Orsis SE T-5000 M (Orsis SE T-5000 M), rifled weapons

Creating a sniper rifle Orsis T-5000 Russian arms company “promtechnologii” made a qualitative transitionThis weapon is more operational than sports or hunting. A modernized version of Orsis SE T-5000 M already fielded with special units of the armed forces and the interior Ministry.

Description of the rifle Orsis SE T-5000 M

Sniper rifle Orsis T-5000 was created based on the sport model Orsis SE Varmint M. the same is left long thick barrel made of stainless steel with four-chamber muzzle brake and the trigger. Radically changed the bed. It is made of aluminum alloy, folding butt.

Modified model Orsis SE T-5000 M differs from its predecessor by a perforated barrel shroud, which placed additional Picatinny rail for tactical accessories, and a bolt body with spiral flutes. A slightly modified form of the butt.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Thanks to the precision manufacturing techniques of the barrel, the rifle has excellent ballistic and shooting performance. For this indicator, it is superior to rifles SSG-8 produced in Austria and SV-98, manufactured by the “Izhmash”. Sighting range of 1.5 thousand meters.
  • On the trunk mounted four-chamber muzzle brake, significantly reduces recoil when fired.
  • The rifle has good ergonomics, it is comfortable for shooting with a bipod and other types of supports. Folding the stock makes it compact, transportation is not difficult. The butt is equipped with height adjustable shock absorbing butt pad and comb, pillow and a retractable bottom stop.
  • Metal parts are protected with a ceramic coating Cerakote®.
  • A powerful bolt and two lugs securely lock a barrel. Helical flutes reduce the area of contact to the receiver, so the movement of the shutter is easy, smooth and silent. Their direction is such that they push the dirt out of the receiver, thereby increasing reliability of the weapon.
  • Long Picatinny rail allows you to optimally adjust the optical sight.
  • Store single-row, fit it comfortably.

The rifle is heavy and inconvenient for drive hunts. But it is a great tool to engage targets at great distances.

Rifle Orsis T-5000 M (photo)


This gun for sniping long distances. Used to perform special tasks, sporting events (benchrest). Possible use for hunting large ungulates.

  • Used calibers for Orsis T-5000 M : .260 Rem; .308 Win; 6,5×47 Lapua; .300 Win Mag; .338 Lapua Mag.
  • Color option boxes and barrel: Black Graphite; Sniper Grey; Olb Green; Desert Sand.

Specifications that has the sniper rifle Orsis T-5000 M (Orsis SE T-5000 M), is given below.

Feature/ caliber .260 Rem .308 Win The 6.5×47 Lapua .300 Win Mag .338 Lapua Mag
Type A repeating rifle with a longitudinally sliding gate
Barrel length (mm) 660 610/660 660 660/700 660/700
The pitch of thread (inches) 8 11 8 11 10,75
Capacity 5/10 5/10 5 5 5
Full length (mm) 1240 1240 1240 1297 1297
With a folded length Ave (mm) 971 971 971 1028 1028
Weight (kg) 5,8 5,8 5,8 6,1 6,2
Range (m) 1000 800 1000 1200 1500

The rifle barrel cantilever, heavy-walled, fluted and four-chamber muzzle brake compensator. Made of stainless steel, rifling obtained by donovania.

  • The receiver is cylindrical, is machined from a steel bar. Connection with the barrel fixed.
  • The breech bolt turning. The handle is attached to the stem with screws. Larva with two lugs. Stem with spiral flutes, it’s got two openings for discharging the gases break.
  • The trigger mechanism with an adjustable force of the descent. The manufacturer offers two options of construction: Varmint with a force of 0.5 to 0.9 kg or Hunter, from 0.9 to 1.5 kg.
  • Fuse three-position, the check box is located on the back plate of the drummer of the shutter. Position “forward until it stops,” in which open red dot allows you to cock the projectile during movement of the shutter and shoot. Rearmost position of the checkbox locks the sear, the firing pin and the bolt. Intermediate the striker and the sear, it is used in the equipment of shop and an incomplete disassembly of the rifle.
  • In the cocked condition of the firing pin shank protrudes at least 3 mm from the butt pad of the drummer, it suffered the red ring marking.
  • Release button shutter is on the left side of the receiver near its backplate.
  • The bed of aluminum alloy, the folding butt. The hinge is made of structural steel. On the butt are height-adjustable butt pad, pillow (crest) and the lower sliding stops.
  • The handle of a plastic box, set almost vertically. In the forearm, in front of the bin store is made of plastic plate with the corrugation.
  • The breech of the barrel protected by a perforated metal casing, on the side surfaces of which is fixed Picatinny rail for tactical accessories.
  • Bipod with telescopic pillars fixed to the front end of the forearm. They can be removed.
  • For installation of optical sights fitted with a long Picatinny rail that extends from the back plate of the receiver to the front edge of the perforated casing of the barrel.
  • Shop single row, removable. The latch lever is located on the front branch of the trigger guard.
Picking and packing

The rifle comes in a hard plastic case. In the package she bipod, optical sight, brake-compensator, a shop and a set of keys, to adjust USM. Attached certificate, warranty card, Protocol shooting.

The principle of operation

The operating mechanisms of the rifle in General is the same as all rifles, bolt-on, shutter.

  • When the flag guard is in position “fire” (all the way forward, open the red dot), the bolt handle can be raised and take the stem back.
  • If the breech of the barrel was a shell or cartridge, they extracted a tooth extractor larvae and removed through the window of the receiver in contact with the protrusion of the reflector.
  • In the reverse movement of the cartridge is removed from the store ledge larvae and fed into the chamber.
  • Platoon projectile occurs in the last millimeters of stroke and lowering the handle. This is indicated by a red circular label on the shank of the striker that protrudes 3 mm from the butt pad of the drummer.
  • Before filling the magazine the rifle is placed on the circuit breaker – intermediate position check box. The store is removed from the hopper by pushing the lever latch embedded in the front branch of the trigger guard. The cartridges fit into one row.
  • During transport, the rifle is deactivated, for which the fuse box is shifted far back. As a result, blocks the firing pin, the sear and the bolt.
  • Change the stroke length and effort the trigger is made through a longitudinal groove in the trigger guard. The adjusting screw is located at the base of the hook in the front. He secondrun red lacquer.

Partial disassembly is to clean the rifle. It consists in inserting the bolt and store.

  1. Check the box of the fuse in an intermediate position.
  2. To remove the store.
  3. To open the shutter, take the stem back, to make sure that in the barrel there is a cartridge or a case.
  4. Click on the lever located on the left, the back plate of the receiver.
  5. To remove the shutter.

Possible to install tactical accessories – night vision scopes, laser sights, on the side strips of the perforated casing of the barrel.

Owner reviews about the sniper rifle and the price of the rifle Orsis SE T-5000 M (Orsis SE T-5000 M) are given below.

Price and reviews

The rifle is from 250 to 300 thousand rubles. Has a high shooting performance of the rifle.

The value of the MOA does not exceed 0.2. The impact is strong and sharp, the sound of the shot is very strong, it is recommended to use professional protective headphones.

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