Mr-18 MN, rifled gun

The legendary Russian “three-line” in the vastness of our country and among our neighbours, the lovers of Russian weapons has long been the undisputed symbol of reliability.

Its simple design, the technical simplicity, the simplicity of the mechanism and basic principle of operation has been and remains an unsurpassed combination of properties. It was the harmony of all these factors, and today remains the priority when choosing reliable small arms, by both professionals and budding Amateurs.

Despite the huge assortment of modern firearms for the implementation of civil tasks, including such models from world famous manufacturers like Blaser R 95, Brunner ZBK 99, Merkel Kl, Heym 44B, Sabatti SKL 98, as well as “Merkel”, “blazer” or “Heim”, products of the Izhevsk masters remains popular and in demand.

A review of the gun MP-18 MN

Quite often, novice hunters interested in the most easy and most importantly inexpensive models of domestic manufacture, which are easy to use when carrying out cleaning and lubrication. Consultants online stores and professional game managers recommend the most simple, not subjected to any artistic refinement of model type – fitting Mr-18 MN caliber . 308Win, aka 7, 62 * 51.

Improving the quality of the sighting of clay pigeon shooting or hunting opportunities, the nipple can be unified by setting optics. Sight VOMZ R 8 * 48 L serial type “Pilad” is fixed on the crowns matte mount 18 mn.

Used for shooting domestic ammo production refinery, as well as German – RWS and Prvi Partizan Serbian ammo.

Age brand IZH-18 MN has already crossed the twenty threshold, notably for hunting fittings threaded type with a lack of chromium in the plated muzzle the channel.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages I consider a good sighting accuracy of fire, ease of maintenance, ability to use in extreme temperature conditions – hot or cold, as well as in extremely high humidity. Also important and affordable price category.

The most significant drawbacks – it’s loud and hard descent and frequent setbacks in the implementation process of shooting domestic ammo. In this case you lose such an important figure, as the accuracy of firing. Some users have insufficient processing of wood stock that requires sanding wood and varnish processing.

Rifle Mr-18 MN (photo)


Considering the shotgun choke type Mr-18 MH is intended for hunting big game and birds. It can be as trophies in the form of upland game – grouse, capercaillie, hares, beavers and predators – wolf, Fox.

No less effective rifle for hunting North or Sika deer, red deer, red deer. Our compatriots are advised not to use Mr-18 MN for the extraction of a bear. Perfectly shows itself as sporting firearms for target shooting on the bench.


Popular, sought after and loved by our hunters the following model offers rifles in various caliber solutions.

  • Caliber 223 option 7. 62 x 39.
  • In caliber 308 7. 62 x 54.
  • More expensive model 243 a variant of 30 / 06.
  • You can meet the export options of caliber 222 and 270.
No. Figure Data
1 The barrel length calibre 12 72, 50 cm
Calibre 16 73, 50 cm
2 The length of other calibers 67, 50 – 68, 00 cm
3 The coating of the barrel Alloy with chrome
4 Total curb weight From 2, 60 to 2, 80 kg

Structural solution allows you to purchase well-balanced weapon that allows you to aim quickly and even without special skills.

High reliability of the shot achieved by placement in a box trigger. Open the model 18 is produced by pressing on the obturator arm.

Due to the simple design gun designed for eight thousand combat rounds without much misfires and large-scale repairs.

Picking and packing

The kit includes the accompanying documentation is a passport, instructions, certificate and instruction manual and maintenance. Selling guns is disassembled, the metal parts are wrapped in waxed paper, final packing in cardboard box branded with the logo of the Izhevsk Mechanical plant.

The principle of operation

Shotgun choke type LL 18 PL is a well-known option due to simplicity and reliability, a high degree of security that ensures a reliable and valid fuse safety lug of the trigger.

Good accuracy and rate accuracy is provided an improved design of the unit at the junction of the barrel and forend. In turn, this method categorically excludes the appearance of thermal deformation of the trunk part in the shooting process.


The disassembly of weapons should be carried out only after the released breech mechanism and receiver channel no ammunition. All procedures are carried out exactly according to instructions supplied with the weapons by the manufacturer.

The tuning for this range of hunting weapons currently, the manufacturer is not considered.

About the price, and owner reviews on the carbine rifle Mr-18МН (9×19, 9×18, 7 62x54r in the plastic, with interchangeable barrels, etc.) read below.


Price category General budget level and makes the Izhevsk fitting the most accessible to beginners with more than modest incomes. The cost varies depending on caliber ranging from 140, 00 to 355, 00 dollars. USA.

Owner reviews
  • Most of the views of owners point to the many priorities of a gun. It fails when shooting in any climate and any weather, without cracks and breakage.
  • Highly sought after interchangeable muzzle narrowing, the chamber length 76, 00 see
  • Hunting enthusiasts emphasize the ease and simplicity in circulation, actualize the low price of ammunition and weapons in General.

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