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Today, the model MP-94 Sever has a high demand among beginners and professional hunters, who appreciate the balance of a gun and the possibility of using it to engage middle and big game.

Ease of use is determined by the reasonableness of appearance and functionality, and the model MP-94 Sever optimally manifest themselves parameters like low weight, which provides convenience in transportation, the use of natural and modern polymeric materials having improved resistance to mechanical stress, and the price indicator, which is one of the most important for any buyer.

Modern types and brands of shotguns delight their owners with perfect appearance and convenient features that is invested in them by the manufacturer. Due to the positive customer reviews you can understand what are their strengths and weaknesses, what are the specific features that affect the scope. So, the gun model MP-94 Sever, having a fairly compact size while possessing a high index range: of the target occurs at a distance of up to 50 m.

Overview of carbine MP-94 Sever

The feature of the model gun MP-94 Sever is their classic design and ability to hit even far away goal. The possibility of using cartridges of different calibers (in the upper barrel uses cartridges of caliber 20 and 12 in the lower cartridges of any caliber by the presence of cuts) increases the value of the model due to greater opportunities when you defeat the purpose.

Sufficient range (over 50 m) allows to cope with the task to defeat the purpose of even novice shooters, and relatively low cost makes it possible to understand the reason for the constant demand for the model MP-94 Sever.

Analysis of customer feedback and allows owners to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of the model, and to identify opportunities to conduct tuning and refining of the gun. Presenting a more refined version of the gun the previous model (Il-21), MP-94 Sever allows you to get a greater range and higher precision through the use of additional equipment.

Advantages and disadvantages

The strongest gun model MP-94 Sever should include such characteristics as the presence of clips in the attachment point of the forearm, which greatly facilitates the process of reinstalling, as well as compactness and light weight. These features guarantee maximum comfort when using it, which is especially important for women or Teens. Housing material gun – natural wood, treated in a special way that allows its use without fear of losing the original qualities.

As to the advantages of rifles model MP-94 Sever may include the following characteristics:

  • the presence of a guaranteed clearance on the barrel for installation of trunks allows you to be sure of the impossibility of spontaneous displacement of average point of impact;
  • the possibility of adjusting the size of the weapon for a specific arrow that adds convenience to the process of its operation and allows achieving the maximal accuracy of the shots;
  • the presence of soldering or a special coupler, located between the upper and lower trunks, allows to regulate them in relation to each other that has a lot of positive reviews from owners of the model;
  • modern appearance, immediately attracts the attention of buyers.

If these characteristics add availability and cost indicator, we can understand the reason for the popularity of this model. The disadvantages, according to most buyers and owners of guns MP-94 Sever, it has not.

Rifle Mr-94 North (photo)


The use of the gun MP-94 Sever is determined by its technical capabilities. And since this model has the qualities of a great sighting each shot, range, possibility of installation of additional equipment, it is most often used for professional hunting, which requires the ability to hit a moving target and the accuracy of the shots.

Also the gun can be used for training accuracy when target shooting, to gain skills of novice.


You can see the model under the brand “Baikal”, the species depend on the caliber of ammunition used. So, for the top of the trunk can be used ammunition caliber 20 and 12, and the lower rifled barrel allows the use of calibres almost any rate without reducing the quality of made shots.

The bottom of the barrel caliber is 5.6 mm Caliber cartridges, which can be used for rifled barrel:

  • 9,3x74R;
  • 9x53R;
  • 8x57JRS;
  • The 7.62×63 (30-06Sprin.);
  • 7,62x54R;
  • 7,62x53R;
  • 7,62×51 (308Win.);
  • The 7.62×39;
  • 7x65R;
  • 7x57R;
  • 6,5x55SE;
  • 5,6x50R Mag;
  • 223 Rem (5,6×45);
  • 222Rem (5,6×43).

Also the varieties include the form used to create the butt of the tree: this is beech or walnut, which are most resistant to changes in ambient temperature and to high levels of humidity.

A lightweight version of the gun with a smaller barrel size.


Technical parameters laid down by the manufacturer, allow us to estimate the full range of capabilities of the model gun. A clear advantage should be considered such as having a high degree of elasticity of the materials in the area of the grip and hold of considered guns, which guarantee the absence of unpleasant sensations even when operating in adverse weather conditions – frost and wind. No slip cheek and shoulder when fired due to the mild recoil, which is important for beginner shooters and women using this model.

Below are the technical characteristics of the model, allowing you to get the most complete picture about the model.

Specifications Carbine MP-94 Sever
Country of origin Russia, Izhevsk
Appointment Hunting
View Shotgun
Possibility of use of cartridges of various calibers Features: upper barrel 20 and 12 caliber cartridge, and the lower rifled barrel – ammo of any caliber
The total length of the body 1 000 mm
The length of the barrel 525 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 3,54 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

Boasting modern design, the gun immediately attracts the attention of buyers, and even by professionals will be appreciated the perfect combination of technical capabilities and availability of the model at cost.

The types of cartridges that can be installed and used in rifled lower barrel of the gun, follows: 9,3x74R; 9x53R; 8x57JRS; 7,62×63 (30-06Sprin.); 7,62x54R and 7,62x53R; 7,62×51 (308Win.); The 7.62×39; 7x65R; 7x57R; 6,5x55SE; 5,6x50R Mag; 223 Rem (5,6×45); 222Rem (5,6×43.


A simple device gun involves no difficulties during its operation. The smoothness of the trigger pistol-grip style provides gently pull the trigger, making the most accurate shots. Is the model of the housing block and the receiver part. Their simple connection provides ease of disassembly and reassembly that may be required in the repair, cleaning and improvement of this gun.

Node locking these two parts is governed by the striker plate, forend is attached with a latch on the side of the trunk. Both barrels are placed in a separate receiver, with smooth trunk is at the top and threaded bottom.

  • The basic kit includes the gun selected caliber, certificate, guaranteeing quality as well as detailed instructions for use.
  • Shotgun is a polymer film, warning of the negative impact of external factors, and in a cardboard box that has the required information on the name of the product and its manufacturer.
  • Box, if available (may be sold a gun without a cardboard box) is in the suitcase that will do the giving this gun an unforgettable gift for any celebration every lover of firearms.
The principle of operation

Due to the relatively simple device to use shotguns model operation it does not cause difficulties even for beginners of shooting firearms. A feature of the model is the automatic cocking unlocking of trunks.

After filling the store with bullets, you define the target using front sight and an optical sight and press the trigger.


Ease of disassembly is determined by the lack of complexity in model design. The barrel with the body of the gun connected with the trigger mechanism, buttstock and forearm with the help of clamping screw, which simply allows the disassembly of the rifle.

Disassembly is usually performed if necessary, repair the guns, cleaning the guns and the installation of additional equipment.


Improvement of the model can be implemented by installing other optical sight or forearm. Prices and owner reviews about the gun, MP-94 Sever (22Лр, 20х76, 5,6х39 etc.) are given below.

Prices and reviews

The cost of the gun can vary within the following ranges: from 46 to 61 580 210 rubles.

Positive reviews are based both on the attractive appearance of the gun, and on its broad technical capabilities. The use of Mr-94 North to professional hunting and target practice, the presence of natural wood in the hull and possibility of use of cartridges of different caliber most frequently reported by owners.

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