RBM-93 Lynx, carbine, smoothbore weapons

Modern models of hunting rifles delight their fans with versatility and guaranteed reliability. Thanks to sophisticated design, ergonomics of each constructive part of such a carabiner to get the best results shooting, which characterize such factors as the distance of the bullet flight, accuracy and effectiveness of each performed shot.

And among the models of pump-action shotguns that are acquired thanks to its excellent technical characteristics a high level of demand, need special attention in a model RBM-93 “Rys”

which is proven not only firing rates but also classic design, using proven durable materials when making models, as well as a large number of positive reviews of both buyers and owners who acknowledge the reasonableness of the whole design and ease of operation.

Overview of carbine BSR-93 Rys

Among the models of pump-action smooth-bore rifles, namely RBM-93 “Rys” has a wide range of use, because of its good performance. Classic design, polymeric materials, use in the creation of the butt and barrel of the gun, and also natural wood hard wood give of the model refinement and stylish, attractive to buyers. All the materials have a high rate of resistance to external influences, because the use of the rifle, even in conditions of high humidity (which is especially important when operating the rifle in the field) does not impair the appearance of the model RBM-93 “Rys”.

Due to its design, slightly cropped barrel and elaborate form of the butt, model BSR-93 “Rys” as much as possible convenient for use. Its relatively light weight combined with optimal size allows it to operate men any weight, and women who have the fragile addition and a small palm size. And the ability to use a model RBM-93 “Rys” for beginners due to the ease of it, the simplicity of the mechanism, causing the rifle in action, can be called one of the most important advantages of this rifle in comparison with the analogues submitted in the market today.

Due to the presence in the base of the optical sight and strap for easy transport, can start its operation immediately after purchase. Certificate of quality issued by the seller in the sale, guarantees the safety of use of such a rifle, it spelled out the characteristics of fire.

Many owners notice this as a model RBM-93 “Rys” as a possibility of quick partial disassembly, which is especially important for making minor repairs or carrying out improvements to the carbine. The lack of complexity in the process of operation is also determined by the mechanism design of the rifle.

Advantages and disadvantages

Through the analysis of the existing advantages of the model and its flaws, you can get the most complete idea of its capabilities laid down by the manufacturer. Belonging to the class of smooth-bore pump-action guns, model BSR-93 “Rys” can be considered one of the most successful of this class: the mobile design of the trunk and gives you the opportunity shop with great convenience and high speed to make the shots, but throw in the process of firing the spent shell casings from the cartridges provide maximum rate of fire.

The most frequently allocated to the advantages of this model RBM-93 “Rys” should include such features:

  • speed make the shot;
  • good performance range of a bullet, that is determined by the high initial velocity of its flight. This allows you to hit targets at considerable distances (up to 150 m);
  • the aesthetics of appearance, with no superfluous details, ill-conceived design model RBM-93 “Rys” is among the most elegant among the similar carbines;
  • the convenience of the Lodge of the butt, minimal impact when making a shot, and a perfect fit to shoulder – all this is also noted by many owners as an important advantage of the model.

To use this model as for shooting shot and grapeshot. This feature significantly expands the possibilities for use.

Feature of this rifle should be considered as the specificity determining caliber, the classification of which is held in a somewhat different standard in comparison with rifles of different design. In smooth models with the beginning of production of these models was believed that the bullet that produced from this trunk, should have a perfect round shape. Because the calibration of cartridges is carried out by a special technique. For the model used cartridges caliber 12 (this is the caliber of the barrel model RBM-93 “Rys”).

Disadvantages some owners include inconvenient location of the recoil pad, which adds convenience in the operation of the carbine.

Photos of the rifle RBM-93 Rys


The use of the model is not limited to professional hunting. The model proved to be excellent both in teaching beginners, and as entertainment and training accuracy, for participation in sports and competitions.

  • Today in professional gun shops proposed two modifications of this model. One is made of polymeric materials with high strength, the appearance of the rifle becomes more expressive, remaining made in the classic tradition of hunting rifles wide range of use.
  • The second type is offered with the use of natural wood in the design of the butt. Natural walnut, featuring increased strength, have proved to be excellent when using this gun, even in conditions of high humidity rapid temperature changes of the environment.

Technical characteristics of the carbine Lynx is given below.


Having an excellent reputation as an entertainment and a hunting rifle with many features to use, model BSR-93 “Rys”have the technical capacity to have confidence in the most effective shooting. With the help of technical parameters, which are manufacturer, we can provide a complete picture of the usage and capabilities of the rifle RBM-93 “Rys”. Presented in tabular variant, technical characteristics allow to present the most important features of the model.

Specifications Carbine BSR-93 “Rys”
Country of origin Russia
Appointment Hunting, shooting, fun, target practice
View Smoothbore pump-action rifle
Capacity cartridges From 5 to 9
The total length of the body 1 120 mm
The length of the barrel 625 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight 4,89 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

The decoration of the modifications of this model uses modern polymer and a natural material , ergonomics of every detail provides the greatest convenience in operation and guaranteed reliability allows you to be confident in the excellent results of shooting.


The mechanism of this hunting rifle is simple, and easy partial disassembly. The barrel is made of quality stainless steel, its length is optimal for this model. The method of cold forging allows to cover the barrel with a high degree of strength.

Covered with long lasting quality wood varnished butt pleasant process use and long retains its appeal due to high-quality treatment. Polymeric materials also have high strength and long-lasting appearance of the rifle and its performance.

Picking and packing

The basic package includes an optical sight, a store with a capacity of 5 rounds, a front sight and ramrod, which is necessary to clean the barrel.

When the issued certificate of quality, an individual passport. Packed the rifle in a cardboard box.

The principle of operation

The exhaust-gas formed in the after shots is in the model RBM-93 “Rys” through holes on a lateral surface of the stem channel. The process of locking stem channel is performed by using the barrel locking.


Disassembled smoothbore weapon RBM-93 when cleaning the barrel with soot, and for the implementation of its improvement.


To increase the number of cartridges in the store, we offer the basic kit for model RBM-93 “Rys”, you can replace it with a larger one. Some owners had replaced the front sight.

Reviews and price of the rifle RBM-93 Rys are given below.

The product price

The price of model RBM-93 “Rys” from different vendors may vary slightly and is about 21 200-23 250 rubles. This amount can be purchased and other models. for example, saiga 20K, MP-43, MP-135, Vepr pioneer, etc.

Owner reviews

According to owner reviews, model BSR-93 “Rys” is in the process of zeroing. Simple mechanism of action provides opportunities to use the rifle for hunting, and for entertainment purposes: target shooting, participation in sports competitions in sport shooting.

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