Remington 700 VLS, rifled gun

Rifle Remington 700 VLS was created as a compromise between the desire to get utilitarian sniper rifle and aesthetic tastes of some part of the community of Amateurs shooting sports, who prefer a box made of wood.

Description of the rifle the Remington 700 VLS

A repeating rifle with a longitudinally sliding gate based on the design of the Remington 700.

Model abbreviation VLS stands for “varmint rifle laminate stock”.

  • It is a weapon with a long match (thick-walled) barrel and a stock made from laminated wood (you can take that out of very thick plywood).
  • The barrel, receiver and bolt carrier group are made of stainless steel. All metal parts except bolt body, covered with blueing. On the muzzle chamfer is made in the form of a shallow funnel (crown), which improves the ballistic qualities of the weapon.
  • The store is integrated with the hinged lid of the hopper. All weapon controls except the check box of the fuse, centered under the trigger guard. Here you will find the lever to open the hopper trigger and the button to unlock the shutter.
  • Bed made of laminated wood, polupoltina, with the butt with the pillow type “Monte Carlo”.
Advantages and disadvantages

Traditional products Remington arms company good workmanship, simple and reliable design, capable of operating in the most adverse conditions. Immediately, we note that, in the opinion of the majority of purchasers of products from this company, the rifle comes unpeeled after the test shooting.

  • The barrel with a funnel at the muzzle has good ballistic qualities, even when not shooting high-quality ammo, the magnitude of the MOA does not extend beyond the unit.
  • The integrated store allows you to charge the cartridges only from the top, through the window of ejector sleeves. This is inconvenient for many reasons. For example, if you do not want to drive the cartridge in the chamber, it will have to be embedded it with your finger and hold cylinder stopper top. How to do it in the winter, in mittens or gloves, hard to imagine. If you attach to the receiver bar under the optical sight and not the brackets, the procedure is additionally complicated.
  • The fuse of the rifle does not lock the firing bolt, it only restricts the movement of the sear, which in the trigger mechanism just one. Shooter requires attentiveness and accuracy in the operation box. If not bring it back until it stops, leaving in the middle position, press the trigger occurs shot.
  • To ensure the safety of weapons, this is a purely American invention, the back plate of the drummer made a secret button or a through hole. With their help, you can lock the shutter in the open position.
  • Rifle stock not made in vain laminated. This technology ensures that it does not deform under conditions of excessive moisture or drying. It is extremely important for sniper rifles. However, the laminate is always heavier than natural solid wood. Therefore, the weight Remington 700 VLS simply monstrous – 4.3 kg.

Due to the large weight of this rifle is good for sniping in a state of stress – prone or using a bipod. For suspension of hunting and shooting offhand, it is extremely uncomfortable.

Remington 700 VLS 308(photo)


Sniper rifle for varminting – hunting small animals and target shooting at long and extremely long distances (benchrest).


Rifle similar to the model SPS Varmint, which differs only in the plastic box with vent holes on the handguard.

204 Ruger 223 Rem 22-250 Rem 243 Win 308 win
Type A repeating rifle with a longitudinally sliding gate
Trunk Console, match, stainless steel
The coating of the barrel Blueing
Barrel length (mm) 660
The pitch of thread (inches) 12 12 14 9 1/8 12
Shop Integrated
Capacity 5 5 4 4 4
Bed Polupoltina, laminated, Monte Carlo
Total length (mm) 1160
Weight (kg) 4,3
  • A repeating rifle with a longitudinally sliding gate. Trunk thick-walled, stainless steel. The rifling made by the method of durnovaria. Decorative coating – burnishing.
  • Receiver is a cylindrical shape, is milled from a solid billet. Connection with the barrel threaded.
  • The bolt with two lugs, the larva completely covers the bottom of the sleeve. Drummer, combat spring, and firing pin are inside of the stem. To ensure security on the back plate of the drummer establishes a secret key with J-shaped hole for the key by which the shutter is locked in the open position.
  • The trigger mechanism is adjustable three screws with the factory settings scontrini, fourth, changing the force on the trigger available to users. Fuse two position, blocking the sear. Its check box is behind the handle of the shutter.
  • The store is integrated with hinged cover. To unload the ammo, use the lever on the front branch of the trigger guard.
  • Bed polupoltina, laminated, butt type “Monte Carlo”, shock absorbing recoil pad, fixed. The shank of rectangular cross section (beaver’s tail).
  • To install the brackets and straps under the optical sight on the receiver has four holes.
Picking and packing

The rifle is packaged in a cardboard box with foam shock absorber on the inside. The shutter is removed, placed separately.

Supplied screwdriver to adjust the effort on the trigger and two shaped key to operate safety button. Instruction manual, certificate and warranty.

The principle of operation

Longitudinal-a sliding shutter closes the bore on the two lugs when you rotate the handle down. Platoon projectile occurs on the last four millimeters of stroke. When the bolt is unlocked it is automatically deactivated.

For loading rifle is necessary to check the box of the fuse in the “Stop” position until it stops in the direction of the butt plate, raise the bolt handle and to take him back. The cartridges fit into the hopper through the window of ejector sleeves. To the standard amount of ammunition you can add one more, driving it into the chamber.

If this is not required, it is necessary to press at first on top of the cartridge and drown him deeper into the bunker, while simultaneously conducting cylinder stopper over it.

  • If you want to avoid cocking of the drummer at the empty chamber before closing the handle the shutter, press and hold the shank of a striker.
  • Guard only blocks the sear of the trigger, the firing pin remains free. Therefore it is not necessary to pull the trigger, testing its reliability. Can occur shot.
  • Before the shot, close the shutter, slide the fuse box forward until it stops.
  • To activate the security system, open the shutter, take him back. On the security button (to the left of the recoil pad drummer) locate the J-shaped groove and insert the shaped key supplied. Turn the key counterclockwise until you see the marker – a white dot. In this position, the shutter cannot be closed completely, pulling the hammer and the shot. The weapon is deactivated and secure.

The attempt forcibly to close the shutter will cause breakage of the shock mechanism.

  1. Put weapons on the fuse box all the way forward.
  2. Press the lever of the discharge hopper of the store, open the cover.
  3. Open the breech.
  4. Press the button under the trigger guard at the top, unlock the gate and lift it out.
  5. Remove the screws on either side of the trigger guard and one on the shank.
  6. Detach the top handle and the bin store with cover.
  7. Separate the box from the receiver with the trigger mechanism.
  8. Squeeze the rear pin of the trigger mechanism, remove the spring and sear.
  9. Squeeze the front pin of the trigger, drop it in the collection box of the fuse.
  10. Hold down the secret button on the back plate of the drummer in a vise, slide the tooth of a platoon drummer to his shank seemed to slot. Insert a coin or flat tip screwdriver.
  11. Pull the bolt itself, separate it from the drummer with the mainspring and striker.
  12. Remove the striker and mainspring, rotating the back plate of the drummer in a counterclockwise direction.

You can replace the box and the trigger. Now let’s talk about reviews and prices on carbine Remington 700 VLS.


The starting price on the website of the manufacturer 1056 $. In online stores the cost of a Remington 700 VLS starts from 60 (.223 Rem) to 125 (.308 Win) thousand rubles.


The rifle is designed with a good weapon average segment quality. Reliable and unpretentious in operation. After test shooting at the enterprise is not clean. When using quality ammunition is capable of producing a grouping of shots no more than 0.5 MOA. Heavy and awkward for the suspension of hunting and shooting offhand.

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