Orsis 120, rifled gun

Issue store the rifle Orsis 120 initiated by the company “Promtekhnologiya” (Moscow) in February 2016. The manufacturer is positioned as a budget option for a hunting rifle. Created on the basis of high-precision sporting rifle rifles because its design includes the elements of the weapons of the elite class. For example, the barrel of stainless steel and rifling, made by donovania.

Description of the rifle Orsis 120

Rifle repeating rifle with the bolt (longitudinally moving) the shutter.

Available in three calibers:

  • .223 REM (Remington 5,56×45);
  • .243 Win (Winchester is 6.2×52);
  • .308 Win (Winchester the 7.62×51).

Barrel posted, with a length of 558 mm. polupoltina Bed in walnut soaked with linseed oil. Butt no frills – combs, pillows (Monte Carlo), but with a rubber butt pad.

The basic version comes with an open receiver, without sighting devices (straps for optics, rear sight, front sight) and the threads on the end of the barrel for mounting silencers, muzzle brakes and other kit.

Advantages and disadvantages

Carbine has all the makings of a high level sniper rifle – posted (console) barrel stainless steel darovanie rifling. From it is really possible to put a bullet in the bullet with a deviation less than one arcminute at a distance of one hundred meters. However many arrows it is recognized that the hunting weapons of this design unsuitable. Though, because between the barrel and stock Packed dirt.

  • Cerakote protective coating (matte black) metal parts has high durability, if you wish, you can order a carbine coated Sniper grey, Desert sand and Green. The bed is well crafted, it is convenient and pricedata. Unfortunately, the buttplate is not adjustable, so it can be small.
  • Line the upper comb of the stock parallel to the barrel, when firing powerful cartridges (.308 Win) the recoil can bounce the arrow a hematoma below the eye. The lack of pillows Monte Carlo it is a moot drawback.
  • On the forearm and pistol grip box marked notch type “fish scales”, the surface is not too large, but his duties it performs well, the bed is held tenaciously.

Near the front swivels have a bracket for mounting the bipod, which is a big plus for those who prefer to hunt from ambush.

  • The fact that in the basic version, the receiver runs open – a big minus for hunting weapons, such a solution is more appropriate for sporting rifles. Badly and that the installation of the usual rear sight and front sight are generally not provided.
  • The trigger mechanism is adjustable. The descent of the hook easy, with a warning – there is a small idle, after which the sampling effort increases. Unfortunately, a large part of the adjustment screws for the shooter unavailable. Some of them do secondlina tightly even in manufacturing. The bolt, which governs the stiffness of the descent is conditionally available – its slot is located under the trigger and the hole in the trigger guard is not, therefore, before the adjustment will have to remove the box. Also it is doubtful that hunting weapons required a trigger with sharp edges.
  • Longitudinal rolling shutter is smooth without spiral grooves. He has two combat locking ledge. The simplicity of the design ensures that it will not jam in the process of reloading. The massive bolt handle, something similar to such a detail trehlineyki, not everyone likes. Likely to catch her behind the bushes and branches while moving through the bushes is very large.
  • Fuse three-position, they can block the slide or the firing pin only USM. It is convenient on hunting – to decide for himself the hunter, but the fuse box is located very conveniently, they can operate without being distracted from the process of aiming.
  • Very comfortable and well thought out design of the magazine catch. It is inside of the trigger guard is guaranteed to protect from accidental Ottaviani and allows you to make a recharge.

The rifle Orsis 120 cal. 308win (design)


The carbine was created for the purpose of its use in hunting, however, the characteristics are range and accuracy (MOA value is not greater than one), he may be sporting a sniper rifle.


The carbine is available in three calibers: .223 REM (Remington 5,56×45); .243 Win (Winchester is 6.2×52); .308 Win (Winchester the 7.62×51). The models differ only in the step of rifling^

  • the first two he 1:10,
  • and large-caliber 1:11 (one full revolution of the bullet on the 11 inch barrel).

Optionally available carbines-rifles Orsis 120 with a closed receiver mounted Picatinny rail and threaded on the end of the barrel.

Caliber .223 REM .243 Win .308 Win
The type of rifling Keystone Keystone Keystone
The number of rifling 4 4 4
Step rifling 10 10 10
Barrel length (mm) 558 558 558
Shutter Bolt (longitudinal sliding) with the two weapon tabs
Fuse Three position
USM Adjustable, pre-swing hook
Sight Strap for optics (optional)
Bed Polupoltina, walnut soaked with linseed oil
Shop Plastic, three or five rounds
Total length (mm) 1080
Weight (kg) 3,4
  • Store rifled carbine bolt (longitudinally moving) the shutter. Barrel posted, the receiver in the base case open.
  • The barrel is stainless steel, the rifling applied by donovania. Their four step 1:10 or 1:11 the model of 7.62.
  • Wooden bed (walnut), polupoltina. The stock straight with no pillow under his cheek and an arrow protruding ridges. The rubber recoil pad, fixed. The notch in the box type “fish scales”, moderately developed – on the pistol handle and the middle of the forearm.
  • The trigger mechanism is adjustable, the slope of the double swing. Fuse three-position fire, firing pin lock, complete lock bolt.
  • Shutter longitudinal sliding, smooth, with two combat tabs and pin-rammer on the front mirror. Handle manierista, large. The valve in the receiver a spring-loaded lever (left key).
  • The outer sighting devices are not, in the basic version is supplied without a strap under the scopes. Is possible to install a Picatinny or weaver.
  • Shop plastic, metal hopper. From the store comes with a capacity of 3 rounds, he is completely recessed in the forend. Latch inside the trigger guard. It is possible to purchase shop on five cartridges.
Picking and packing

Carabiner Packed in a cardboard box with a plastic handle for easy carrying. Supplied with one shop for three rounds. Stopper removed, is located in a separate cavity of the box.

Have a passport, certificate, certificate of test shooting and a detailed illustrated instruction manual in two languages. For individual orders can be supplied with Picatinny rail.

The principle of operation
  • A rifle with a longitudinally sliding bolt lock. To his cock, it is necessary to lift the handle to move the bolt back until it stops, send the slide forward and lower the handle.
  • Box guard – large lever with fluting – is behind the handle of the paddle, it has three positions: combat (fire), lock the entire gate (the handle does not rise up) and the lock striker. The ejection of the spent cartridge case occurs in the direction right – up – backward.
  • Shop plastic, to make three. A hopper made of metal. When you install store the latch is automatically released. Her arm is inside the trigger guard. To remove a shot of the store is enough to click on it the movement of the index finger forward.
Assembly and disassembly

The carbine comes with the removed bolt.

  • For installation it is necessary to enter in the hole on the back plate of the receiver and vigorously forward.
  • The locking lever is on the left side of the receiver.
  • If it push and tilt your butt down, the shutter will slide out on its own (assuming that the handle is raised).
  • The barrel, stock and trigger mechanism are connected by two bolts, the heads of which are in front and behind the trigger guard.

The carbine can be equipped with bipods that attach to sling swivel on the fore end.

Price and reviews of rifles Orsis 120 .223 REM, .243 Win and .308 Win are given below.


Carbine costs 59080 to 69640 rubles.


The owners celebrate good quality workmanship, convenience and prekladatele lodges. At a distance of one hundred meters in diameter of the ellipse of dispersion of not more than 2.9 cm – a value corresponding to 1 MOA.

The model of competing firms

In 2016 began production of another hunting rifle with a bolt breech, is referred to the budget. This VPO-114 “the Huntsman” production plant “Hammer” from the town of Vyatskiye Polyany. While it is available in one caliber – .308 Win.

The barrel he forged, black metal, and the plated channel. Barrel length 600 mm Bed polupoltina, walnut stock with raised comb. The carbine comes with the four-cartridge, while its weight is slightly lower than Orsis 120. The performance accuracy had worse – at least 1.5 MOA when shooting at a distance of 100 meters. It costs 10 thousand cheaper than Orsis 120.

Maybe you are interested in other popular models of rifles, for example, Vepr 9, OP SKS, the CZ 512 .22LR, saiga MK 03 and others.

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