Mr-161К, rifled gun

And the carbine Mr-161К 5.6 mm (22LR), a combination of modern trends in style and design, offers its owners excellent opportunities for shooting and guaranteed fun from it.

Because of the characteristics inherent in this model by the manufacturer suggests that this is one of the most successful for those who are just starting to learn the basic skills of shooting firearms and for those who actively participate in hunting big and medium animals.

Today in the market you can see many interesting models of carbines, which are made of different materials with excellent characteristics and having different application areas: from acquiring the initial skills in shooting and ending with participation in professional competitions and hunting.

Overview of carbine Mr-161К

The first attracts the attention of the buyer appearance model carbine Mr-161К 5.6 mm (22LR): stylish, even somewhat predatory appearance, due to the brevity of the forms and the use of modern high impact plastic with excellent characteristics, lack of spare parts, which would detract from the rifle made the model a bestseller. And although plastic is not for all buyers the ideal option of material for the manufacture of any model carbine, carbine Mr-161К 5.6 mm (22LR) wonderfully combines simple forms with the greatest ease of use due to the design of the part, which directly participates in the implementation of the shot, more soft and comfortable materials.

So, having a high degree of elasticity of the materials in the area of the grip and hold of the rifle guarantee the absence of unpleasant sensations even during the operation of the rifle in adverse weather conditions – frost and wind. No slip cheek and shoulder when fired due to the mild recoil, which is important for beginner shooters and women using this model.

Advantages and disadvantages

Considering any model of a modern rifle, should first pay attention to its comparative characteristics. After comparing similar models from other manufacturers should be considered the most important criterion for the most objective assessment of the rifle.

The advantages of the model Mr-161К 5.6 mm (22LR) can be attributed to the following characteristics:

  • compact dimensions that allow the maximum comfort to transport the carabiner;
  • a small carbine size due to the relatively small weight of the weapon, which is also important when used by women or adolescents is important in the process of transportation;
  • the possibility of resizing the rifle for a specific arrow that adds convenience to the process operation and allows for the most precision shots;
  • the possibility of tuning, or improve the model through the installation of additional equipment – this useful feature designed by the manufacturer, is particularly important for those members and owners who strive to ensure the accuracy and milked the perfection of weapons. However, it should be added that basic provides an excellent set, which is sufficient in the opinion of the majority of owners are considering the rifle for precise and comfortable shooting.

The possibility of using cartridges of different calibers increases the value of the model due to greater opportunities when you defeat the purpose. Sufficient range (over 50 m) allows to cope with the task to defeat the purpose of even novice shooters, and relatively low cost makes it possible to understand the reason for the constant demand for model Mr-161К 5.6 mm (22LR).

The disadvantages, according to most owners consider a carbine, not revealed.

Some believe the disadvantage of the design of the carbine polymer materials; however, the appearance can be called a matter of taste of each consumers.

Photos of the rifle Mr-161К



Use the model Mr-161К 5.6 mm (22LR), subject to its technical characteristics. Originally designed for professional hunting, the carbine due to its ease of use and ease of use is perfect for teaching shooting skills to beginners and also for sport shooting.


You can see the model fully made of durable plastic and also a part of the tree. Caliber is 22LR or 5.6 mm.

Technical characteristics of the rifle Mr-161К described below.


Thanks to the technical parameters laid down by manufacturer, model Mr-161К 5.6 mm (22LR) can be considered one of the most worthy and interesting for a shooter of any level. The optimal combination of length carbine length barrel, for firing bullets of different caliber (the preferred cartridges of caliber of 5,6 mm (22LR)), and good striking ability – the most revealing features of any kind of modern carbines. However, the most complete list of technical data are presented below in the form of a table, to get the most detailed picture of the model.

Specifications Carbine Mr-161К 5.6 mm (22LR)
Country of origin Russia, Izhevsk
Appointment Hunting
View Semi-automatic carbine
Kind of caliber . 22LR
The total length of the body 1 000 mm
The length of the barrel 525 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 2,69 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

An optimal balance of size and weight, good range of shots and targeting are important parameters that determine the level of demand for the model Mr-161К 5.6 mm (22LR). The ability to install the forend, front sight and telescopic sight of the third party allows tuning of the rifle.


The simplicity of the design enables the most easy to maintain model. Moreover, this convenience appears like arrows beginners and professionals.

  • Carbine consists of a butt, body and gun barrel. The barrel is half of the total length of the hull. The barrel is made of forged metal, hardware its front sight and a telescopic sight, allowing to increase the degree sighting shooting from a carbine.
  • The trigger has the smooth ride, his scheme is simple. The possibility of using 9 cartridges ensures no slowness when shooting.
Picking and packing

Carbine model Mr-161К 5.6 mm (22LR) is available in the market in plastic packaging that protects from external mechanical damage to the body of the rifle, and in a cardboard box, the surface of which is coated with the model name and its manufacturer.

Also proposed carbine optical sight having excellent characteristics, necessary for the conduct of most shooting. A passport to arms and detailed instructions gives the opportunity to the maximum extent to master the process of shooting from a carbine.

The principle of operation

A feature of the use of this model should be considered to ease depression and smoothness of the trigger, which performs the shot. In the store at a time should be 9 rounds, which can be immediately released when firing in automatic, the charging system of the rifle.

After charging the rifle is selected the target for destruction with the front sight and the optical sight, and with the help of the trigger (trigger) is shot.


The barrel with the body of the carabiner is connected with the trigger mechanism, buttstock and forearm with the help of clamping screw, which simply allows the disassembly of the rifle.

Die and fly are removed from the surface of the barrel by removing the screw.


The implementation of improvements, samzareulo carbine Mr-161К 5.6 mm (22LR) is a simple and effective event, but many owners stated that there was no need to implement tuning: available in the basic configuration, an optical sight, handguard and front sight allow you to make excellent sighting shooting.

But the simplicity of installing an optical sight third party allows to a certain extent to improve the rate of firing of the rifle.

The price and the reviews of owners of a hunting rifle Mr-161К described below.

The product price

The cost model Mr-161К 5.6 mm (22LR) can be considered one of the most available today: depending on the seller it varies t 24 500 to 26 850 rubles.

Owner reviews

In the opinion of the majority of owners of the rifle model Mr-161К 5.6 mm (22LR), excellent technical features ensure a high demand for it. The possibility of use in the professional hunting and during target practice firing extends the use of the rifle.

Many noted the unusual and stylish design model, and durable reinforced plastic shell makes it insensitive even to considerable mechanical stress. And handling the stock of the carbine with special material ensures no slip when placed on the cheeks and slipping when making a shot.

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