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True fans of men’s sports such as shooting, prey birds and animals of the forest know how important it is to have a reliable and trusted friend. An equally important factor for achieving the goal is high-quality firearms and edged weapons travel. Simple hunters and professional priests of the patroness of the hunt – goddess Diana believe series rifles Orsis high-quality and sturdy weapon. What is his appeal?

Overview of the rifle Orsis SE Alpine

This category rifles magazine rifles, which adequately provides the rifle ORSIS Alpine developed recently. 2011 was a real triumph for new development of GC “survey systems” when the company almost completed the first series rifle store hunting weapons to a high degree of accuracy.

And already at the exhibition –salon IWA 2014 held on 08 Mar 2014 Orsis for hunting in the mountains has received numerous rave reviews.

Advantages and disadvantages

Usually mountain hunters and hunters of the highest category was always considered a privileged class even in their own environment. Therefore, weapons and equipment should be appropriate – high quality, light, reliable and not cumbersome while driving. That is what the main advantages of the rifle Orsis include the following positions:

  • Several specialized calibers for hunting decision problems for which there is structural novelty – the trajectory of the grazing type.
  • For the manufacture of the mechanism used alloy high-alloy stainless steel that allows to use weapons in extreme environments and mountain changeable, wet and cold climate.
  • Compared to analogs several times improved reliability of design in the process of the shot.

Stevia here your dexdrine minor flaws currently are under revision, due to the fact that the model appeared on the market recently for just over five years.

The rifle Orsis SE Alpine


The model of the rifle Orsis SE Alpine M specially released for hunting in mountain areas and firing at the distance of medium-and long-type. With the same success can solve problems sports sniper shooting.


As you know, hunters are considered very demanding and picky, so hunting does not forgive any details or blunders. Manufacturers of brand Orsis suggested several modifications, which are distinguished by amazing appearance, excellent ballistics, flat trajectory of a bullet. The calibers performed in seven versions:

  1. . 300 Win Mag,
  2. . 300 WSM,
  3. . 338 Lapua Magnum,
  4. 6. 5 x 284 Norma,
  5. 6. 5 x 55 Swedish,
  6. 7 mm Rem Mag,
  7. 8 x 68 S Magnum.
Figure Ed. izm. Data
The metal stem part 416R
The length of the barrel mm 60, 96
The outer diameter of the barrel mm 18, 00
Shock trigger mechanism, a force


g 1000 – 1500
Varmint, g 500 – 900
Curb weight of the weapon kg 3, 400

The model is equipped with a free floating structural mechanism and the trunk ORSIS of high quality stainless steel varieties. The carbine is equipped with a trigger mechanism of the original design, which was the best achievement of the engineers of GC “survey systems”. All parts are completely isolated from the external environment. There is an option for right-handed shooters and lefties.

Picking and packing

The commercial network of arms comes fully assembled with detachable store, Picatinny rail for mounting optics. Carabiner wrapped in specially treated cloth. The manufacturer also included an individual technical passport, certificates and warranty card, is obligatory presence of the Protocol of shooting and help DTK 003.

The principle of operation

At the heart of the rifle is the standard physics use the energy of the recoil escapement, which when re-chambering allows you to make weapons for the next shot and make it.


All the procedures for care and maintenance are conducted when it is released from the cartridge barrel in accordance with the technical instructions contained in the passport infantry units.


With exquisite design and excellent initial elaboration of external data, a carbine is not considered today by the manufacturer. Buyers are offered the product with a ceramic coating Cerakote in a deep black color. Additional options of color solutions Sniper Grey, Desert Sand and Green Olb. Possible additional purchase of the bipod for stability when firing.

The price and the reviews about the Orsis SE Alpine (Alpine Orsis SE M) are given below.


Price category weapons of this type and design is difficult to name high. Basic different versions in the range from 2 500, 00 dollars. US 2 680, 00 dollars. USA.

Owner reviews

The vast majority of owners who have experienced all the nuances of a new domestic carabiner indicate very high quality mechanism, sustainable design and level of preparation of supporting documents. Was not a significant negative factor in the relatively respectable price, although their foreign counterparts a few notches higher.

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