Remington 11-87 Sportsman

Remington 11-87 Sportsman is a semi-automatic smoothbore gun, before reloading, which uses the principle of gas engine. Simple and reliable in operation, it is popular hunters, which is supported by the relatively low price.

Description shotguns Remington 11-87 Sportsman

Semi-automatic smoothbore shotgun with a tubular underbarrel store. Recharge is carried out through selection of the portion of the propellant gases from the barrel. The piston and return mechanism located on the exterior of the shop and closed fore-grip.

The design of the gun was very similar to the device, for example, Mossbreg 930, which almost without changes is taken the shutter, and “Snipe-Car”, with a very similar design of a gas engine.

Advantages and disadvantages

Traditional Remington optimal ratio of price to quality. That is, this gun is average in everything it does have something to complain about, and admire.

  • The gun comes in two calibers – 12-m and 20-m with 76 mm chamber Is better than the sentence “Snipe-Auto” and Mossberg 930, which run in the twelfth. However, it is strange that omitted a popular 16th, which is the optimal diameter of the shot scree for most types of hunting. Semiautomatic 20-gauge is a very controversial decision, because usually with the same diameter of the barrel hunting for upland and wetland game that rarely gather in flocks and the entire process is very fast. So much so that even twin shot is a rarity. And the third cartridge to shoot is not for someone.
  • The shutter free, he almost without modification is borrowed from a Mossberg 930. Due to this recoil even when firing the heavy duty rounds of 12-gauge remains quite moderate, it is much less than the “Snipe-Car”, the larva of the shutter which engages a tooth over the shank of the breech. However, the sharpness and accuracy of the battle at the weapon with this type of locking of the barrel is always a little worse.

Very poor complete set of delivery. In stock form, the trunk twisted nozzle “pauchok”. All the other hunters are asked to purchase their own.

  • The handle of the bolt is small, to pull her hands in the gloves can be awkward.
  • Nice gun digests all kinds of ammo, including with reusable brass cartridges. But prefer standard or enhanced linkage of gunpowder.
  • The functionality of the Remington 11-87 Sportsman is slightly inferior to “Bekas-Auto”, which has a trap of cartridges, which allows you to quickly change the type of the equipment used cartridge or not to empty the store of weapons transport – when the monitoring officials of the Ministry of interior to open the shutter and do not apply cartridge to the line of loading.
  • The fuse box is located otherwise than the Mossberg 930 – branch on the rear of the trigger guard, not on the back plate of the receiver. This design is usually for Remington, but cannot say for certain that it is the other hunters there.
  • The design of the gas engine does not allow to increase the capacity of the store. However, it is made of stainless steel, so care for guns much easier.
  • The ergonomics of the box is not satisfactory. This is exactly what Remington 11-87 should be commended.
  • Shotgun 12 cm long “Bekas-Auto”, and 150 grams heavier than him, but overall dimensions and weight are in the normal range for this type of weapon.

Photo Remington 11-87 Sportsman Synthetic


This is a hunting gun for the production of upland and waterfowl, small and medium-sized ungulates and predators. Effective range of 70 meters.


Shotgun is available in 12 and 20-gauges with 76 mm chamber

  • Model 11-87 Sportsman Field. Polupoltina bed, solid American walnut. She is very beautiful and graceful. Notch on the handle and handguard are made in the form of floral ornament. Metal parts are blued. The trigger is gold plated. Sights – high ventilated strap and the bronze fly. The shock-absorbing butt plate.
  • Model 11-87 Sportsman Camo. Bed polupoltina, plastic. Camouflage pattern full, including the metal parts.
  • Model 11-87 Sportsman Black Syn. Bed polupoltina, plastic, dark grey. Metal parts are blued.
  • The Cantilever Model 11-87 Sportsman Slug. Weapons with short bullet barrel having a rifling shot of the “Paradox”. Calibre only 20 minutes. Bed plastic, light gray color pillow and “Monte Carlo” on the crest of the butt. Equipped with a weaver rail for mounting optics. Front sight and rib are absent.

Also available model police shotgun Police Tactical 12-gauge with a barrel length of 355, 457 and 508 mm. magazine Capacity 7 cartridges. Bed it is equipped with a long pistol grip. The market of civilian weapons she does not come.

Technical specifications civil 11-87
Field Camo Black Synthetic Cantilever Slug
Type Semi-automatic with a gas engine
Caliber 16, 20 20
Trunk Smooth, muzzle narrowing poluchat – mounted removable nozzle. Fully Rifled, the rifling pitch of 1:35
Barrel length (mm) 660 – 20 cal.

710 – 12 cal.

533 – 20 cal.

710 – 12 cal.

533 or 660 for 20 gauge

660 or 710 12 gauge

Capacity 4
Overall length (mm) 1168 – 20 cal.

1232 – 12 cal.

1029 – 20 cal.

1219 – 12 cal.

1022 1168 or for 20 gauge

1168 1219 or for 12 gauge

Weight (kg) 3,29 -20 cal.

A 3.74 – 12 cal.

2,95 – 20 cal.

A 3.74 – 12 cal.

2,95 3,23 or for 20 gauge

A 3.74 – 12 cal.


Semi-automatic smoothbore shotgun with gas engine and underbarrel tubular magazine.

  • Trunks made of carbon steel, non chrome plated. Model Field Camo and Black Synthetic is equipped with a smooth, installed interchangeable muzzle narrowing nozzle size “pauchok”. The model is equipped with a Cantilever Slug barrel with wide rifling a bullet of the type “Paradox.”
  • The receiver is of aluminum alloy, cast. The window of the bunker shop is located on the bottom face, and he closed the Elevator feeder.
  • The gas engine is on the outside of the tubular store. Consists of the RAM-weighting, rigidly connected to the slide frame, the three o-rings and piston. It is closed fore-grip. The main fastener of the node of the barrel – the gas chamber is a corrugated nut with a lug-sling swivel for attachment of a belt which is wound onto the store.
  • There is a shutter delay mechanism, triggered after shooting the last cartridge. To switch it off, provided the lever located on the bottom of the receiver between the front branch of the trigger guard and the bin store.
  • The spring is located inside the neck of the butt.
  • The shutter is free, the locking occurs only due to the elastic efforts of the return spring. Cylinder bolt with one extractor.
  • The flow cartridge is right-pull the bolt and lever delay.
  • The trigger mechanism is unregulated. Or the stroke length of the hook, no force on it. The fuse is located above the rear branch of the trigger guard. This button, move across the axis of the barrel. Press the left position Fire.
  • Sights consist of high vented trims and bronze flies. The model Cantilever Slug they are replaced by the strip weaver, attached to the breech of the barrel.
  • Polupoltina the bed, the butt cushion butt pad.
Packaging equipment

Comes in a cardboard box. The barrel is cleared. Supplied only the key for changeable muzzle contractions, polochak pre-installed, others are encouraged to buy their own. Attached instructions and the passport.

The principle of operation

Before loading the weapon is placed on the fuse. For putting on the fuse tap on the button at rear of trigger guard branches, shifting it from left to right.

The cartridges fit into the hopper sequentially muzzle of a cartridge case forward. To feed the first cartridge into the chamber distort the bolt. Then the store can put another weapon.

When moving the bolt back manually by a handle or by pressure of gases on the piston – removed and ejected the used cartridge case, the percussion mechanism is cocked, is fed into the bunker cartridge. During her return, the Elevator delivers the cartridge to the line loading, where it is picked up by the larva and is fed into the chamber.

After shooting the last cartridge slide is to delay. It can be removed by pressing the lever located in front of the trigger guard.

The weapon has no perehvatyvaet ammo, so charge one cartridge with other equipment is possible only with an empty store. To do this, pull the bolt back, put the ammunition on the Elevator through the window of the receiver and press the lever removing it from the receiver delay.

  1. Unload the rifle: open bolt, make sure the chamber is clean, frame is on a delay.
  2. Click on the slide stop lever, return the frame to its original position.
  3. Remove the molded nut at the front of the store.
  4. To remove the forearm by sliding it to the muzzle slice.
  5. Pull the bolt back and put it on delay.
  6. Withdraw the barrel from the receiver, simultaneously withdrawing it from the gas chamber mates with the piston installed in the store.
  7. Remove from store consistently: lock split ring, a piston and two obturating ring.
  8. To return the bolt into place by pressing the lever of the delay. To remove the handle.
  9. To turn the receiver bottom up, imbedded finger Elevator bullets, found on the inner surface of the receiver lever feeder of cartridges (on the left), press and unhook him with a thrust of the bolt.
  10. To withdraw from a receiver design consisting of pusher-weighting (put on store), two rods, frame shutter and its larvae.
  11. Knock out the pins attaching the trigger mechanism, remove it in gathering with the lever of removal from the slide stop from the receiver.
  12. To turn the receiver bottom up, unhook the two branches of the return of the pusher bolt (it is similar to tweezers) from pin return spring.

Due to the fact that the spring is located in the neck of the Lodge, tuning of weapons – set pistol-grip or folding stock impossible.


The gun is from 99 to 120 thousand rubles.


Battle rifles heap and harsh, specific criticism on the work of the mechanism of reloading the Network is not found. It is noted that the pairing of the moving parts are very precise, so the weapon needs regular cleaning and lubrication, it is much more demanding of our Mr-155 and “Bekas-Auto”.

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