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Mr-233 – vertical double-barreled rifle designed more for target shooting than for hunting. Available in several models with different structural features.

By the end of 90-ies of the Russian arms market was represented mostly just hunting rifles of different modifications. The sector of weapons for shooting sports and entertainment were filled with foreign models. At the beginning of the 21st century the Izhevsk and Tula factories have tried to correct this situation.

Thus in 2001, the sports line of double-barreled rifles – Mr-233.

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The basis for the new models was a model IZH-27 sporting. Compared her new rifle is more specialized and is positioned as a weapon for learning. This implies not only high accuracy but also enough weight and various modifications that reduce impact and toss the gun.

Mr-233 – a double-barreled variant with a vertical arrangement of trunks. According to the designers, bokflint provides best viewing angle for the shooter in comparison with horizontal.

Made a few modifications to the gun, but the production is just one model – Mr-233 EA.

The design of the rifle allows you to install muzzle narrowing for different type of shooting, and as for lead shot, steel – chokes marked. It should be noted that as a hunting rifle it is also used as a weight slightly greater than the mass model for sea hunt: the heaviest rifle weighs 3.6 kg.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Mr-233 inherited from its predecessor all of its advantages, but also has its own advantages. The most dramatic improvements include a removable trigger mechanism. It is much easier as the care of the rifle, and repair in the event of emergency damage.

The undoubted advantages of the line Mr-233 can be attributed to the following qualities.

  • The accuracy of the battle – quite “standard” for the production of Izmena: at a distance of 35 m fraction affects a circle with a diameter of 750 mm. According to the assurances of the owners of accuracy when firing a bullet is much more impressive, but for a hunting rifle. Even in sports modified accuracy when firing bullets is not standardized.
  • In the receiver unit has compensating openings. This not only allows the use of interchangeable muzzle ear, but more importantly when shooting – reduces recoil and toss rifles.
  • The trunks are made of steel weapons. In some models, chrome plated, not only the channels but also the outer side of the barrel. Alas, such a decision is rare. The accessory is the reason for lesser noise of the shot – part of the gases is discharged through the hole.
  • USM is mounted in a removable tray – so clean and disassemble the gun became much easier, and this method of storage – the rifle and the USM separately, increases safety. In addition, it allows you to replace the trigger on another option: in the line of Mr-233 USM interchangeable.
  • Not too much weight – depending on model, from 3.3 to 3.65 kg, allows to use the gun for hunting.
  • The more ergonomic buttstock with rubber butt pad: sports modified, in principle, more convenient and Mr-233 is no exception. The butt is executed from dark walnut often, and has no engravings and carving. Many believe the lack of this design advantage.
  • Grenade hook is reinforced with an insert of a hard alloy to increase the working life of the mechanism.
  • Strap wider and 10 mm, fluorescent front sight, clearly visible in the dark: a small improvement, but facilitates shooting in the dark. The strap can be modified according to the type “dovetail”.

The disadvantages of the product include such flaws in the design.

  • Doubt is the wall thickness of the barrel – up to 1 mm in the thin areas.
  • In most models, no charge.
  • Quality replacement muzzle of the ear is poor.

Positioned Mr-233 as sporting guns. The reason for this is that the construction and high accuracy make a wonderful opportunity for learning accurate shooting. Model is used for shooting on the bench.

The shotgun is available in 7 popular in the hunting environment calibers, so successfully used for hunting medium and small game – Fox, ROE deer and large bird – black grouse, grouse, and small – dove and woodcock. Large gauge allows you to hunt a large animal – a wolf, a wild boar.

Muzzle interchangeable liners make it easy to modify the rifle for different types of hunting.


The MP-233 is available in 6 calibers with chamber length 70 and 76, 2 mm, which allows the use of cartridges with different length of the liner. The marking is interpreted as follows: 2 – gun, 3 – shotgun with vertical shafts, 3 – room model.

Despite the purpose of the sport, the line offers 8 different versions differing in main structural features of the trigger.

  • Actually Mr-233 – USM percussion type with two trigger hooks.
  • Mr-233A – is equipped with one trigger. The sequence of shots can be changed with the button pusher. Typically for shooting sports choose a model with a single trigger for hunting, have two.
  • Mr-233В has 2 trigger, each of which is universal, i.e. it can function as one mechanism.
  • Mr-233Е – equipped ejector: a device ejects a spent shell casing, and eat man world out there moves only a little.
  • Mr-233 With – the rifle has USM with 2 universal hooks, however, the model comes with an additional trigger mechanism with one trigger. If necessary, they are easy to reinstall.
  • Mr-233ЕА model with ejector and trigger Assembly with a trigger of a generic type, it is possible to change the sequence of shots.
  • Mr-233ЕВ is equipped with shock USM with 2 trigger hooks and ejector.
  • Finally, Mr-233ЕС – comes USM two types: with two hooks with one. In addition, the model is mounted ejector.

The butt can be made the ordinary way or to have a more designer style “classic”.

Rifle can be equipped with one or more receiver blocks. In this case, each receiver block is additionally marked.

Technical specifications Mr-233 is described below.


The above-described structural features of the models actually have little effect on the technical performance of the rifle. And the ejector, and a different device USM is designed to provide a greater ease of use.

The difference in the parameters of the weapon determines the length of the cartridge chamber and the barrel.

Option The value of the parameter
Caliber 12 16 20 28 32 12 20 .410
Length, mm The chamber 70 76,2
Trunk 660,














The diameter of the bore, mm 18,4 16,8 15,7 14,0 12,5 18,4 15,7 10,3
Gun weight, kg 3,4 3,65 3,1 3,6 3,3 3,2
The average maximum gas pressure, MPa 65/78 68/78 72,83 90/105
Muzzle constriction, mm DR +0,4 +0,4
C 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0
IC 0,25 0,25 0,25 0,15 0,12 0,25 0,25 0,12
M 0,5 0,5 0,5 0,25 0,25 0,5 0,5 0,25
IM 0,75 0,75 0,75 0,40 0,38 0,75 0,75 0,38
F 1,0 1,0 1,0 0,6 0,5 1,0 1,0 0,5
T 1,25 1,25
XF 0,8 0,7 0,7

Weight of rifle without ammo is given.


The main nodes rifle Mr-233 are detachable barrel unit, with attached forend, trigger mechanism and the receiver with the butt.

  • The trunks in the box of the fixed striker plate. Unlocking of trunks is carried out using a release lever, which is located in the upper part of the receiver. When trunks opened, striker plate and the lever are fixed with delay. When closing the gun delay releasing the bar lock.

Trunks placed in the vertical plane, bonded breech coupling and milwalkie straps. The forearm is fixed to the block with the lever latch. In redchocobo area has compensating openings, reducing the impact.

  • Models with index “E” is set, the ejector – automatic ejector sleeve. Is only thrown empty, eat man world out there a few moves. In the rest of the rifles spent cartridge case is put forward, but need to remove it manually. The ejector mechanism is easy to turn off: simply turn the disconnector 90 degrees.
  • USM is an independent unit readily detachable from the box. Kuroki performed separately from the strikers, as a combat used springs of the cylindrical type. The trigger is cocked on opening the gun. Hooks anodized with titanium nitride which significantly increases corrosion resistance. Used 3 types of USM:
    • with two trigger hooks – when you click on the first produced a shot from the bottom of the barrel on the back of the top. The order of change, shifting the button pusher. Changing modes is regulated only by the button and when you open the gun returns to its original position.
    • USM 2 universal hooks offers a different mode of operation: the first press of any of them made a shot from the bottom of the barrel when re – from the top;
    • USM with a single trigger is similar, the order can be adjusted by the button pusher.
  • Turn the lever of constipation enable automatic fuse. It blocks the sear and trigger hooks, eliminating the possibility of accidental discharge.

In the rifles with 2 trigger hooks fuse allows unstressed descent Kurkov with the platoon. To do this, before you descent to withdraw the cartridges from the chamber, move the fuse forward and pull the hooks.

  • Staff assembled a wide rib and 2 fly – plastic and bright stainless steel.
  • Bed prekladatele, with a high crest that runs from the nut. There is a rubber damper.

Rifle can be equipped with barrel unit or muzzle ear. Muzzle constriction chokes are compatible with the company’s “colonial Arms”. Chalky, thin-walled, so that when dealing with them need to be neat.

Picking and packing

Equipment strongly depends on the model. This can include:

  • carton box ordinary packing Izhevsk rifles.
  • product passport is required;
  • additional USM – some models;
  • additional receiver units – some models;
  • muzzle narrowing;
  • if there is another item in the kit is included a special key.
The principle of operation

The buyer of the rifle is transferred in disassembled form. Prior to operation, thoroughly clean the parts from the factory grease, grease gun oil and assemble the product according to the instructions.

  • Used for shooting cartridges with lead shot, and steel, but only on models with the corresponding marking on the barrel – “Steel shot”. Changeable muzzle narrowing also are labeled: “Lead” for lead shot, “Steel” for steel. Narrowing double marked for 12 gauge designed to fire any shot.
  • Rifle with a chamber length of 70 mm allow the use of all ammunition with a sleeve of appropriate length with the exception of the cartridges marked “Max.10bar”. Models chambered 76.2 mm allow the use of ammunition.

The new rifle is allowed negohot the release lever is not set to the center position. In this case, the finishing is done by hand.

Charging guns is produced:

  • the barrel turn in the direction of people and animals;
  • turn the locking lever to the right until it stops;
  • tip the barrels down to the limit;
  • put the cartridges into the chamber;
  • return the trunks to the starting position.

To shoot off the fuse. Doing it at the last moment, when the rifle is zeroed to the target.

Changing the muzzle of the contractions made in regular order: to lock the ends to the ledge on the barrel and so that the cut the liner was flush. The tightness is checked before firing and after every 50-100 shots. It is recommended to lubricate the contractions before screwing a thick, motor oil – like 10W50, 10W60, with the addition of graphite grease or graphite.

After firing contraction, it is necessary to Unscrew and clean.

Disassembly weapons

To clean and lubricate the rifle, perform a number of operations exactly following the instructions. It is worth remembering that for dismantling MP-233 do not need to exert excessive effort.

The procedure is as follows:

  • pull the trigger after making sure the chamber is unloaded;
  • pulling the latch of the forearm in the bottom of the box, rotate the forearm away from the barrels and disconnect them;
  • rotate the release lever fully to the right;
  • open the barrels and take them from the box;
  • sinking button, located at the base of the firing mechanism, remove the mechanism.

For cleaning and lubrication that is enough.

Full disassembly involves separation of the butt, which Unscrew the retaining screws and remove the head, disassemble the locking mechanism and dismantling of the discharge device. The scheme in the latter case is slightly different, depending on what is installed on the model of the ejector or the ordinary ejector.

Complete disassembly is only required for repair. To change USM quite incomplete. The Assembly is carried out in reverse order.


The most practical modifications – change barrel unit, USM, provided by the manufacturer. But this, of course, gun owners are not restricted.

Most often rid of the second fly: it coincides with the first and has no practical value. You can replace both the front sight with one fiber optic – the latter simply glued.

The bar can be modified under the bar “dovetail”.

To be replaced and the stock Mr-233 – it is recommended to put the wood in order not to break balance.

Owner reviews and the price of a hunting rifle Mr-233 and Mr-233 EA is given below.

The product price

The cost of Mr-233 depends on its modification. The basic model is estimated in 27 thousand rubles, and Mr-233ЕА – 32950 R.

Cartridges for the line of Mr-233 has been employed, any special requirements here. As a rule, each hunter independently chooses a munition that provides the highest accuracy. Allowed independent charge of ammunition, but it is necessary to perform the recommended linkage of gunpowder and fractions.


Mr-233 appeared long enough to earn the reputation as quite a decent hunting rifle. Not everyone, of course, find useful such as the ejector, for example, but overall, the lineup found its fans.

Particularly successful is the implementation of the USM in the form of a removable unit. Also, the presence of compensating holes believe a successful solution.

The gripe is not so much the design as the quality of execution. Unfortunately, to find a really well made gun easy. The same doubts on the muzzle narrowing: many noted their excessive thinness and fragility.

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