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Smooth-bore semi-automatic shotgun MP-155 (not to be confused with the Mr 155 K) is produced in the Izhevsk mechanical plant in the last seven years (also produces Artemis, North, Express, MP-18ЕМ-M, Mr-27, Mr-43 KN, etc.). It is the result of modernization of the popular model MP-153 which has improved the ergonomics of the weapon, increased its reliability and functionality. Price, features, reviews of the owners about hunting shotgun MP-155 will be discussed in this article.

Description shotgun MP-155

Smooth-bore semi-automatic weapon with a gas inertial engine located on the under-barrel tubular store, classic design used by most gun companies in the world in the production of the hunting semi-automatic.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Reliable and unpretentious in operation of weapons, are indifferent to the type of ammunition used.
  • Upgraded gas engine that you can fine-tune the use of ammunition with different batches of powder.
  • The gun can shoot both lead and steel shot. There is a possibility of installation of interchangeable muzzle narrowing.
  • Guns with chamber length 76 and 89 mm, which allows the use of ammunition with cartridge cases of all sizes. The manufacturer offers four options for the length of the barrel.
  • Unfortunately, the set of calibers are limited to 12-m and 20-m the Sixteenth Russian arms in recent times hard to ignore, although it is recognized by most hunters as a universal.
  • Button guard and gate delays become longer, which increases the usability. A mechanism for intercepting the rounds in the magazine, it became possible to quickly reload a different type of ammunition.
  • Shortened receiver is of aluminum alloy, which has reduced the weight of the weapon.
  • There was a possibility of installation of optical sights – on the upper side of the receiver is made of two parallel undercut 11 mm wide, forming the bar type “swallow tail”.
  • It is possible to install the extension store.
  • Fly made from a red fiber-optic strands, which increases the ease of aiming.
  • The base of the trigger mechanism and safety clip made of impact-resistant polyamide. Use it in the design of the army AK is a small consolation for fans of the Armoury classics. In addition, the clip is quite angular, which is not entirely aesthetically pleasing.
  • The designers made the box more elegant, making polypetalous the handle is flatter and less projecting. Finally refined the forearm, which in the model MP-153 was more like a loaf. Unfortunately, without jambs not done at this time. Why the designers made it the setting of the receiver is unclear. This angle mates can play a cruel joke on the hunt, caught at an odd hour for branches or anything else.
  • Supplied with a set of spacers to change the angle of the butt to the receiver.
  • Changed the design of the shock-absorbing recoil pad, it became more effective to dampen recoil.

Changeable muzzle narrowing put in the package without additional packing that spoils a fine thread on them.

The gun became much easier, approaching this indicator to the best foreign models.

Photo of shotgun MP-155


In a greater degree Mr-155 is a weapon for hunting game birds. Cartridge with a bullet can be extracted and the average size of a wild boar or elk. Good ballistic qualities allow to use it as a sport.


Shotgun is available in 12-m and 20-m caliber. The bed is made of walnut, beech or high impact plastic.

  • Shotguns 12-gauge can have a collapsible stock or the included pistol grip.
  • There is a version of guns equipped with rifle entirely and fly.
  • Not all models are equipped with a mechanism for intercepting bullets.
  • There are models with the left arrangement of a handle of the bolt.
Calibre 12 20 gauge
Type Self-loading rifle with a gas engine
Trunk Smooth, with chrome channel and the chamber
Installation of replacement restrictions Provided
Length of bolts (mm) 76, 89 76
The diameter of the barrel at the breech (mm) 18,4 15,7
Barrel length (mm) 610, 660, 710, 750 610, 660, 710
Capacity 4 with the chamber 76

3 with the chamber 89

Increase store capacity 9 chamber 76

To 8 with the chamber 89

The weight of the gun with the barrel 710 (kg) 3,1 2,8

Self-loading smooth-bore weapons with a gas engine.

  • Barrel, cold forged, with chrome channel and the chamber. On the muzzle thread is arranged for the installation of changeable muzzle contractions.
  • Gas engine located on the under-barrel tubular store. It’s adjustable by using a spring-loaded valve piston. The pressure at which the powder gases stravlivaya through the cavity of the forearm, is modified by increasing or decreasing the tension of the piston spring.
  • Shop tubular, there is the possibility of its elongation.
  • The receiver is of aluminum alloy, the window of ejector sleeves is to the right or left (left-handed). The window of the bunker shop is located on the bottom face. On the top is made of two recess, the distance between them is 11 mm, they form the fastening strip of the type “dovetail” for installation of optical sights.
  • The shutter suspension tooth that engages the shank of the barrel when locking. The mirror of the larvae without edges, the two teeth of the ejector.
  • The recoil spring is installed with the gas engine, so there is the possibility of removing, replacing or adjusting the position of the butt.
  • Trigger mechanism with the lever placed on hold when shooting last bullet. Button lever is located in front of the trigger guard, between her and the bunker store.
  • There is a mechanism for intercepting the rounds in the magazine. The brake lever is located on the left side of the receiver. If he’s laid back, the gun will become on a shutter delay after each shot.
  • The safety button located in the posterior branches of the trigger guard, it has a triangular shape. To bring weapons in combat position it should click right to left, the result will be a red ring mark. The safety locks only the trigger, the hammer remains cocked.
  • Sights – vented placket and front sight red fiber-optic strands. Optional set rifle rear sight and front sight.
  • Polupoltina bed, with a gentle grip and straight comb stock.
Picking and packing

The gun comes in a cardboard box with shot gun. Can optionally be added another receiver unit.

Supplied with a set of interchangeable muzzle narrowing – cylinder, choke, polochak, as well as the key for their installation, which is used to adjust the preload of the spring gas piston. There are shims to change the angle of the butt. Attached instructions and the passport.

The principle of operation

The gun works on the principle of gas engine: the firing of a barrel selected part of the propellant gases, the energy of which is used to move the bolt and reload. Before filling the magazine the weapon is placed on the fuse.

The cartridges are stacked through the window of the bunker download, overcoming resistance of a spring feeder, and fixed in the store. If you want to send additional cartridge in the chamber, turn on the mechanism perehvatyvaet cartridges, which slide the lever on the left side of the receiver ago. Slide the bolt carrier and put it on delay. Put the ammunition on the Elevator feeder. Move the lock lever, but not until the end, but only stranov it. Frame the shutter will return to its original position, and the prohibition of the bore.

If you have enabled the mechanism of perehvatyvaet rounds, the gun will fire single shots.

To change the tension of the spring piston gas engine is used the end key for interchangeable muzzle narrowing, which has an arc shape with tooth at the end. He engages in a rectangular cutout in the nut of the piston. To facilitate and understanding of the process in the spring are color-coded risks.

  1. To discharge the weapon several times, twitching bolt carrier and having it placed on hold.
  2. Remove the nut at the front of the store.
  3. To remove the fore-end.
  4. To withdraw from the barrel mates to the receiver, sliding his muzzle along the axle of the store.
  5. Press the lever of removal from the slide stop, holding the paddle by the handle from too great a return.
  6. Take the hand to the piston of a gas engine, stick your butt to the table, to move the bolt a few inches back.
  7. Remove the handle bolt.
  8. Gradually release the piston of the gas engine, allowing the return spring to straighten.
  9. Remove from store and gas piston Assembly with frame shutter and striker.
  10. To remove store the return spring.
  11. Separating the frame of the valve from the piston, remove it from the larva.
  12. Knock the studs of the trigger, remove it from the receiver.

You can use shims to change the position of the stock relative to the receiver or to completely change the butt, replacing the pistol handle.


The gun is from 23 to 28 thousand rubles.


The gun is quite reliable and has a good fight. The impact is insignificant. Users upset by the low build quality, and occasionally come across crooked trunks. Bolt handle is held loosely, so it’s best to stock up on a few backup. More like bullets, rolled with an asterisk.

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