Remington 700 Police LTR TWS, rifled gun

The base model became the basis for several modifications. Namely, several types of sniper weapons added to the Arsenal of the U.S. armed forces, is well-known model M – 40 entered service with the Marine Corps in 1966. Model M – 24 was armed with America in 1987.

Nowadays, the carbine is the most popular firearms of the police and special forces of the United States.

It will adults and children in the cult militants in the reports from the field of hostilities, and now in video slots. The rifle is the most organically looks in the hands of hunters on Safari and law enforcement officers. Simple in appearance, has excellent geometry series rifles model 700 was produced in the workshops of the firm Remington in early 1962. Due to the simplicity and ease of use, reliability and quality of the design the carbine was rapidly conquered many fans, both among professionals and among Amateurs.

Review rifle Remington 700 Police LTR TWS

A factor in the popularity of rifles Remington 700 Police LTR TWS is high accuracy, good accuracy and remarkable performance hit, which was achieved by the design of the bolt. Due to the fact that for the production of the shot and reload rifle required a minimum of time, it became the basis for the production of various product variants. The creators firearms Remington had used the 700 series of rifles as in highest accuracy, that is, in certain conditions, a unique quality.

Be aware that the creators of the model series 700 series offer their wares in a large number of calibers.

  • Locating a series of numbers several dozen. Starting with the . Rem 177 – 4,5 mm and up . 338 Rem Ultra magnum – 8.6 mm, sometimes even larger.
  • Shooting is standard ammunition 7, 62 * 51, 00 series mm NATO caliber . 308 Win.
Advantages and disadvantages
  • The most important thing about firearms is the aiming accuracy of the shot. The main advantage of the standard rifle Remington 700 series – shooting with accuracy of 1 MOA.
  • Another important priority of the carbines of this type is the fact that all modern versions of the model 700, regardless of the design features and appointments include a barrel, which is used stainless steel.
  • Experts and hunting enthusiasts say the quality of the bed of polymer alloys, they have the ability to check out to obtain high accuracy for 1 angular minute in the case of the use of match bullets of classiness.

Of course, even the best weapon can not have faults. In the case of a serial range of 700 experts criticize a lack of strong extractor. Purely subjectively think he is too thin, metal product, made in the technique of stamping, which in certain conditions has a tendency to breakdown.

Carabine Remington 700 POLICE LTR TWS cal. .308 WIN (barrel 20″)



Carbines from the Remington 700 series Police, including LTR TWS is an excellent example of rifles that have received great advice on the Glock USA.

It has found its place as a reliable and sturdy rifle sniper type for urban police operations. High accuracy, portability and ease make it the faithful companion of hunters and travelers, especially for those who prefer hunting large dangerous animal.


Due to the fact that the creators of the model initially managed to achieve excellent performance of the mechanism in all respects, on the basis there was created a huge number of modifications series Tactical Weapons System, i.e. systems tactical firearms. Among the most famous sniper samples:

Remington series 700 PSS Police Sharp Shooter – police weapons for different caliber cartridge exclusively designed for solution of special problems, Kevlar-equipped lodges.

  1. Remington model 700 VS number sample of small arms, the design of which is almost identical to the previous version, slightly different shape, geometry, size, and weight of the bed.
  2. Remington Police – only the police version of the rifle bolt. The model is a minor upgrade to modern technology rifles series 700 PSS.
  3. Remington Light tactical rifle – lightweight and shortened version of a tactical rifle LTR.

Series sniper rifles Remington 700 is produced by firing cartridges more than twenty calibers. Quite a selection – starting with . 177 “Remington” – 4, 50 mm and up to . 338 “Remington Ultra Magnum” 8, 60 mm.

No. Figure The value
1 Caliber 223, 308 mm Win
2 Curb weight 3, 40 kg
3 Body, length 101, 00 cm
4 Barrel length 51, 00 cm
5 The type of fuse Manual
6 Effect. range shot 500, 00 to 800, 00 m
7 Store capacity 4 – 5 rounds
  • The core mechanics of the design of the rifle the Remington 700 is that the shutter is equipped with two lugs.
  • Turn bolt handle to the right angle drive gearing it with the design of the receiver.
  • Is locking the barrel and the weapon is ready to shot.
Picking and packing

The weapon is sold unassembled, in the wrapper of treated cloth in the box with the logo of the manufacturer. The kit includes technical documentation on the weapon, the certificate, the license of the manufacturer and also the service manual of the rifle.

The principle of operation

The basic scheme of principle of action, Remington 700 based on the use of energy generated during the impact is massive, heavy and powerful paddle for free movement.


Service, disassembly and lubrication of the weapon is made when you extracted the bullets and empty the gun. The scheme of dismantling accurately described in the supporting documents to arms.

Tuning in respect of such categories of rifles manufacturers is not considered. The only option can be called a variety of materials from which produced the butt. Fans are offered the butt of polymeric materials and noble American walnut.


Price variation in this category of small arms is big enough and depends on modification of sample 700.

For example:

  • The cost of the Remington 700 rifle’s caliber . 243 Win, BUSHNELL scope 3 // 9 x 40, can cost anywhere from 730, 00 dollars. USA.
  • Price of the Remington 700 rifle’s caliber. 243 Win, maybe in some online stores to reach 3 800, 00 – 4 000, 00 dollars. USA
Owner reviews

The vast majority of owner reviews confirm high quality and excellent technical and performance properties of the rifle Remington model 700 series.

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