Mr-135, pump-action, shotgun

Shotgun Mr-135 created on the basis of semi-automatic Mr-155. Its design is identical even in details, differing only in the absence of a gas engine. By inheritance it has received unmatched reliability and simplicity to the operation conditions, and also a lot of small defects that the manufacturer offers the user to fix it myself, as problems arise.

Description guns Mr-153

Shotgun 12-gauge with the cartridge chamber of 76 mm, the recharge of which is moving the forearm in the pipe grenade store. Barrel and chamber are chromed.

Lodge or polupoltina, solid wood, or plastic, with a folding stock and pistol grip. Set the outer sighting devices consist of a ventilated strap and bronze flies or rifle rear sight and metal front sight.

Advantages and disadvantages

The design of the gun allows operation in any conditions and without regard to the type of ammunition.

  • Optionally available trunks, from which shoot steel shot, and is also equipped with internally threaded for removable muzzle narrowing. The installation of the nozzle is inside the barrel that not all hunters are considered the best option. When neocryte possible breakthrough of gases through the thread, breakdown or jamming of the nozzle.
  • Shotgun pump-action design is traditional for Russia is not considered suitable for hunting. The owner in a friendly team may be subjected to obstruction. Although it is impossible to disagree with the fact that pump-action reload is a priori more noisy process, not for all types of hunting it is suited.
  • In the rifle shop not to put the ammunition with pointed bullets, since otherwise breaking in the pipe. In addition, they are an additional source of noise. The store design allows to increase its capacity by setting the extenders.
  • Rifle front sight and rear sight are of such a construction that wearing the gun that they have, on the shoulder strap is almost impossible.
  • The gun is equipped with a mechanism for intercepting bullets in the store, allowing you to quickly change the type of munition. Shutter delay makes it possible to carry the gun with the action open and jammed in the rear position forearm. This makes the ergonomics of the weapon is pretty good, use it safely and comfortably.
  • The trigger mechanism has two degrees of lock: trigger by sliding the button the fuse is located behind the trigger guard, and bolt that cannot be moved when the cocked firing pin. Latest device makes the process of emptying of the store at the end of the hunt is impossible. However, the button retinaculum of the trigger (located between the front branch of the trigger guard and the bin store) allows you to bypass this restriction. In General, the process of deactivation of weapons is very complex. How to understand, and physically.
  • Metal parts of the rifle have a weak corrosion resistance and the blueing on the outer surfaces wears away pretty quickly. After unpacking, users usually find a lot of small flaws that have to deal with a file and other plumbing tools. All this does not add to the popularity of the weapon.
  • The ergonomics of the butt poliestireno Lodge very good, the gun easily fits in the shoulder, allowing efficient to shoot in flight. The massive shock absorbing recoil pad effectively absorbs recoil. The same cannot be said about the foregrip, which is located too far from the butt.

People with short forearms to use it can be uncomfortable.

Photo Mr-135


The gun can be used for hunting in Peru, and for production of other animal species – small and medium-sized carnivores, hoof. However, the noise of recharge suggests that the hunt will be dynamic. It is suitable for self defense, especially with a short barrel length of 510 mm.


There are two basic model versions of this gun:

  • basichunting with poliestireno stock beech or walnut;
  • specialused for self-defense, which has a folding plastic buttstock and the pistol grip is rectangular in cross-section.

Optionally set a rifle rear sight and front sight (and rear strap and a bronze “tree stump”), the mechanism of intercepting bullets in the store. Part of trunks are manufactured with permanent chokes, the other with the possibility of installation of interchangeable nozzles.

Feature The value
Type Shotgun with pump action reload
Caliber 12, chamber 76 mm
Trunk Smooth, with chrome channel and the chamber
Length of stems (mm) 510, 540, 610, 660, 710
The working gas pressure in the barrel 105 MPa
The maximum allowable 132 MPa
The capacity of the store staff 4+1
The possibility of increasing Yes, up to five or six.
Length with wooden stock (mm) 1235 (barrel 710 mm)
Weight (kg) 2,9

Shotgun with a movable fore – pump-action type reload. Barrel with chrome channel and the chamber, outside is covered with blueing.

  • Valve with oscillating lever that engages a tooth for a notch in the shank of the trunk. Mirror larva smooth, without edges. Two teeth of the extractor, the firing pin is spring loaded. Slide – solid construction, rigidly connected to the fore end.
  • The receiver is of aluminum alloy window are ejected to the right.
  • Shop tubular underbarrel, with the possibility of extension and capacity constraints.
  • The gun is equipped with the optional mechanism of the slide stop button which is located on the right side of the receiver, and perehvatyvaet the rounds in the magazine, the lever is installed on the left side of the receiver.
  • The trigger mechanism on the basis of impact-resistant polyamide. Has two degrees of lock: mechanical, the box of the fuse (located in the posterior branches of the trigger guard), and automatic that prevents a shot if the shutter is not closed until the end, and also his movement with the cocked firing pin.
  • To empty the shop, a lever retinaculum, which is shifted back to the butt, after which you can move the bolt without fear of arbitrary firing. It is located between the front branch of the trigger guard and hopper.
  • Sights in basic version, the ventilated strap and bronze fly “stub”. They are replaced with optional adjustable rifle entirely and fly.
  • Wooden bed polupoltina, buttstock with a straight comb, inclined to the axis of the barrel. The bed has a folding plastic butt and pistol grip of rectangular cross section.
Packaging equipment

The gun comes in a cardboard packaging. The barrel is cleared. Supplied can be set muzzle contraction with key for installation and an extra barrel. Also have a set of shims to change the position of the stock relative to the receiver. Instruction manual and technical passport.

The principle of operation

When moving the forearm back the bolt carrier moves along with it, remove the spent cartridge case, cock the firing pin. At the same moment the Elevator is fed round from the magazine. On the way back, forearm munition rises and is picked up by the cylinder bolt, which toilet it into the chamber. On the last millimeters of the tooth swinging the shutter lever engages the notch in the shank of the trunk. The recharging process is necessary to produce vigorously.

The gun can charge a single cartridge through the window of ejector sleeves. This slide is moved back and placed on hold. The cartridge is placed on the Elevator, press the disarm delay and shutter docile ammunition in the chamber.

When charging the store need to turn the fuse by sliding the button from left to right. The cartridges are stacked through the window of the bunker when allocated into the receiver arm of the Elevator.

If you want to use ammunition with a different type of gear, move the lever perehvatyvaet cartridges (located on the left side of the receiver) back. Pull the shutter (before that click on the retinaculum in front of the trigger guard) and remove the cartridge from the chamber. Put in the box the ammunition with the correct type of gear and click the release button with the slide stop. If the lever perehvatyvaet not turn off, the gun will become on the delay upon each opening of the shutter.

  1. Discharge arms, alternating pushing the lever retinaculum and the movement of the forearm.
  2. Unscrew the nut on the store, remove the handguard.
  3. Take the bolt carrier Assembly back, put on hold.
  4. Print the barrel from the receiver, sliding axle-ring around the store.
  5. Press the release button with the slide stop and hold the shutter at the last few inches of stroke. Remove handle platoon.
  6. Remove the follower, the bolt and cylinder bolt.
  7. Knock out two pins on the receiver and remove the trigger mechanism.

The gun you can change the design of the stock or replace it with the pistol grip.


The gun is from 19 to 24 thousand rubles. For comparison, the MP-43 and murk will cost 15-25 m. p., 15-16 Tr is Mr-18ЕМ-M sporting, 27-33 Tr – Artemis.


The rifle requires the owner the ability to use hand tools and to bring the product that is called to mind. Firing the second cartridge with pomadkoy barrel for the purpose of very problematic due to the displacement of the sighting line when reloading.

In fact, this adnetwork with a fast reload. Recoil when firing rounds with a full charge of gunpowder is very strong. Buttstock pistol grip can turn the brush.

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