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But when in 2000 TSKB-14 was tasked to develop a relatively cheap sniper rifle, the three-line again remembered. About the legendary three-line Mosin know, even people very far from the weapon. The rifle has been in service for more than 50 years, but after the Second World war it was discontinued due to the loss of value of small arms.

Review of carbines OC-48/48K

What is interesting about modern weapons designers old model from the early 20th century? The fact is that the tests revealed that the famous three-line with a distance of 100 m puts bullets in a circle with a diameter of 3.5 cm, while the regular sniper rifle – SVD, placed at 8 cm from 100 m. in addition, when the automatic recharging shooting accuracy falls even more. In the three-line this problem does not exist

The result is stored in the warehouses of small arms have found a new life. Carbine OC-48 is produced by modifying a sniper rifle Mosin. Weapons enhanced to successfully use the advantages of the rifle and compensate for its shortcomings.

Rifle the OTS-48K (photo)

Advantages and disadvantages

Carbine OC-48 was created as a hunting weapon and as an option for the sniper units and special forces for the last battle there is a modification OTS-48K. The barrel and the locking node remained from trehlineyki, and bed, and the stock has set a more modern.

As a result of all alterations of the model has the following advantages.

  • Accuracy – the distance of 100 m you can shoot at a target with a diameter of 3.5 see
  • The maximum effective range of nearly 1300 m, which is greater than the firing range of the SVD.
  • Soft down “sports”. This required corresponding changes in the trigger mechanism.
  • Foldable front sight – provides a more convenient transportation and does not interfere when using the optical sight.
  • The barrel has a flash suppressor.
  • Raised the butt to work with optical sight and is fitted with recoil pad. The latter has a comfortable shape, made of rubber. Unfortunately, the shape of the carabiner will be diminished.
  • There is an opportunity to consolidate protivovirusnuu film – thus preventing the heating of the barrel in the sun and prevented the oscillations of air in front of the gun.
  • Combat modification of the rifle – OTS-48K, is performed by the scheme “bullpup”. It is possible to reduce the length of the weapon to 850 mm.

Disadvantages of products nevertheless present.

  • The design of the rifle is hardly modern: the axis of the barrel rises above the butt plate, which in itself contradicts the idea of a “bullpup”.
  • The gate in the Mosin rifle was not originally distinguished by a slight swing. The carbine does not resolve this problem. On the contrary, the shutter is connected with an extension cord, making it difficult to move. In combat conditions when it is impossible to carry out the cleaning, ordinary people simply can not cock it with one hand. This quality significantly reduces the rate of proliferation.
  • Longitudinal-a sliding shutter is located above the butt, not in it, what if rapid recharge can lead to punching people in the face.
  • The telescopic sight of the rifle is offset to the left. In addition, there is no way to detect a disruption in the sighting optics, except on the shooting results.

Release 2 versions of the model with a slightly different purpose.

  • OTS-48 sniper rifle for precision shooting, the main purpose of which is hunting for large animals. Cartridge carbine OTS-48 TOZ – 7,62h54r, including high-precision sniper 7H1.
  • The OTS-48K is a military modification is used in special ops. The model is produced in small batches and only under the order. Instead of a flash suppressor you can put a silencer. The main sight – a four-time PSO-1 or PKS sevenfold-07. Instead of the day sight you can set night, like PKN-03.
Settings OC-48 OTS-48K
Caliber, mm The 7.62 7, 62
Length, mm 1250 850
Barrel length, mm 630 730
Weight without cartridges, kg 6,0 5,5
Capacity 5 5
Sighting range, m 1000 1000

The weight is provided with an optical sight PKS-07У.


Carbine OC-48 is a major modification, but also custom-made. “Raw material” in the literal sense of the word are Mosin-Nagant rifles stored in military warehouses. For modification of weapons choose the best on the accuracy of fire instances and send into trouble.

  • The barrel and lock remains unchanged: trunk, made according to old, almost “manual” technology has the best performance, while producing the now detail therefore uneconomical.
  • The trigger mechanism is reworked in order to provide a smoother descent.
  • Longitudinal-a sliding shutter is connected with an extension cord and is equipped with bent down handle. In shutter – drummer with the combat platoon. The shutter is the main drawback of the product because it requires a significant effort when recharging.
  • Shop permanent, Mosin inscribed in the butt is produced along with the bed. The cartridges in the store has to push one at a time.
  • Regular folding bipod can be hidden in the box – there is a special niche.

Shortened combat shotgun, the trigger Assembly and arm to fire forward of the receiver. Thus reduce the length of the rifle.

Picking and packing

Carbine OC-48 is offered with the following collation:

  • sights: day four – time PSO-1 or PKS sevenfold-07, night – PKN-03;
  • the flash suppressor;
  • tactical silencer PMS – mounts on the barrel instead of the flash suppressor;
  • protivomoroznyh tape;
  • glasses small;
  • gun oil from different manufacturers;
  • case for an optical sight;
  • gun case;
  • noise-canceling headphones.

For shooting from a carbine OTS-48 KBP TOZ use the cartridge 7.62 х54. fit:

  • cartridge about tompakova refinery – shell case bi-metal bullet tompakova. The weight is 13 g;
  • cartridge Extra shell tompakova, cartridge brass. Tompakova shell has minimal impact on the state of the borehole;
  • noise refinery cartridge – with bimetallic cartridge case;
  • cartridge increased accuracy – tompakova shell. Bullet weight 9.9 g;
  • cartridge S&B jacketed hollow-point bullet. Weight – 11,7 g. Has a very high ballistic performance.
The principle of operation

OTS-48K refers to the type of rifles with bolt release – longitudinally sliding gate with manual rotation. This mechanism closes a bore through the length of military protrusions into the grooves of the receiver. The design is simple, but nevertheless can withstand high pressure propellant gas, thereby when fired from a carbine bolt-on paddle, you can use the bullets more power.

The principle of operation is as follows:

  • the bore is closed at propping up with state of the slice stopper, who came in the front position;
  • locking mechanism prevents possible waste of the shutter due to the pressure of the gas when fired;
  • when fired the bolt is held from the state of the slice;
  • after the shot the shutter is open – it rastaplivaete with the barrel and opens the bore;
  • the shutter is withdrawn back, opening the barrel channel. Produce recharge.

The main disadvantage of bolted shutter – the need to stress when reloading. In the OC-48 recharge even more difficult because of the extension cable.


For inspection and cleaning of the rifle is partial disassembly. Required in the repair or in case of heavy contamination of weapons. Surgery are advised not to repeat too often, since complete disassembly promotes rapid wear of parts. Assembly and disassembly are on the table or clean litter. Be sure to check whether the discharged weapons.

The sequence of partial disassembly.

  1. Press the trigger and the other hand open and removed the shutter.
  2. Unscrew and pull up the rod.
  3. Remove the cover from the hinge bolt.
  4. Disassemble the shutter, hold down the bolt head and the handle, pulled the trigger and turning left, let go, then bring the bar forward with the larva is detached from the bolt body. The larva is separated from the strap. In the upright position press the handle of the stem, squeezing combat spring and screwed the trigger from the firing pin. Gently loosen the bolt and remove the firing pin.
  5. In the last instance remove the spring from the firing pin.

Assembling the rifle after cleaning and lubrication is performed in the reverse order.

Full disassembly involves separating the trunk from the bed and disassembly of the trigger mechanism. The separation of the other parts is possible only in the Armory workshop.


Most often, the rifle will improve by fastening instead of the usual planks with dovetail bar of the “Picatinny”. Possible to install side bar under more severe sight.


The price for a hunting rifle the OTS-48 is 21200 R. Rifle, used, can cost as less or more: it depends on the type of improvements. But in this case, the choice should be particularly careful, as amended, any owner of the weapon enters, focusing on their own needs, skills, and even anatomical features.

Carbine is a definite plus – ability to use cartridges of the old model along with modern products that meet the requirements of PMK Brussels Convention. Accordingly, the cost of ammunition is very different:

  • the usual noise from the refinery is 22 p. per piece;
  • 20 PCs tompakova shell is estimated at 399-499 R;
  • cartridge S&B costs from up to 2480 3220 p. for 20 PCs.
Owner reviews
  • As a hunting rifle modification of a rifle, of course, found many owners say the good accuracy and the ability to work with a variety of ammo.
  • According to reviews, the bullet pierces the oak through and through at a distance of 200 m.
  • However, many of the owners of guns have to resort to the modifications, most often expressed the wish to lengthen the fly.
  • The prospect of military option is not so rosy. Experts believe that the layout of the bullpup itself preclude the use of the rifle OC-48 as a sniper rifle. Furthermore, the difficulty of recharge affects rate of fire. Practical data on how the rifle behaves in combat, no.

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