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Mr-142К – new original model with the ability to change barrels. The Izhevsk arms factory has long been famous for its products and its position today is not lost. Lots of interesting and unusual solutions allow you to create new models for all types of hunting or sport.

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Mr-142 – the first Russian gun, which made possible such a decision. The basis of the rifle was laid on the modular principle, allows to complete the rifle barrels for different calibre and different length.

The developer of the project – M. E. Dragunov.

  • Mr-142 – repeating rifle with a longitudinally sliding gate and lock rotation. The attachment of the barrel the patent is an original design allows to achieve stable average point of impact after the procedure of removing and installing new shafts.

The model is new and therefore constantly improving. So, recently, a new detail – detachable handguard. It is expected the appearance of a cylindrical barrel of diameter 20.5 mm especially for fans of varminting.

  • Mr-142 is one of the few domestic producers attempt to create the gun, basically designed for hunting, not to adapt to this military rifle. Hunting does not involve pouring the objectives of fire, it requires high stopping power one single shot. Recharge and descent hunting rifle should be as quiet, no clicks. New rifle Izhevsk factory was created to specifically address these requirements.
Advantages and disadvantages

New hunting carbine has been developed with the aim to simplify and make the most of the handy work with the gun. The change stems is called upon to improve the user characteristics, because it allows to use the same rifle for hunting different game.

It should be noted that the procedure for changing the barrel is very simple, so any more or less experienced shooter will easily perform the operation. Accordingly, before the hunter of a different kind of RR to visit is not necessary, and to store a few rifles for all occasions, too, is excessive.

The main advantages of Mr-142 To include the following in its quality.

  • Without a doubt, is first and foremost accuracy, and accuracy, given the change of the barrel and the use of different caliber. As shown by the tests, regardless of the skill arrow accuracy at a distance of 100 m was less than one angular minute.
  • Module mounting guns allows you to not only quickly change barrels, but also to stabilize the average point of impact.
  • Deserve a separate description trunks: they are made from high strength steel and subjected to conventional reduction – cold rotary forging. This is a classic for Izhevsk gunsmiths technology allows to obtain the maximum accuracy of the geometric shape of the receiver channel and dimensional accuracy. Step rifling – 305 mm, 560 mm barrel rifling 6. The barrels are not chrome plated – at the Izhevsk plant think chromium after reduction reduces the accuracy of the battle.
  • The receiver box is attached to the polymer resin – this provides greater stability and structural strength.
  • Locking, double-row, knot it turns tough and durable. Diagram of direction of the shutter eliminates its jamming in the rear position.
  • In Mr-142 three-position appeared To fuse with the modes “light”, “safe discharge” and “protection”. It is located on the upper part of the neck, so it is convenient to use as the right-handed and left-handed.
  • The trigger mechanism is adjustable.
  • Comes with Mr-142 To a mechanical sighting device, however, provides for the mounting of optics. This strap has a “dovetail” on the receiver and “strap weaver” that fit on the receiver collar.

The disadvantages of the product as the new model, gradually corrected. Today users report the following.

  • The descent is too tight, the force of descent should be reduced.
  • Quite high demands on the quality of cartridges.
  • Very high cost – in the region of 70-80 thousand thousand.

Mr-142 – a hunting rifle and used as a civilian or sports is not intended. This is due to the design of the rifle and the ammunition, for which it is designed.

  • Models with barrels with a muzzle narrowing – classic hunting rifle for small and medium-sized animal.
  • The larger caliber allows you to hunt wolf and wild boar.
  • Models with a cylindrical barrel can be used for varminting – precision shooting at long distances. Thus kill small rodents.

Mr-142 too “young” model, so based on it have already appeared modification. By itself, the design of the rifle allows you to change the caliber and barrel length, which in fact excludes the presence of fundamentally different modifications.

Today produced trunks for Mr-142 for such calibers: .223 Rem (5,56*45), 9,3*64, 30-06 Spring (7,62 x 63). The receiver of the rifle is so constructed that accommodates cartridges with a length up to 85, 6 mm and flange diameter up to 14, 48 mm.


Depending on the caliber of the characteristics of the barrel and the carbine are somewhat different. However, in any case of the same model.

Settings MR-142
The caliber of the cartridge used .223 Rem (5,56*45), 9,3*64, 30-06 Spring (7,62 x 63)
Barrel length, mm 9,3*64 600
.223 Rem (5,56*45), 30-06 Spring (7,62 x 63) 560
Weight of rifle, kg 4,0
Overall dimensions, mm Length 1170
Width 75
Height 183
The capacity of the store PCs 9,3*64 3
30-06 Spring 3
.223 Rem 4
The stock material Walnut, beech

Weight given for an unloaded carbine.


Mr-142 – modular rifle. Structural it is divided into the following parts:

  • receiver – holds your ammunition with a total length of 85.6 mm. to unload the box, assemble the chamber with direct locking. Between the trunk and box has a receiver coupling;
  • barrel – made from cannon grade steel AR 50, by cold rotary forging, the channel is not chrome. In the box the barrel is fixed with a front Klimovo-wedge connection. After installation you need to check the locking lugs. With a length of 560 mm barrel has 6 grooves – such a solution is optimal for bullets weighing from 3,56 to 4.08 g;
  • the shutter Assembly is locked in the trunk 6 lugs, placed in 2 rows. The release angle is 60 degrees. Stopper hex, replacement combat larvae. Fixed larva with a cylindrical lock. For larvae provided a spring-loaded reflector. The signal projection is integral with the drummer: if you cocked it stands on a rear gate that is a signal about the play of the drummer in fighting trim. The fuse is placed on the shank of the box has 3 positions. When moving in the direction of shooting guard off – there is a red dot, the displacement against the direction – on;
  • the store – box-type, detachable, holds 3 or 4 cartridges depending on caliber;
  • USM – going on its own basis and is fastened to the box by two pins. Trigger pull is adjustable, 10-30 H. it Is possible to install on carbine trigger system with shneller;
  • the bed is made of beech wood or walnut.

Comes with a carbine front sight and completely. Their mutual arrangement provides compatibility of the pupil of the eye with the line of sight. In addition, there is the mount type “dovetail” – 16 mm, and “Planck weaver” – 12 mm, under a typical sight.

Photos of the rifle Mr-142



The rifle comes pre-assembled, the package is very simple:

  • cardboard box;
  • the passport of the product.

The model can be retrofitted to the selected interchangeable barrels.

The principle of operation

Mr-142 – a rifle with a longitudinally sliding gate, and its principle of operation is no different from any other “batowice”.

  1. To charge the rifle, you have to push down on the tab to the left to remove shop downwards. The store is charging patrons one at a time, is inserted back with a click.
  2. When the bolt handle turns up, the carabiner is unlocked, the shutter can pull back. The drummer moves on to the frame of the shutter and fighting compresses the spring. Then the bolt moves forward, the cartridge shall be expedited in the chamber, and by turning the handle down and to the right the barrel is locked.
  3. As a result of the manipulation of the protrusion of the firing pin needs to adhere to the combat guide whispered.
  4. The trigger, when pressed, rotates and displays sear №2 out of engagement with the sear No. 1. Thus the spring straightens, pushing the drummer, the last utaplivaet whispered to No. 1. The sear moves forward and breaks the capsule. Thus made the shot.
  5. To reload you open the shutter by pushing it back to the limit. In this case a shell casing ejected from the chamber, and on the line chambering the next cartridge is fed. The shutter is moved forward the cartridge enters the chamber.

Changing the barrel is of greater interest for the hunter. The replacement is done with combat larva.

  1. First off the box, which Unscrew the screws.
  2. Partially loosen the screws of the connection trunk with a box. Turn the barrel clockwise and take the movement forward.
  3. Installing a new barrel produces in reverse order.
  4. To change the combat larvae shutter rotate head clockwise until you match the grooves on the barrel and the projections on the back of his head. Then the head is removed.
  5. Move the drummer in the rear position to release the latch. Take out the retainer, and then remove the bolt.

Installation of new larvae is carried out in reverse order.


For the implementation of the partially disassembled rifle. Complete disassembly is only required for repair of guns and produced only in a pinch.

Pre-inspect chamber for the presence of ammunition. The procedure for disassembly the following:

  • push down on the tab on the left, separated from the store;
  • turning the bolt handle to the left, pull him back. With the other hand push the stop on the left side of the box;
  • Unscrew the 2 screws of the receiver;
  • take out the barrel along with the box of the bed;
  • the bolt carrier group apart according to the same scheme that was used to change the combat larvae: turn the head of the bolt, take off, take out the drummer together with the spring. Then remove the clip and withdraw the larva.

Mr-142 To going in reverse order.

Allowed adjustment of the trigger: alerts, sear engagement and the efforts of descent. For this the design includes adjustment screws.


In fact, the Mr-142 has not yet become a production model, its design continues to be modified, so the possibilities of tuning is difficult to assess. May be replaced with mechanical sighting devices optical. It is also possible to install a new bed.

About the owner reviews, and prices on hunting rifle Mr-142 To read below.


The cost of the rifle still refers to estimated – about 70 thousand.


Today you can focus only on the responses of those users who had the opportunity to participate in the trials. The model was presented at some tournaments where arrows could get acquainted with the new gun.

The possibility of changing the barrel was appreciated. High accuracy also attracted attention. However the constant delays in the release of the production model significantly reduced the interest in the Mr-142 K.

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