holding it, rotate the forearm away from the barrels;
  • disconnect the shank;
  • turn the right release lever is at the top of the box;
  • turn down to the limit of the guns and take them from the box;
  • Unscrew the screw head and remove it;
  • Unscrew the screw fixing the trigger guard. Then turn the bracket counterclockwise to detach from the larvae;
  • Unscrew the screw that goes through the butt, and then lightly tap the box on the tree shaking attachment of the butt with the box;
  • take off the butt.

In models with decorative patch boards before disconnecting the butt, you need to remove the screws securing the Board and remove them.

Complete disassembly, in addition to these operations includes the disassembly of the trigger locking mechanism and the ejection mechanism. Complete disassembly provides only for repair.

Assembling the rifle in the reverse order.

Keep the gun disassembled, but the fore end is attached to the trunks.


Simple design does not give much space for change. Possible replacement stock for decorative purposes – made of other wood, with ornamental carving. When bundling strap of the type “dovetail” is possible to install an optical sight.

Price and owner reviews about the gun, the MP-27M is given below.


The base model 12 gauge worth 22670 R model with an ejector will cost 24700-28000 R. Rifle with an ejector and one trigger is estimated at 29800 R. Piece option is not less than 70 600 p

The ammunition used were very different, the price varies from 15 to 129 rubles. for PCs.


Mr-27M in different variants produced for more than 40 years. During this time, it sold over 1.5 million copies. So the popularity of the rifle can only envy. Most owners noted the excellent accuracy and prekladatele gun.

In addition, the mechanism of MP-27M is characterized by high reliability and dependability, and allows the use of more powerful cartridges.

Among the shortcomings noted weak soldering guns, which leads to tearing of the lateral strips. In addition, broken trunks and reverse the locking is hard-almost half of the instances.

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