Mr-143, the rifled gun

One of the most interesting both from the point of view of possibilities and technical parameters determining the use and such important characteristics firing range, sighting should be considered a carbine Mr-143.

His popularity among newcomers to the shooting, and among professional hunters nested due to manufacturers settings, ease of use and the ability to adjust the basic settings of the rifle.

Today, every lover of shooting firearms understands the value of combinations of attractive appearance, significant technical capabilities and reliability of work. And modern models of rifles that have become bestsellers among professionals, and among fans of shooting firearms.

Overview of carbine Mr-143

With its compact size and, as a consequence, a relatively small mass, model Mr-143 successfully used in the hunt in the field, which is important for an attractive appearance even under changing environmental conditions. Safety of use, ease of use, the most important parameters that provide increased interest to this model.

With a contemporary design, the carabiner of the model copes with many of the tasks: the defeat of even a moving target from a far distance (50 m) is simple when using Mr-143.

Simplicity of design provides ease of control of the carbine, with guaranteed manufacturer of security allows you to use it also to women and teenagers.

Advantages and disadvantages

Many owners are separately allocated the following characteristics of the model that can be considered its benefits:

  • the ergonomic design allows the most convenient to place the body of the carabiner in the hand, and regardless of the size of the hands of the holder;
  • the combination of compact form and low weight allows to use it even with minor physical fitness;
  • the optimal shape of the barrel allows you to conveniently position the case on the shoulder and around the cheeks, and the small return it provides the most convenient operation.

Longitudinally sliding the breech of the carbine makes it possible to quickly implement shots, and decent range (which is more than 50 m) allows to cope with the objectives, even novice shooters.The relatively low price of the device makes it possible to understand the reason for the constant demand on the rifle Mr-143.

The disadvantages, according to most owners consider a carbine, not revealed. Some believe the disadvantage of the design of the carbine polymer materials; however, the appearance can be called a matter of taste of each consumers.

Also as a negative option for some users noted the location of the cut further away from the beginning of the barrel, which significantly reduces the rate of accuracy when shooting.

Mr-143 caliber 7.62x54r (photo)


  • Model Mr-143 mainly for professional hunting; also in its capabilities it is excellent for testing shooting skills of a firearm.
  • Application in field conditions is determined not only by technical specifications laid down by the manufacturer, but also excellent quality of materials from which is made the body of the carabiner of the model: the resistance to mechanical stress, to temperature changes and high humidity allows not to fear for the deterioration of the external qualities of the model and its possibilities.

Variety, which has a hunting rifle MP-43 described below.


The presence of several varieties, differing caliber, to determine the best for each shooter. So, many noted the excellent accuracy of fire and the duration of the preservation factory settings, and the possibility of adjusting key model parameters for a particular user increases the degree of convenience of operation.

  • Has to sell the model MP-43 with the caliber 7,62x54r R, which has external dimensions 1250х85х180 and suggests targeted use of the more sporting, as well as for hunting small and medium game. Easy to transport due to relatively small size and balanced shape, it is possible to conduct the tuning. In the basic version has optics POSP 6х42С. This 7.62 mm (trilinear) rifle copes with lesions located far goal has a high rate of accuracy of fire and the many positive owner reviews.
  • Today also offer varieties of modified carbine Mr-143, which are available in the form of models of carbines KO 44 and KO-44-1. They have similar external design, have similar features. The difference is the size (Mr-143 has a somewhat greater length of the trunk), and after Troubleshooting they began to have great convenience in operation.

Technical characteristics of the rifle Mr-143 discussed below.


The analysis of technical parameters model Mr-143 and similar carbines third party becomes possible to obtain the most complete representation of potentials under consideration of the rifle and of the field of its likely use.

Specifications Carbine Mr-143
Country of origin Russia, Izhevsk
Appointment Hunting
View Semi-automatic carbine
Capacity cartridges 5
The total length of the body 1 000 mm
The length of the barrel 625 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 4,69 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

In the process of startovani the uneven heating may cause a significant curvature of the barrel, which has a negative impact on the ballistics. However, as practice shows and the majority opinion of owners of this model, the defect is detected infrequently.


Design features of the rifle Mr-143 give the opportunity to use weapons with special comfort. Then you and the lack of complex systems, and ease of management. All this helped to create a rifle the most convenient even for those who are underage.

Today, this rifle is considered to be a fairly good solution for the professional hunters and those who wish to improve their shooting skills from firearms.

  • The trunk as the main element of any kind of rifle has an optimal length and consists of 2 parts: light weight alloy and a polymeric material. Accounting for more than 1/2 of the total length of the rifle, the barrel has an ergonomic shape and when equipped with the proper optics provides excellent performance range and sighting shooting.
  • Included in basic kit riflescope has enough characteristics to aimed fire.
  • The trigger has the smooth ride, his scheme is simple. The possibility of using 5 cartridges ensures no slowness when shooting.
  • Carbine offered for sale in plastic packaging that protects the body weapons against mechanical impact, and in a cardboard box, which also contains quality certificates and instructions for use.
  • Included with the carbine is a passport and a detailed manual that helps you quickly and painlessly master the process of shooting such rifles.
The principle of operation

The principle of the rifle Mr-143 simple and clear that in many ways provides a level of comfort with him.

  • Store the device holds 5 rounds.
  • When pressing the trigger of the rifle, they move around the barrel with the cutting.
  • The front sight of the rifle will help with target selection and high-quality riflescope will allow to increase efficiency of future shots.

Mount the barrel to the housing is produced by means of a screw, which during disassembly can be removed. Disassembly is usually required during the better rifle and its improvements, as well as to undertake the required repair.

During disassembly it is important to follow the instructions and not to use force, then not to think about how to fix a bent barrel of the Mr-143.


Usually, an optical sight or forearm allows for a certain (or substantially improve the core capabilities of the rifle.

For model Mr-143 may be recommended to install an optical sight with the best characteristics to increase the effectiveness of each shot. However, as the reviews of the owners even supplied in the base of the optical sight has all the necessary qualities for making the most accurate shots.

Reviews from hunters and the price of the rifle Mr-143 discussed below.

The product price

The cost model Mr-143 can be considered one of the most affordable today for a considered class professional hunting weapon. Depending on the seller it varies t 26 500 to 28 850 rubles.

Owner reviews

Reviews – important aspect of choice of carabiner:

  • In the opinion of the majority of owners, the model of the rifle Mr-143, having excellent technical characteristics and consequently the use, gives the opportunity to fully master the skills of shooting from these weapons novice shooters: guaranteed security in combination with a high degree of effectiveness of fire better to experience all the subtleties of the control arms.
  • Also a lot of positive feedback received the rifle this model from professional hunters: a high degree of efficiency of shots, ease of use and ergonomic shapes make every shot the most effective.
  • The value of the carbine is one of the most available offer in the sale analogues.

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