Mr-43 KN, trigger, double-barreled rifle

Mr-43 KN – of the line model MP-43. Refers to trigger a smooth-bore rifles in which it is possible to change choke constriction. Available with different length stems, which only increases its popularity.

Smoothbore “horizontally” produced by Izhevsk mechanical plant for over 55 years.

Robust design, reliable operation and excellent performance of combat provide ongoing popularity of the product. Mr-43 KN – Russia’s only trigger double-barreled shotgun, which is commercially available.

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Mr-43 KN or IZH-43, as they were called before – classic hunting rifle with horizontally located barrels and exposed hammers. This feature and overhead boards lend a unique charm. After 1990, Tula trigger rifle TOZ-80 was discontinued, MP-43 KN is the only option, classic hunting model.

Disputes about the qualities korkovyh and a shotgun did not cease never. But even after the disappearance of the ability to compare, it was found that “Markovka” it is still popular and not because of the original appearance.

Mr-43 KN in comparison with its predecessor, has certain structural differences. In particular, a trigger mechanism that does not allow for a shot without fully squeezing the trigger. Product safety is given maximum attention: the design of external cocks does not allow you to make the shot when the external shock on the trigger.

Produced several modifications of the product. The greatest interest among hunters causes the model with an extremely short barrel for hunting quail. 10 years ago, when there was a shotgun MP-43 KN, it was a real revolution in the Russian market.

What is a double-barreled hammer shotgun MP-43KH disadvantages, will be described below.

Advantages and disadvantages

Mr-43 KN – horizontal shotgun with the possibility of changing the barrel. This design involves special unit of connection of a trunk to a box, and specificity of the trigger. Izhevsk mechanical plant (aka “author” of such models as the MP-94 “Express”, MP-133, MP-233 MP-18МН, “North”, MP-161K, Mr-142К, Mr-143, the OP-SKS, etc.) to create a sporting rifle. solve these problems on their own.

The advantages of the gun should carry the following characteristics.

  • Excellent accuracy with any barrel length and the standard model, and a shotgun with a shortened barrel with 35 m are placed at a target with a diameter of 5-6 cm At a qualification hand can be achieved better results.
  • Rifle is prekladatelu. The tree butt is impregnated with oil, on the stock fixed plastic butt pad is the best option for shooting offhand.
  • The barrels of the MP-43 KN are available with different muzzle narrowing from the cylinder with a contraction equal to zero to narrowing down to 1 mm. Made of high strength steel cannon. The barrels are supplied with assembled forearm. On a replacement barrel and hinge indicates the sequence number of the trunk. On the clutch barrel unit indicate contraction. The surface is oxidized. Excellent machining and drilling has always been a distinctive feature of rifles from the Izhevsk plant.

The trunks are connected to the slats, in the breech – receiver coupling. Unlike the previous model, the MP-43 KN eliminated the upper small hook which was previously used to prevent turning. Its elimination has provided a large area adjoining the cut of the trunks to the control panel, which in turn increased the security of the shotgun.

  • Double locking, very reliable, is made by fixing the locking straps on 2 under-barrel hook. Arm constipation is fixed to the head lever of the locking strap.
  • USM original design is located on a separate larva. Strikers are carried out separately from Kurkov. Screw mainspring and the focus on the pin assembled as a separate unit. When opening trunks, compression springs and the cocking Kurkov automatically. Shot without squeezing the hooks could not be implemented.

The main feature of the design is that both voditelya in the form of hooks are versatile and allow you to fire with both barrels. Front performs a sequence is right-left and rear – left-right. You can shoot in the usual way, i.e., turning the finger on the trigger one by one. Not all the models were completed USM-th Kalinin – described type. In addition, 90-year made shotgun with a single trigger pull.

  • On Mr-43 KN there is an automatic fuse mounted on the shank of the box and is spring loaded. The guard locks the sear and the trigger triggers, that is, not only shoot, even just pull the trigger impossible.
  • Mr-43 KN, and all the trigger the weapon is allowed to store and transport ammunition in the chamber, because the ammunition does not weaken the mainspring.

The term of operation not less than 15 thousand shots.

Disadvantages of the model are also available.

  • External triggers cause complaints due to its excessive subtlety, even delicacy. In addition, the axis offset hooks under the pillow trunks.
  • Trigger pull too low.
  • Very strong impact and toss. Unaccustomed to the gun difficult to hold in the hands, so handling it takes some getting used to.

Photo rifles Mr-43КН and IL-43КН


12 gauge is probably the most popular among hunters, as to be extremely versatile. Go with him on small game such as rabbit, Prairie dog, and in the medium – Fox, deer, wolf, and bird. Mr-43 KN is consistent with its purpose.

  • Different length shafts allows you to use the model for running hunting for an ambush. In General, the gun is designed for fishing the beast in the Bush, where review is limited and the distance to the target is small.
  • Mr-43 KN can be used for self defense. Here a weak trigger pull and the ability to shoot using a single trigger can be very useful.
  • Model with a shortened barrel used for shooting birds, particularly quail. This modification was originally conceived as imported, however, the Russian market was in demand.

Mr-43 KN – model MP-43. It’s the only option the trigger of the weapon with interchangeable barrels. Designed for 12 gauge.

In fact, modifications of it are available, but different barrel length allows you to select the best option for different types of hunting. Barrel length may be 750 mm, 725 mm, 610 mm and 510 mm. ultrashort in This parameter affects the choice of ammo.


The accuracy of the battle smoothbore shotgun check only cartridges loaded with buckshot. Accuracy when firing bullets is not regulated.

Option The value of the parameter
Caliber 12
Barrel length, mm 510, 660, 725, 750
The length of the chamber, mm 70
Diameter barrel channel, nominal, mm 18,4
The amount of choke constriction, mm 0,0; 0,25; 0,5; 0,75; 1,0
Material stock and forend Birch, walnut, beech
Weight, kg 3,4

The weight given to a discharged shotgun.


The design of the Mr-43 KN similar to the device of the rest of the shotgun line, but is device trigger. More precisely, the difference between those models in which was installed USM Kalinin.
The remaining components of the rifle are identical to the Mr-43.

  • Trunks detachable, located in the horizontal plane. To improve firing rates of the receiver channels and the chamber chrome plated.

Locking of trunks occurs when fixing the locking straps on 2 under-barrel hook. Control the mechanism using the lever located in the upper part of the receiver. Unlocking is when you turn the lever to the right.

  • Removable handguard fixed lever latch type. Latch and hinge are reinforced and fixed with 3 screws.
  • Cartridge case from the chamber, the ejector pushes – one for two rounds. He puts the spent casings, but not throws. Final disposal is carried out by hand.
  • USM Kalinina equipped with return external trigger “lights out”. On the grounds Kurkov has a safety platoons. The strikers made separately. The cocking is performed manually. Possible bumpless trigger pull with the platoon. Holding the triggers, press the triggers and move the trigger forward. Then let go of the hooks and triggers put on relief platoons.

The descent produces two triggers: the front responsible for the layout, right-left, rear – left-right.

Provides the mechanism for the blocking of the shot when not pressed the trigger. In the box there is a frame lock, which limits the stroke of the dies. When pressing the trigger frame frees the hammer.

  • Automatic fuse is activated at opening: locks the sear and hooks. The front position of the button indicates the mode to “off”, rear – “on”.
  • The butt is secured to the centerpiece, between the larva and the shank of the box, the front end is preloaded with the pinch screw. A tightening screw in the rear end closes the backplate.

A shotgun designed to fire ammunition that is no longer than the length of the chamber, which is indicated on the trunks. Refers to the length of the liner to twist. You cannot shoot bullets, whose diameter is larger than the diameter of the receiver channel at the constriction site. The diameter of the bullet should be at 0.2–0.3 mm less. In any case, you cannot use bullets made of hard materials – steel, brass.


Shotgun MP-43 KN supplied assembled. Before Assembly, thoroughly clean the parts from the factory grease.

Standard is simple:

  • cardboard box;
  • product passport;
  • possible doukomplektovat interchangeable barrel Assembly with fore -0,25, 0,5 and 1,0 mm. In this case the kit includes the wrench to change the barrel.
The principle of operation

The design of the gun is simple, very unpretentious, so the key when handling a shotgun is not the application of excessive effort. With proper implementation of user effort is not needed.

Charging the carbine is as follows:

  • turn the release lever to the right to the limit;
  • rotate the barrels down until it stops;
  • consistently put the bullets in the chamber;
  • return the stems to the original position. The release lever should occupy a Central position, if you focus on the shank. If not, the lever is adjusted by hand.

Special attention should be paid to manipulations with changeable chokes. In this procedure, you need to fulfill a number of requirements:

  • all manipulations must be carried out only on the discharged rifle;
  • before each firing and after the change of contraction to check how well prolonged the contraction. To tighten use a special key from the kit. With insufficient tightening of the powder gases burst into the gap between the constriction and the barrel, which leads to deformation of the parts and even the departure of narrowing;
  • changeable muzzle narrowing must be flush relative to the muzzle or a little sink;
  • muzzle narrowing screwed up to the stop end of the projection on the barrel, but between the trunk and the narrowing of the gap remains;
  • after installation, the channel is visiting: at the point of contact of the end of the contraction and protrusion of the channel must be seen ring. If the integrity of the ring, this means the deformation of the constriction or seats. The shooting in this case is prohibited.

The tightness of the muzzle of the contractions need to check after 50-100 shots.


For care of rifle periodically procedure partial disassembly. The procedure is as follows:

  • inspect the chamber for any bullets. Withdraw them;
  • pull the forearm latch on the lower surface and turn the front end of the forend from the barrel. Disconnect the shank;
  • turn the lever of constipation in the top of the box to the right. Rotate the barrels down until it stops and is disconnected from the box;
  • if you want to clean and lubricate the firing mechanism, proceed as follows: Unscrew the screws and separate the head from the butt, turn the retaining screw and remove the bushing. Unscrew the screw which passes through the butt, and then slightly hit the box on a wooden surface to loosen the connection of the butt and box. Then remove the butt.

If you intend to store or carry the gun, the foregrip is attached to the removed stems.

Assembly Mr-43 KN in the reverse order. Complete disassembly is required only if damaged or very dirty rifle.

For cleaning and lubrication will need gun oil, rags, brush and cleaning rod.


A large field of activity for tuning no. It is possible to replace the butt on a piece of wood or with a more interesting ornament.

  • You can install quick release sling swivel on the handle butt.
  • Good option – bandolier for a few rounds in the pouch on the butt.

Owner reviews and the price on double barrel hammer shotgun the MP-43KH (MP-43 KN) 510, 725, etc. described below.


The cost of the Mr-43 KN are quite affordable, ranging from up to 21000 17450 R. R. barrel Length has little effect on pricing.

The cost of the cartridges depending on the ballistic characteristics ranges from 15 to 58 roubles per 1 piece


Fans of the traditional trigger of the gun I think the model is quite successful, despite excessive thinness and lightness of the trigger. Not less attractive is the ability to set different muzzle of the contractions.

The length of the barrel was the second most attractive feature. Model with a shortened barrel – 510 mm, was ahead of all the others, as indispensable for hunting small bird.

In any case, there is a high accuracy, as the standard distances and more significant – 50 m.

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