Orsis AR-10 (Orsis AR-10), rifles

Self-loading rifle Orsis AR-10 National Match is collected in the shops of the company “promtechnologii” rifle Colt AR-15A2 Match Target Heavy Barrel, which, in turn, the civil variant of the military M-16 A2. Owning it, you can get acquainted with the legendary weapon of the Cold war.

Description of the rifle Orsis AR-10

The civilian version semi-automatic rifles M-16 A2, it is assembled from original parts, supplied by the American company Armalite. Russian rifle is only thick match barrel with flutes, made from stainless steel by the method of durnovaria.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Authentic design during the Cold war, which may be of interest to history buffs weapons. Unfortunately, complete similarity is observed only from the butt plate to the breech of the barrel. The original M-16 was not perforated casing, laths Picatinny rail, the shape of the forearm is different.
  • Quite long and impeccably crafted barrel, long sighting line. This allows you to shoot from the rifle Orsis AR-10 at distances up to a kilometer with good precision and accuracy. Including without the use of optical sights. At AKM, the main rival of the M-16 A2, the trunk is shorter, so the range of direct shot does not exceed 400 meters.
  • Long Picatinny rail that starts from the back plate of the receiver and ending on a perforated barrel shroud, allows you to adjust the position of the optical sight with maximum accuracy, and also choose to equip the models with a large aperture and magnification.
  • The carrying handle at the same time playing the role of the base of the rear sight and the front sight on a high bracket can be removed. No tools needed.
  • On the barrel shroud placed three Picatinny rail used for mounting tactical accessories and a bipod, and in the basic version of the pads with adjustable position, which provide the convenience of weapon retention.

Shop carabiner is lightweight and smaller than the AKM. In practice, this gave an advantage to American soldiers who could carry more ammo.

  • Relatively lightweight and compact weapon when compared with the same AKM, its weight less than a pound.
  • All the drawbacks of the M-16 A2 rifle Orsis AR-10 National Match copied in full.
  • Lack of reliability mechanisms is not so much more details than the AKM (there are not more than the SVT or carbine Simonov) as a fundamental difference in the method of use of the propellant gases. The American model, they act directly on the bolt, so their aggressive nature – temperature, caustic salts and unburned particles of gunpowder that provides the abrasive action destroys the return and impact mechanisms.
  • In a civil case, when a hunter no need to shoot hundreds of rounds a day, and the possibility of a thorough and timely cleaning are certainly, the availability and reliability of the AR-10 may be at the level of the “Saiga”.
  • Cleaning arms can be a problem. Rifles have a lot of hidden cavities and complex configuration details. The service requires a lot of time and effort, as well as custom tools. American soldiers adapted to clean the rifle with their toothbrushes. Now brushes of several types are included in the package.

The rifle ORSIS AR-10 .308Win (photo)



The rifle Orsis AR-10 (Orsis AR-10) is available in a single caliber .308Win. The base color of boxes and metal parts – black. Optionally the coating of sand or dark green.


Used for hunting small ungulates, sport shooting and self defense.

Feature The value
Type Self-loading carbine
Caliber .308 Win
Barrel length (mm) 508
The pitch of thread (inches) 11
The number of rifling 4
Thread muzzle brake / compensator or a silencer there
Capacity 10
Overall length (mm) 1000
Weight (kg) 3,3

Semi-automatic carbine that uses the energy of a portion of the propellant gases and recoil.

  • The powder gases are fed to the cylinder gas chamber of the bolt through a long tube. The piston works on the same principle as the similar design in the internal combustion engine. It even has a split metal o-ring. The difference is that the striker shutter it is connected to a metal rod, making only the translational motion.
  • The larva shutter similar to a Daisy with seven petals. A large number of lugs allows the shutter to lock the breech of the barrel, turning at a slight angle.
  • The return mechanism consists of a weighting and springs located inside the butt.
  • To eliminate the delay of filing on the right side of the receiver is mounted the piston-pusher, punch the button the shutter chambered with a cartridge.
  • The handle of the bolt has the shape of a letter “T”. It is located at the top of the back plate of the receiver. Its left branch is mounted a spring-loaded lever, whose tooth clings to a ledge of the receiver and keeps the structure stationary. It does not depend on the bolt while firing and not moving.
  • Trunk thick-walled, match, fluted for cooling and threaded on the muzzle to install a brake compensator or silencer. Breech is closed the outside of the perforated metal casing, on the top of which is located the front part Picatinny rail for optical sight, and three other additional brackets for mounting tactical accessories and the supporting bipod.
  • The barrel shroud is removable to the receiver it is connected by a threaded ring having notches around its edge.
  • Receiver with barrel, bolt carrier and its handle, carrying handle and front sight is a removable unit.
  • The second block consists of the stock in the cavity of which is placed the spring and weighting, as well as the base of the trigger and the bunker store.
  • The carrying handle is the basis for the folding rear sight. It is attached to the rear half of the Picatinny rail and can be removed if you want to install optics.
  • Butt made of polyamide, the handle is also plastic, rectangular in cross section, set at an angle of 450 to the receiver.
  • Window ejector sleeves closed metal shutter, which opens automatically when the platoon drummer.
  • The trigger match, two-stage (alert – combat move). The fuse box is on the left side of the receiver. In civilian weapons he has two positions: “fire” and “stop”, the ability to shoot bursts are disabled.
  • Store the box, double-row, with a capacity of ten rounds. The eject button is right above the trigger guard.
Picking and packing

The rifle is Packed in the original cardboard box Orsis. In the package store, bipod, muzzle brake compensator, a set of brushes for cleaning. There is a manual, a Protocol of shooting, certificate and warranty card.

The principle of operation

The carbine operates on the principle of direct use of a portion of the propellant gases. They come from the barrel of the long tube, located under the casing, in the outlet of a gas cylinder of the bolt.

There they expand, pushing the piston with o-ring and cylinder shutter, which, moving in Capernaum the groove, rotated and pushed, opening the breech of the barrel. The recoil impulse throws the frame back and compresses the spring return mechanism. During this movement the used cartridge case is extracted and the hammer cocked the firing pin.

Before loading the carabiner is placed on the fuse box down. The store is retrieved by pressing the button on the right, above the trigger guard. The cartridges are stacked in two rows. Installation shop in the bunker to regular places is accompanied by a distinctive click.

Before firing the weapon is transferred to the firing position – check fuse rises. The handle the bolt is pulled back. Thus it is necessary to press the left lever-latch, otherwise it will not budge.

If you did not clean the weapon, and only recharge it, don’t pull the bolt far back, overcoming the force at the end of the turn. Such persistence you put spring on the latch, and then to hand the shutter and the cartridge will have to manually lever-pusher on the right side of the receiver. After the shot bolt carrier, moving back, hit the weighting and release the return spring itself.

The striker is cocked is accompanied by the opening of the dust-proof window blinds ejector sleeves. After firing it is closed manually.

  1. To remove the store.
  2. Pull the bolt back until it stops. You should make sure the drummer spring is compressed and latched. To do this, press the trigger making a shot, and pull the handle again. If resistance is not felt, the spring is latched.
  3. Squeeze back the pin between the block of the receiver and the base of the USM. The free end of the pin is on the left side of the receiver, and the hat on the right.
  4. Turn the barrel unit down. The axis is a second front pin. If you want you can squeeze it, separating the barrel from the butt completely.
  5. Remove the frame of the shutter by pulling the handle. They are removed at the same time.
  6. On the bolt carrier will push out the pin, remove the firing pin.
  7. Near the larvae of the shutter put the hat opernogo of the pin along the slot and lift it out.
  8. Remove the cylinder bolt and gas piston.
  9. At the base of the unit USM, where it is attached to the stock, locate the latch Adjuster and press it protopic cylinder weighting deep.
  10. Remove the weighting and the return spring.
  11. Rotate the ring between the casing and the receiver counter-clockwise, separate the casing.

The design allows you to replace the butt and the handle. You can change the rate of fire, experimenting with the weight of the weighting of the recoil mechanism. Although it is more important to fire bursts.

The price and the reviews on the rifle Orsis AR-10 (Orsis AR-10) given below.


The carbine is 205 thousand rubles. The rifle has a good shooting performance. The value of the MOA does not exceed 1.5 units.

It is lightweight and can easily be disassembled into blocks for easy transportation. In the civil enforcement of its reliability does not cause any complaints. But best of all it works with abundant lubrication and regular cleaning.

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