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Due to its characteristics modern rifles, intended for hunting of various types, became popular not only among professionals but also Amateurs of shooting firearms.

Having excellent aim and accuracy, these rifles are also used for obtaining initial skills of shooting at a moving target, and their high degree of ergonomics and well thought-out forms provide maximum comfort for both men and women are fragile constructions.

Among the most popular models, you must stay on the rifle model orsis se hunter, which has many positive reviews from owners and is a permanent interest of the buyers. The optimum combination of size of the butt and barrel ensures comfortable operation of the rifle, relatively low recoil when firing does not cause recoil.

Overview of the rifle Orsis SE Hunter M

Having excellent technical characteristics, the model orsis se hunter worked well also on external data. The high level of demand due to the attractive “appearance” consisting of decorated laminated wood stock, barrel made of stainless steel, which underwent special treatment to ensure absence of corrosion on it even when getting weapons in the water. At the same time the value indicator of the rifle orsis se hunter can be considered one of the most affordable, if you compare this model with analogues of other manufacturers.

To get the full picture about the possibilities and advantages of the carbine, to choose its owners and customers, and also to compare the advantages and disadvantages of orsis se hunter. The list of technical parameters will allow to understand the purposes for which it may be applied to the carabiner, what are its strengths and weaknesses.

The compact size, which makes it light weight, which enables easy and quick to transport the rifle, which is especially important when the frequent and active use. The resistance of the materials used to create the butt and the barrel retains their attractive appearance even under adverse ambient conditions: humidity, temperature fluctuations, sun exposure.

Advantages and disadvantages

The most important advantages are the compactness of the model. Many modern carbines are designed for different types of hunting, have impressive dimensions, which complicate the process of their exploitation. The model orsis se hunter, well “going” in hand, showing the same good results of fire, like the bigger counterparts, not inferior to them neither in accuracy nor in sighting, and using additional equipment firing rates repeatedly improve.

Also consider the merits of the rifle should be attributed such qualities:

  • the possibility of quick disassembly, which may be necessary for repair of the rifle and its improvements;
  • repair of this model is simple and requires no special tools, allowing you to hold it even in field conditions;
  • the presence of the strap to the carabiner facilitates the process of transportation;
  • affordability ensures a steady demand for the model;
  • excellent quality, all the tick marks on the devices and attachments delivered with maximum precision;
  • front sight and rib are not built into the trunk, and glued into the resin, which greatly improves the rate of ballistics when shooting – the lack of even a micron of narrowing of the barrel guarantees a perfect hit in a selected target;
  • modern design and quality materials of natural origin (wood walnut or lime) and polymer, ensures the attractiveness of the appearance of the rifle.

The combination of these advantages under consideration, has made the rifle one of the most popular for hunting, and for fun: it can be fine to train in accuracy, and also to participate in sports.

The disadvantages, according to numerous reviews of the owners, can be attributed to the presence of typos in the guide to use a carabiner that is attached in the package when selling. However, the adjustment may be made in PI consultation with the seller. A small defect can be called a small gap store in the mine. However, this only affects the convenience of the store room and laying him rounds, without losing any of the quality shooting.

Photos of the rifle Orsis SE Hunter M



The use of the carabiner can be different from a professional hunting, training accuracy and training shooting firearms. Ease of operation is reasonableness of the form and all components, which ensures a high rate ergonomics of the rifle.


Today on sale there are two varieties of this model: the use of various types of wood without significant changes in design led to the choice for a specific purpose and with defined requirements. The caliber of this model – .308win, which is standard for this type.

Can also be a model with the following calibers:

  • .223 Remington (5,56х45)
  • .243 Winchester (6,2х52)
  • .308 Winchester (7,62×51)
  • .30-06 (7,62х63)
  • 9,3х62 Mauser
  • .375 Holland & Holland Magnum (9,5х72)

The most important technical parameters of any modern rifle include such indicators as range, projectile, determine its velocity, kind of carbine, by treatment of the trunk, the warranty given by the manufacturer.

Specifications The rifle orsis se of hunter
Manufacturer hunter
Appointment Hunting, shooting, fun, target practice
View Hunting rifled carbine
Capacity cartridges 3
The total length of the body 1 120 mm
The length of the barrel 625 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

Having a high degree of sighting, this model is striking a moving target even at a considerable distance, which makes it possible to apply it in the professional hunting.


Simplicity of design ensures ease of operation. The barrel and the butt are the main structural parts of the model. The convenient location of the butt on the shoulder to ensure minimum recoil when firing, and the butt made of natural wood, pleasant to the touch and retains its attractive appearance due to special processing for a long time even with the active use of weapons.

To the carabiner attached shop, the capacity of which is 3 rounds. Ease of insertion in the shop, convenient store design and the possibility of replacing it with a larger – an additional advantage of the model.

Picking and packing

When selling carabiner is packaged in plastic containers, which prevents the possibility of mechanical damage on its body, ensures the integrity of the parts and mechanisms. Also the seller will be given a personal passport to the carabiner, how to use them. Comes and quality certificate.

The basic kit comes with a store capacity of 3 rounds, strap for easy transportation, the telescopic sight with good technical ability.

The principle of operation

The main feature is the use of the rifle model orsis se hunter is the simplicity of its design and use. A scope allows you to zoom goal to provide aimed fire. To make the shot, just click on the trigger. Many noted the smoothness of the trigger, it has a positive effect on the performance shots. The original trigger mechanism, specifically designed for this model is similar to that of a special degree of ease of use in applying the latest developments.

Adjustment of the shot is performed using the front sight and forend, which also go into the basic configuration of this model.


Conduct disassembly of this rifle should be considered simple, it can be done even without special equipment, which is an important advantage orsis se hunter when using it in the field.

The shutter is derived from the bed of the diversion diverting it back, then the shutter is easily removed. Disassembly may be required to improve the model.


As tuning many owners used the optical sight with the best performance, fly, which is also sold separately and can be third party. Installation on the resin on the surface of the barrel improves firing rates due to the lack of curvature of the barrel and provides the opportunity for its withdrawal.

Can also set store a larger capacity, basic shop holds only three bullets.

Price and reviews from hunters and owners of the rifle Orsis SE Hunter M are given below.

The product price

The cost model orsis se hunter full base set is about 12 700-14 550 rubles, which, given its characteristics and capabilities can be considered sufficiently democratic price.

Owner reviews

According to most owners, the rifle model orsis se hunter is one of the most successful of this manufacturer. Perfect technical characteristics provide excellent performance in shooting accuracy, the sighting and range. Buyers noted the attractive appearance of the model.

The almost complete absence of flaws and a large number of advantages made the gun interesting for professionals and beginners.

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