Remington 700 VTR rifles

Remington 700 VTR the most unusual among them, because the barrel she has a triangular shape. Based on the design of the rifle the Remington 700, the beginning of which had to 1962, have created several dozen models service, sport and hunting weapons.

Description of the rifle the Remington 700 VTR

This rifle with a longitudinally sliding (bolt) seal, whose design is almost unchanged borrowed from the equally legendary weapons – carbine Mauser 98.

The idea of what is a Remington 700 VTR, fully decoding gives model abbreviations.

  • V – Varmint (varminting), a kind of hunting or sport shooting at small animals that are considered pests. For example, rats, groundhogs, wild dogs, rabbits, skunks, stray dogs, foxes, coyotes. Its feature is the very large distance of one kilometer, so the rifle for varminting high quality long barrel, it is equipped with a large optical sight multiplicity and intensity. They used a small-caliber or loose bullets, light bullets which have a greater initial velocity, and the trajectory of their flight close to grazing. A common practice is the use of a bipod or shooting from the support position.
  • T – Tacticalcarbine has a short barrel, so the effective firing range reduced to 300 meters, almost half accepted in this sport.
  • R – Rifles, rifle.

The design feature of the rifle is a match (thick-walled) barrel, having in cross section a triangular shape. At its end is arranged in the muzzle brake, which is a three vertical cut to the barrel.

Carabine Remington 700 VTR


Advantages and disadvantages
  • Very simple design and, as a consequence, high reliability of the weapon. The shutter and the inner surface of the receiver are covered, which on the physical properties akin to Teflon. Therefore, the reloading mechanism requires no lubrication and remains operational even when severe contamination.
  • Massive match trunk unusual triangular shape has excellent internal ballistics. Despite the console design, it almost does not vibrate when fired and are efficiently cooled.
  • The presence of the barrel muzzle brake is a plus and what is minus. It significantly reduces the recoil. However, its position cannot be changed, like completely abandon this device, if such a desire arises, because the slot further shorten the barrel and worsen the ballistic qualities of the weapon.
  • Shop rifle is a cover plate with a spring, so to charge the cartridges only from the top through the window of the ejector in the receiver, which is not quite handy if fitted with a rail and high bracket under the optical sight.
  • Very simple logic operation of the fuse firing mechanism. Its check box has only two positions: back “Stop” and forward “Fire.”
  • The stroke length of the trigger is very small, in the figurative expression of the user manual for Remington 700 VTR is “like fragile ice”. It is common practice for sports weapons, but not all hunters it is a good choice.
  • The force on the trigger can be adjusted, the screw slot is at the base of the trigger and are available without additional manipulation.
  • The end of the shutter lever – convex on the edge “tablet” or a triangular knob with the slots in the patterns, the latest release is too far in favour of the dimensions of the box. For varminting is quite normal, but on running the hunts, he will certainly cling to the branches, which is inconvenient and partly dangerous.
  • All the basic elements of manipulation of the weapon – the trigger levers unlock the bolt and extract the store is located inside a rather narrow trigger guard. This is useful when a slow shot, made the stop, but dynamic hunting shooting offhand can cause fatal failures.
  • Lodge rifle is made of high impact plastic foregrip and pistol handle has inserts made of elastron, which have good frictional qualities and allow you to securely hold your weapon.
  • Handguard has a number of vents, increasing the cooling efficiency of the barrel. In cross section it is trapezoidal, with a broad flat base, allowing you secure weapons in any emphasis. It has a pair of annular antabok that are convenient for mounting bipod.
  • At the same time, it should be noted that the form of the Lodge is inconvenient for shooting offhand, the butt perfectly straight, its crest parallel to the axis of the barrel.

The rifle has no external sights, so it is unsuitable for dynamic driven hunt with a small shooting distances.


Carabiner can be used for sport shooting and hunting from an ambush on the rodents, rabbits, small ungulates.


The Lodge may be dark olive or dark sand color.

223 Rem 22-250 Rem 260 Rem 308 Win
Type Carabiner with longitudinal slide (bolt) bolt
Barrel length (mm) 559
Step rifling 9” 14” 8” 10”
Capacity 5 (+1 in the chamber) 4 (+1 in the chamber)
Bed Polupoltina, plastic, with inserts of elastron
Weight (kg) 3,2 3,2 3,4 3,6
Length (mm) 1050
  • Carabiner with longitudinal slide (bolt) bolt. The larva of the shutter is fixed with two lugs.
  • The bolt body is covered with composition similar to Teflon.
  • Steel receiver, machined from a single piece, inside is covered with the same composition as the shutter. Connection with the barrel fixed.
  • Trunk posted (console), breech round until the muzzle cross section has a triangular shape. Near the muzzle is made of three vertical slot to the bore of the barrel forming a muzzle brake.
  • Trigger mechanism with an adjustable force of the descent. Fuse dip, it the box is located behind the handle of the shutter. The trigger has the form of a curved plate.
  • The lever emptying the bin store is inside the trigger guard at its front branch. Lid is equipped with a flat metal spring.
  • Stacking of ammunition in the bunker is from the top, through the window of ejector sleeves.
  • Also inside the trigger guard, but at the top there is a lever blocking the shutter when you click on that, it can be retrieved from the receiver.
  • Bed plastic, poliestireno type. Buttstock with straight comb without ridges, which are parallel to the axis of the barrel. There are unregulated shock-absorbing recoil pad.
  • Handguard trapezoidal shape, with ventilation holes at the top and a broad base that has two rings (swivels) for mounting a bipod.
  • The outer sighting devices are not. On the receiver there are four holes with metric thread for mounting brackets or straps for rifle scopes.
Picking and packing

The rifle is packaged in a cardboard box. Models of the early releases were completed only a screwdriver to adjust the effort on the trigger. Now they come with the established level Picatinny Rail and bipod.

The principle of operation
  1. Remington 700 VTR is charged with laying of ammunition into the hopper of the store through the window of ejector cartridges in the receiver.
  2. This check box guard moves forward, the knob rises to 900, and he is moved back until it stops.
  3. After filling the hopper, you can send an additional cartridge in the chamber, which he placed on top of the previously stacked, the shutter is shifted forward, the handle is lowered and recessed in a groove of the Lodge above the trigger guard. If this is not required, it is necessary to hold the last bullet, sinking it into the hopper and having a cylinder gate above him.
  4. After that, the carbine ready to fire it marks the end of the firing pin, protruding from the stem of the stopper to 4 mm. If an immediate shot is not required, the check box of the fuse slides back until it stops, and then blocks not only the trigger but the bolt.
  5. For the decontamination of weapons need to click the lever of the hopper (located on the front branch of the trigger guard), unload the ammo, to shoot USM with fuse, distort the bolt and make controlling the descent. All manipulations are carried out strictly in the sequence indicated.
  1. Open the hopper lid of the store and unload the cartridges (even if you are sure that they are not there).
  2. Remove the weapon from the guard to raise the breech bolt handle and reposition the stem back until it stops.
  3. Press the button located above the trigger inside the trigger guard.
  4. Remove the shutter.
  5. Remove the screws on both sides of the trigger guard to separate the barrel to the receiver and the trigger Assembly from the stock.
  6. Knock out the retaining pins and separate the trigger Assembly from the fuse box from the receiver.

Price and reviews of rifles Remington 700 VTR (including 223 Rem, 308 Win) is given below.


In the country-the manufacturer of the Remington 700 VTR is one of the best available rifled carbines, its value does not exceed 1000 $. Accordingly, in online stores it costs between 49 to 52 thousand roubles.


The owners celebrate good quality workmanship and high accuracy of the battle. The best cartridges are considered to be imported, with the domestic possible cases of jamming of the cartridge in the chamber, especially a .308 Win because the drilling chamber 7.62 barrels already imported than domestic.

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