Remington 597 VTR, rifled gun

Features of the rifle from the company Remington is that it is a small-caliber weapon allows you to solve numerous tasks for civilian use. What can be called decisive in the use of these rifles.

Today the most familiar type of hunting is the prey of birds or big game that not only allows to solve the overpopulation of the local fauna, but the loot within certain regulatory limits.

This does not contradict the legal framework of Russia, but also allows to carry out regulatory due to the ejection of the animals.

Overview of carbine Remington 597 VTR

Vintorez with a legendary name Remington 597 is a semi-automatic small-caliber magazine-rifle made in the USA. The production of such weapons produced in the following calibers:

  • In caliber 22 LR in the English version of the long rifle – “long rifle”, 5.6 x 15mm R.
  • The .22 WMR in the English version – the 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire, where one of the variants of the name of 5.60 mm Winchester Magnum or 22 Magnum, 22 Mag.

In the field of technology is samozaryadnyj rifle, with a loading mechanism of the rifle the Remington trigger system is mixed and udarnikov types. The location of the trigger – based trigger, where the location of the projectile on the body of the stopper, the system is spring-loaded. Release of spent cartridges is made with the option of hard thrower and a reliable reflector.

Today it is the most appropriate firearms for professional hunters and Amateur travelers who wish to enjoy in the way of hunting.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of the rifle are the trigger system rifle Remington 40-X design is similar to the trigger mechanisms of the X-Mark Pro. In addition, the experts noted the following positive aspects:

  1. Thick-walled barrel of cast steel with a length of 40, 00 cm
  2. For the manufacture of the receiver used alloy steel.
  3. Solid steel without impurities went into the design of the slide.
  4. Light modern plastic material for the handle and butt.
  5. The perfect geometry of the shapes, allowing the weapon fits perfectly in the hand when shooting and aiming.

A negative point is the small shop and not always accurate extraction of the shells after firing, the cartridge case sometimes just gets stuck in the barrel.

Carabine Remington 597 VTR


Remington this series is perfectly adapted for hunting, especially small game and birds. Thanks to the good accuracy of the shot carbine is indispensable for the production of marsh and waterfowl representatives of the bird world.

Also suitable for shooting sports and other civilian targets carbine Remington 597 VTR, and to obtain the skills of the shooter.


Wide enough product range of the rifles of the Remington company allows to satisfy the most varied needs of its owners. Today, the Remington 597 in the market is one of the most popular small-caliber magazine rifles semi-automatic type. Manufacturer Flag of the United States. svg USA produces two variant calibers:

  • Caliber weapons . 22 LR, 5, 6*15mm R.
  • Hunting rifle type caliber Magnum . 22 WMR.

The following are characteristic rifles Remington 597 VTR cal. 22 LR, 5, 6*15 mm, etc.

No. Figure Ed. izm. Data
1 Caliber mm . 22 LR
2 The capacity of the store cartridge 10
3 Store system box removable
4 Curb weight kg 3, 00
5 Trunk type rifled
6 Total length cm 90, 00
7 The barrel length cm 41, 00

Fans of fans of hunting and bench shooting it is well known that the Remington company produces a simple, sturdy and reliable weapon, differing in their design. In the basis of the work used impact heavy shutter, a massive and free.

Picking and packing

The carbine is presented in the trading network in a disassembled state for security purposes. The barrel and all metal parts wrapped in oiled cloth or paper to avoid the effects of moisture on steel.

  • The kit includes individual unit certificate, certificate and license of the manufacturer.
  • Here there is a service manual of a carbine.
The principle of operation

The main features in the process of working down the shutter are polished to a mirror finish to perfectly fit the surface. In the manufacturing process shot of the impact mechanism perfectly adapted to solve a particular problem.

High accuracy was achieved due to the rigid connection of the receiver and barrel.


Procedures for the Assembly and disassembly of the rifle held by the classical scheme, inherent in this type of weapon. For beginners to arms is accompanied by a detailed step by step instructions, which should be sure to explore. It must be remembered that any manipulation of the firearm should be discharged, making sure that the barrel is empty.

Tuning for this model today is not considered by the manufacturer. The only element of tuning can be called anti-glare matte finish barrel part.

Reviews for the product Remington 597 VTR CAMO, 22 Lr, Wmr and others are given below.


The carbine is in a reasonable price range, available for beginners and those wishing to learn the basics of hunting opportunities – from 280, 00 USD. USA to 355, 00 dollars. USA.

Owner reviews

According to the forms of social networks the bulk of the views of owners is concentrated in the middle level of the weapons, ease of use and low price per copy.

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