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Smooth-bore semi-automatic shotgun MP-153 is one of the most widely produced types of hunting weapons. Like any domestic appliance, it is very unpretentious to the conditions of operation, but requires that the owner had plumbing skills as required podpilka, adjustments and other manipulations to bring it into good working condition. This article tells in detail about the hunting rifle Mr-153, specifications, price and reviews of the owners-the hunters about it.

Description Mr-153

Smooth-bore semi-auto with an adjustable gas piston. Shop underbarrel tubular, with the possibility of extension. Polupoltina bed, can be made of wood or plastic.

There is a model with a folding stock – Mr-153С, which has a short barrel. It is used in police departments and protection.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • It is undemanding to operating conditions. Uses all types of ammunition, including extra-long (89 mm) cartridges. Adjustable piston gas engine allows you to shoot with minimum and maximum batches of gunpowder.
  • Grenade store does not allow the use of ammunition with pointed bullet, as it is fraught with the press of the cap and the explosion.
  • There is no mechanism for intercepting bullets in the store, quickly to change type of equipment of the cartridge will fail.
  • The safety button is located in the posterior branches of the trigger guard. It is small and use not too comfortable, especially in winter.
  • On the cover of the receiver there is no undercut for installation mounts optics. But made of a fiber-optic front sight that facilitates aiming.
  • The weight of the weapon exceeds the similar models of foreign manufacture, although it is a consequence of the excessive margin of safety.
  • The workmanship of the gun is low and varies from batch to batch. This fact is reflected even in the instruction manual, which requires shooting a hundred rounds with a maximum charge for the grinding mechanisms.
  • The barrels have threaded ends for installation of changeable muzzle contractions. They are placed inside a barrel that not all hunters are considered to be the best option.
  • Bolt handle is held in the stem is very weak, there are cases of loss, so it is best to have emergency reserve. When disassembling the tube store can be spontaneously eliminated, resulting in lost spring feeder cartridges.

Only twelve gauge.Lends itself well to modernization, without any problems installed the butts of a different design. Very many spare parts, no problems with the repair of weapons.

Photos of the gun of Mr-153


The gun is used for hunting in Peru is its main purpose. Possible production of ungulates of medium size. Model with quality barrels can be used for shooting on the bench. Use it as a weapon of self-defense.


MP-153 is produced in the twelfth caliber, cartridge chambers 76 and 89 mm.

  • Hunting models have polypetalous box made of wood or plastic and the barrel length 610, 660, 710 and 750 mm. They optionally are adapted for firing not only lead, but steel shot. There are trunks with persistent narrowing and others have a thread for installation of interchangeable nozzles. The design model is divided into ordinary, with a blued receiver, and “Prestige”, the receiver of which are decorated with drawings made by photo etching.
  • The utility model Mr-153С is equipped with a short barrel length 510 mm with constant drilling of the type “cylinder”. The folding butt. It is a triangular frame with the shoulder rest. It can be removed. The pistol grip of black plastic is delivered to the receiver at an angle of 80 degrees and has a slight fluting on the front face. Lock the trigger when folded is not provided.
Technical characteristics of the hunting models
Feature The value
Type Semi-automatic, with adjustable gas engine
Caliber 12
Length of bolts (mm) 76, 89
Trunk With chrome channel and the chamber
Barrel length (mm) 610, 660. 710,750
The capacity of the store 4 with the cartridge chamber of 76 mm and 3 with the chamber 89 mm
The stock material Birch, beech, walnut, plastic
Length (mm) 1280 when the length of the barrel 750
Weight (kg) A 3.45 with a wooden stock and a 3.5 with plastic

Semi-automatic smoothbore gun with a gas engine.

  • The adjustable piston is in the rifle tube and represents a design with a spring made of heat-resistant steel and shaped nuts. Depending on the tension of the spring, the powder gases stravlivaya slower or faster, thus providing stable operation of the mechanism of recharge for different batches of gunpowder and fractions.
  • Barrel with chrome channel and the chamber. On the muzzle there is a thread for installing a replacement of the contractions. Nozzles are placed inside of the barrel and not extend it.
  • The piston gas engine is connected to the slide frame hard massive rod. The shutter closes the bore oscillating wedge (patent George. Browning), will the cutout in the shank of the trunk.
  • The recoil spring is wound on the tube store, so a possible upgrade of the stock and changing it to pistol grip.
  • When shooting last bullet frame shutter stops in the rearward position. For the removal of the delay there is a button located on the right side of the receiver, above the hopper of the store. Among the elements of the control arms includes a lever forced feeding of a cartridge from the magazine to the bunker. It is located between the trigger guard and hopper. When the button is pushed back to the butt, a cartridge is fed to the Elevator. This locks the platoon trigger of a striker when moving the bolt back.
  • The receiver is of aluminum alloy, window release liners is on the right.
  • Trigger mechanism with two degrees of protection: button mechanical safety device that blocks the trigger, and disconnector drummer in the cylinder stopper, which prevents a shot when not fully latched the barrel.
  • Button-check the fuse located in the posterior branches of the trigger guard. It moves perpendicular to the axis of the barrel. Left shift – position “Fire”.
  • Polupoltina bed, made of solid wood or high impact plastic. The handle is flat, the butt stock with straight comb and has a slight slope to the axis of the barrel. The shock-absorbing recoil pad.
Picking and packing

The gun comes in a cardboard box with shot gun. Supplied with a set of muzzle of the contractions, the key is for installation, manual, passport.

The principle of operation

The weapon works on the principle of gas engine that uses the energy of a portion of the propellant gases from the bore. After the shot the piston is connected to the slide frame thrust is shifted back, resulting extracted the used cartridge case and the recoil spring is compressed. Platoon firing mechanism occurs at a bolt carrier rearward position. At the same time, the feed Elevator raises received from store in the bunker munition on the line loading. In the reverse movement of the cartridge is inserted into the chamber, the lever larvae shutter is raised and engages the notch in the shank of the trunk.

You can charge directly into the chamber and into the store. In the first case, first turn on the fuse, then slide is moved back and placed on hold. The cartridge is placed on the Elevator feed through the window of ejector sleeves. For chambering, click on the button located above the window of the bunker. The bolt carrier is going back quite vigorously, because it is impossible to substitute fingers under her pen.

To the store of ammo stacked through the lower window, which is necessary to lower the lever of the Elevator flow inside the receiver.

For the exception of a platoon of projectile and feed the cartridge in the chamber when unloading, use the lever located between the front branch of the trigger guard and hopper. He slides back, causing the ammunition slipping out of the shop with the shutter closed. When removing the bolt back the cartridge rises to the level of the window, release liners, and she is fixed at the delay. After removing the cartridge, press the release button with a delay, and then retry the operation several times.

  1. Discharge the weapon.
  2. Unscrew the nut on the shop, remove the plug, the spring and the carrier cartridges.
  3. Remove the handguard.
  4. Pull the bolt back and sliding tube of the gas engine according to the pipe shop, output from the barrel mates to the receiver.
  5. Holding the cylinder stopper is pulled back, remove the hand of the platoon.
  6. By pulling the piston of a gas engine, output bolt carrier Assembly with a thrust from the receiver.
  7. Remove the rod, split the frame and cylinder lock.
  8. Remove from store, return spring and damper coupling.
  9. Knock out two pins and remove the trigger Assembly from the receiver.

It is possible to change the design of the butt and replace it on the pistol grip. In commercially available pads-brackets for installation on a receiver box straps for optics.


The gun discontinued and is sold only with it. Price from 15 to 25 thousand rubles.


The owners speak about the MP-153 as extremely unpretentious and fairly reliable weapon. Symptoms of mechanism of reloading starting to emerge following the shooting of four thousand rounds. Recoil is moderate, when using cartridges with a low charge gun can be used by beginners.

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