Remington 700 SPS Tactical .223 Rem rifle gun

The least popular model was its direct descendant – rifled carbine series 700 SPS Tactical. Its reliability in all weather and temperature conditions is proven in the process of testing and years of practice, and the design has become a great base for hunting models of civilian areas.

A similar fate befell many small types of sniper rifles, even a legend of arms – AKM became the prototype of the great carbine.

Was no exception and the famous American Remington, which has become a reliable tool in battle and a good friend of the good guys in literature and film.

Overview of carbine Remington 700 SPS Tactical .223 Rem

A civilian carbine is a rifle, magazine type, Remington 700 made in the USA. Production by the company Remington Arms. In the modern arms business today proposed several modifications seven hundredth of the model under cartridges of various caliber.

Standard option – 7, 62 / 51 mm is a rifle, with rotating bolt longitudinally-sliding design. The clip is designed for three and five ammunition depending on caliber. Similar features of the base variant and saved in a hunting weapon.

Advantages and disadvantages

Any weapon, be it military or civilian is valued according to a single characteristic that could not be more characterizes hunting Remington. This unique ability to constantly, consistently and under all conditions accurately and to produce a heap of shooting out of the box without any additional configuration, and maintenance of weapons. This could not be more suitable for hunting conditions and in extreme situations, when there is a threat to human life and required statutory self-defence.

In addition carbine has the following qualities:

  • The manufacturer of the barrel and breech parts from chrome-molybdenum steel alloy.
  • The butt has a rubber shock-absorber. The bed used for polymer black.
  • The model is designed with a built-in store and a hinged lid.
  • Carbon cold-rolled steel used for the barrel, which in addition is covered only matte paint to prevent reflections when shooting.

The disadvantage experts believe the widespread use in modern models of synthetic materials, which is a departure from the full metal concept rifle model 1962.

Carbine Remington 700 SPS Tactical .223 (photo)


The basis of the rifle was the tactical firearms modified into a rifle, which is perfectly adapted for hunting purposes. The regulations for its application on the territory of Russia in accordance with regulations PP of the Russian Federation No. 18 of 10 January 2009. The carbine is the best shows their data in civil use. Bullet shooting and a long exhausting hunting in remote areas for Remington 700 SPS Tactical.

At present, the modification in a more rapid variants with the best performance is in the process of work. But fans of this type of option well-known model series SPS Buckmasters Edition, Special Purpose Synthetic Stainless, Classic De Luxe, BDL, RS, and ABC XCR carbine Remington 700 SPS Tactical .223 Rem.


The main technical indicators reliable and sturdy rifle 700 models include the following:

Name of the indicator Data
Caliber 223 REM 308 WIN 30-06 Sprg.
Barrel length cm 61, 00 61, 00 61, 00
Shop 5 4 4
Overall length, cm 110, 9 110, 9 113, 0
Alloy barrel steel + carbon steel + carbon steel + carbon
Weight, gr. 3, 20 3, 30 3, 35
Weight, excluding sight and butt, kg 3, 30 3, 30 3, 30

In the model, the carbine retained the basic concept of his military predecessor. In the model of Remington 700 SPS design used the triangular section of the barrel that allows the best way to cool down and aiming to shoot.

  1. The stock just can be customized to the physiology of the hunter, the length of his arms, cheek adjust the level height.
  2. The bed is made of synthetic material and covered with a modern OD Green®.
  3. The structure of the butt is made in a purely tactical form.
  4. Used a system of fast trigger X mark Pro. Swivels are fixed with special curtains on the shank and box.
Picking and packing

The carbine is disassembled and Packed in special waxed cloth and robust wooden case with locks. All the dismountable parts are processed in the factory anti-corrosion grease. The set includes the following documents in English and Russian versions:

  • Individual technical certificate.
  • Certification documents and a copy of the license of the manufacturer.
  • Be sure the application full instructions on maintenance of the rifle and the warranty card of the manufacturer.
The principle of operation

At the core mechanics of the shot hunting version of the Remington 700 is the principle of using sufficiently large amount of energy when impact transmitted from massive free shutter mechanism. This principle is inherent in all previous models, including military weapons.


To dismantle the weapons should be only discharged, after checking for the absence of a cartridge in the chamber. All procedures for the prevention of small repair mechanism must be made exclusively on the attached to the technical passport of the user.

Tuned in the full sense of this concept model is currently not envisaged due to the huge diversity of production models SPS Tactical.

The price and the reviews on the rifle Remington 700 SPS Tactical .223 Rem is given below.


The Russian market offers almost a full range of lineup of hunting rifles the Remington 700. Prices start from 51 500 starts, 0 – 52 000, $ 0.

Owner reviews

The owners of American hunting of the brand will appreciate the quality and reliability of mechanics, which completely eliminated the shortcomings of the military concept of its predecessor. Completely ruled out the possibility of getting dirt in the mechanism and raschitana wooden butt under the influence of stay in the open air or in the water.

However, some criticism is a lack of quality Russian-language translation of technical documents and manuals for use. Confirmation of the success of this brand say a significant volume of sales and the level of market saturation.

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