Remington 700 BDL, rifle, smoothbore weapon

Rifle Remington 700 BDL – this gun’s a classic, a brilliant representative of the phenomenon of the Old School – everything that is recognized as a standard and example to follow. It is manufactured by Remington Arms since 1962, its trunk was the first to rifling, which was obtained by the method of durnovaria.

Description Remington 700 BDL rifle (Remington 700 BDL)

Bolt repeating rifle with poliestireno box wood American walnut. The number 700 in the model index indicates the diameter of the bolt in thousandths of an inch, and the abbreviation BDL stands for B grade De Lux. Until 2000, there was a model and ADL, which had the same design, but was not so exquisitely beautiful.

This is the first model in the world of firearms, the rifling in the barrel which was obtained by the method of durnovaria, which provided her sniper rifle quality – the value of the MOA when shooting at a distance of 100 meters does not exceed 0.5.

Advantages and disadvantages

This rifle mass production, but its utility and relative cheapness of not be affected. Appearance will satisfy the most demanding aesthete gun, and shooting performance of the sniper world.

Classic Remington “three rings of steel” – the larva shutter with edges that hold the bottom of the sleeve, the breech of the barrel and the receiver of high-strength steel – made weapons is reliable and able to withstand shot power weapons.

Very simple but reliable design with two docking lugs locks the barrel with the optimal node for this rifle density. It is traditionally, though erroneously, called “mazeroski”. However there are some fundamental differences: the striker is cocked is not at the time of lifting of the handle, and the last millimeters of the turn and the shutter when it is lowered.

In addition, the third tooth is missing, will the rear ring of the receiver. It is worth noting the usability of this item rifle, the ball of the handle which is slightly flattened and has a notch. Due to the special polishing technology, looks like fish scales, the shutter glides smoothly and not wedged in the rearmost position.

  • The barrel is tight to the forearm, which does not meet today’s fashion on the cantilever design, but it does not affect shooting performance, and the lack of clearance between it and the stock makes the rifle more protected from debris and dirt that inevitably occurs in any hunting. At the breech a massive steel tooth, transmitting all the energy of the impact at the box. The strength of the pairing is impossible, even too much, but it’s not bad.
  • The trigger mechanism is very simple, in the American fashion descent similar to the scrapped glass swizzle sticks – a short and without warning. Force classic – four pounds (1.6 kilograms), the majority of hunters considered the best. The box fuse is located near the back plate of the receiver, allowing you to switch it on and off, without detracting from the line of sight.
  • The rifle has a full set of sighting devices , external, consisting of a prismatic pillar on the base and a closed metal flies in the casing and four holes on the receiver for mounting straps or brackets for optics. This makes it universal.
  • The store is integrated, so charging is possible only at the top, which is a classic of the genre, but is not recognized by hunters especially a good solution. Fortunately, unlike the ADL model, it is equipped with a hinged lid with spring loaded feeder, so that the process of extraction of the cartridges is simplified.
  • Varnished bed wood, American walnut is just gorgeous. In ergonomics, and appearance. Elegant slim fore-end with a well-developed notch ends black, plastic tip, between which is set a white strip. The same is and between a plastic butt plate. He is not cushioning, it’s gun classic. The comb of the butt is provided with a low pillow Monte Carlo, it does not interfere when shooting without optics.

In the splendor of the Lodge there is a small drawback: extremely sorry for this beauty to climb the woods. Although the durability of the paint coating and polishing is very high. If to avoid direct kick butt on the trees, over a dozen years of operation is only slightly scratched. AWO comfortable firing from all positions.

The rifle is relatively lightweight (3.3 kg with cartridges) and compact (just over a meter in length), it is not burdensome for the suspension of hunting and is suitable for use as a forwarding weapons.

Photos Remington 700 BDL


This is a classic hunting rifles. We offer the manufacturer a set of calibers allows you to use it for hunting small, medium and large predators, ungulates. When using optics it is possible to defeat targets at distances up to 500 meters.


The manufacturer offered a set of calibers that included .243 Win, .307 Win, 30-06 Sprg. and 7 mm Rem Mag. In other parts the design of the rifle is identical for all models.

Conventional munitions Magnum
Type A repeating rifle with a bolt breech
Trunk Integrated with forend
Gauges .243 Win, .307 Win, 30-06 Sprg 7 mm Rem Mag
Barrel length (mm) 558,8 609,6
The rifling Trapezoidal, right
Step rifling 9 1/8 – .243 Win

1:10 – .270 Win

10 – 30-06 Sprg

9 1/4
Shop Integrated, single row, with a hinged lid
Capacity 4 3
Total length (mm) 105,73 – .243 Win and .307 Win

107,95 – 30-06 Sprg

Weight (kg) 3,3 3,4

A repeating rifle with a longitudinally sliding gate. The barrel is tight to the forend. On the muzzle chamfer in the form of a crown. The rifling obtained by donovania, their four pieces, the direction of rotation is right. The outer coating – burnishing.

  • Receiver is a cylindrical, steel, open. Connection with the barrel threaded, hot-water tightness (sealed). On the top face are arranged four holes for mounting straps for optics. On the bottom a large steel cylinder, passing the bed the energy of the recoil momentum.
  • The bolt with two lugs, a spring-loaded striker and a tooth extractor. The larva completely covers the bottom of the sleeve. The handle with a slight bend, flattened a ball on the end and a notch on it.
  • The firing pin is cocked at the toe for a tooth, whispered on the last millimeters of the bolt travel forward and lowering the handle. When opening the shutter, there is an automatic removal from combat platoon. On the back plate of the drummer has a through hole for installation of a blocking lock. As a variant – shaped J-shaped groove for a key.
  • Trigger mechanism single action, its design consists of a sear, a trigger and a set of springs. The stroke length adjustment is not provided. Regular force on the trigger 1.6 kilograms. It can be adjusted through the hole in the trigger with the Allen key supplied.
  • The mechanical fuse, blocks the sear. When activated, the movement of the shutter is also locked. The check box located on the right side of the neck of the butt, the buttplate receiver. It has two positions: Fire – the way forward, and Stop until it stops back.
  • The unlock button shutter used to extract it, is located above the trigger at the front.
  • Store integrated, single row, with a hinged lid, latch on the forearm, front of the bunker.
  • Set the outer sighting devices consist of a rear sight on the prism base and metal flies in a cylindrical casing. The position of the rear sight you can change the height (distance line) and horizontally.
  • Bed polupoltina, cool set and well-defined handle. The butt pillow-type Monte Carlo and unregulated plastic buttplate, which has a stamp with the logo of the Remington Arms company. The fore-end wedge-shaped, with a plastic finial in black.
Picking and packing

The rifle comes in a cardboard box with foam packing inside the absorber. The shutter is removed, placed separately.

  • Supplied Remington 700 BDL key to adjust the effort on the trigger and the security lock (as an option – two shaped key).
  • Attached a passport and instruction manual.
The principle of operation

The algorithm works normal for all the bolt rifles. The knob goes up and the stem is moved back. If in the chamber there was a cartridge or a shell casing, it is extracted and ejected in the direction to right, up and back. Platoon projectile occurs when moving the bolt forward when his fighting tooth engages the sear of the trigger mechanism. Final preparation of weapons for firing happens after the stick lowering the shutter.

Before loading the store it is necessary to include the fuse box by sliding the back plate receiver back until it stops, until you close the red dot and will not appear white. Open the shutter, take him for all length ago. The cartridges are stacked in the hopper one by one. But so that the bottom of the sleeve subsequent to stand in front of a circular recess of the flange to the previous one. Rifle caliber 30-06 Sprg can be equipped with an additional fifth cartridge. For this post it with your finger in the chamber, and then imbedded with a finger laid to the store and swipe over them with the larvae of the shutter.

To empty the store by clicking on the latch of the hopper, located on the handguard. Cover flips up with a spring feeder.

To lock the shutter use the security lock. Open the gate and take him back. Swipe the handle of the lock in the hole of the back plate of the drummer. In this position, the shutter is locked when the tooth of a striker engages the sear. If you will make efforts for further progress, then something breaks or the sear, or the hammer.

  1. Discharge weapon cartridge chamber must be clean and empty.
  2. Open the shutter, take him back.
  3. Click on the lever on the trigger output shutter of the receiver.

To separate the butt from the barrel remove the two screws located on either side of the trigger guard. Remove the unit consisting of the bin store with cover and trigger guard. Separate the barrel to the receiver and the trigger mechanism from the stock.

To disassemble the shutter, do the following:

  • clamp in a vise tooth drummer;
  • pull the bolt forward until the body of impactor risks;
  • at risk insert a coin or flat tip screwdriver;
  • rotating the bolt by the handle in a counterclockwise direction, remove the percussion mechanism;
  • squeeze the pin on the shank of the firing pin, remove it and the spring from the housing.

The price and the reviews on the rifle Remington model 700 BDL (Remington 700 BDL) is given below.


On the official website of the manufacturer stated that the cost of the rifle under conventional munition is equal to 994, and the Magnum – 1024 dollar. In online stores it costs from 55 to 70 thousand rubles.

The Remington 700 BDL rifle (Remington 700 BDL) 308 wearer’s eyes are described below.


The rifle is suitable for shooting with all of the provisions, including the emphasis with hands standing. The shutter runs smoothly, doesn’t jam in any of the positions. When firing conventional ammunition, the magnitude of the MOA does not exceed one unit. Recoil is mild, well absorbed by the box.

When shooting heavy bullets bimetallic barrel can throw. The rifle is robust and does not require extraordinary measures to conserve and care for her. Can be used as a forwarding weapons.

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