Remington 700 XCR rifle gun

The Remington XCR rifle is a weapon of medium or large caliber (Magnum), designed to benchrest (benchrest shooting) – sniper shooting with emphasis on long and very long distances. Model abbreviation – Conditional Xtreme Rifle – stands for “rifle for extreme conditions”.

Description of the rifle the Remington 700 XCR

A repeating rifle with a longitudinally sliding gate, having all of the generic features of the Remington 700.

She posted (console) the barrel, bolt with two lugs borrowed from the Mauser 98, and the so-called three rings of steel – hook the larvae of the shutter of the receiver, having a cylindrical shape, the entrance mirror shutter in the chamber and thread the breech to the receiver.

  • Thick-walled (match) barrel in stainless steel, the rifling is made by donovania. For better cooling and greater strength at the outside surface are made of a wide flute.
  • All metal parts of the rifle are coated TriNyte® PVD black color, protected from any external influences, including salt water.
  • Bed polupoltina, made of high impact plastic color: light khaki. It is reinforced with an integrated aluminum bus compensating recoil and torque from the rotation of the bullet in the barrel.
  • Set the trigger x-Mark Pro with the possibility of adjustment efforts descent.
  • The outer sighting devices are not available, there are four holes for mounting straps or brackets for optics.
Advantages and disadvantages

Very simple and reliable design, quality crafted trunks provide excellent ballistic qualities of the weapon. The value of the MOA does not exceed 0.5.

  • A really strong coating that protects the parts of the rifle against corrosion.
  • Bed the simplest form of. When it was created in the first place was thinking about functionality, and the latter about aesthetics. The comb of the butt is straight, parallel to the axis of the barrel, shock absorbing recoil pad unregulated. No incisions or insertions that improve the quality of the grip. The model XCR Tactical foregrip is made in the form of a beaver tail – a massive rectangular strips with rounded edges. It is convenient to focus or attaching a bipod. In General, the original Lodge is unsuitable for dynamic hunting shooting offhand.
  • Set the trigger x-Mark Pro though touted by the manufacturer as an innovative product, by hunters is considered to be more capricious and unreliable than proven the 40S. He noted, for example, instability of the efforts of descent. Fortunately, the design of the rifle allows to replace it by any other suitable size.
  • Trigger guard is narrow and overloaded with controls: at the top is the lever to unlock the shutter, and in front of the branches of the eject lever of the store. The model Compact Tactical integrated store, he leans cap with spring. Charge it only from the top through the window of ejector sleeves.

Overall, the Remington XCR rifle is a highly specialized, it is really well adapted to fire at the shooting range or from ambush, but for driven hunts and running it is heavy (3.9 kg) and awkward.

Remington 700 XCR Compact Tactical .223 Rem



The rifle is designed for shooting at long and very long distances, can be used for hunting large ungulates and predators ambush or for sports in the dash.


The Remington company produces two types of these rifles.

  1. XCR Compact Tactical – barrel length 20 inches (50.8 cm), forearm wedge-shaped.
  2. The XCR Tactical is the barrel length of 26 inches (66 cm) and a muzzle brake, foregrip direct, such as “beaver tail”.
XCR Compact Tactical XCR Tactical
Type A repeating rifle with a bolt breech
Caliber .308 Win .308 Win, .300 WinMag, 338 Lapua mag
Barrel length (cm) 50,8 66
The outer coating of the met. parts Black TriNyte
Bed Polupoltina, plastic with integrated aluminum bus
USM With adjustable force, x-Mark Pro
Shop Integrated Removable
Capacity 4 (+1) 4, 3, 5
Weight (kg) 3,5 3,9
  • A repeating rifle with a longitudinally sliding gate. The match barrel (thick walled), console, with wide flutes. Material of manufacture – stainless steel. The rifling applied by donovania. The model XCR Compact Tactical on the muzzle brake installed-compensator.
  • Classic Remington “three rings of steel”: the receiver is cylindrical in shape with slots for the hooks of the shutter; a mirror of larvae included in the chamber; the breech, threaded into the receiver.
  • The bolt with two lugs and a spring-loaded extractor. Trigger mechanism with an adjustable force of the descent. Fuse on-off, box is located behind the handle of a bolt, having a classic shape with completion in the form of “pills” with a convex edge.
  • Levers remove the store and unlock the shutter are located inside of staples. The trigger is strongly curved (for the finger) that accepted standard benchrest.
  • Bed polupoltina, plastic, without notches and the friction linings, it is strengthened integrated aluminum bus. The shock-absorbing recoil pad, fixed. The comb of the butt flush, straight, parallel to the axis of the barrel. On the shank two ring swivels for bipod installation.
  • Store the model XCR Compact Tactical integrated with the lid. Have the XCR Tactical – recoverable.
  • The outer sighting devices are not available, there are four holes with metric thread on the top side of the receiver.
Picking and packing

The rifle is packaged in a cardboard box with foam absorber. The chamber and the magazine are placed separately.

  • In the normal delivery set only a screwdriver to adjust the effort on the trigger.
  • In the expanded configuration has a bipod.
The principle of operation

The rifle is charging or through the window of ejector sleeves or packing of the cartridges in the removed shop. The principle of the normal for a rifle with bolt – on bolt handle is raised to 900, the shutter is moved back until it stops, then comes back and is locked by rotating the handle down.

The fuse box is located behind the handle of the shutter. He dip. In the “forward until it stops” the bolt loose, possibly reloading and setting the rifle on a combat platoon. Lock the trigger Assembly and the bolt is the shear box ago.

To unload the cartridges from the hopper or remove the store, use the lever located on the front branch of the trigger guard.

  1. Discharge the weapon, which will unload the cartridges from the hopper or remove the store, check the fuse in position “Fire” (forward position), open the shutter and take him to the extreme rear position.
  2. Click the lever located inside the trigger guard at the top.
  3. Remove the shutter from the receiver.
  4. Remove the two screws on both sides of the trigger guard, separate the box from the receiver with the trigger Assembly and the barrel.
  5. Knock the two pins attaching the trigger and drop it in the collection box of the fuse.

Design all rifles Remington 700 allows you to change the box and trigger mechanism.


The starting price of the rifles Remington 700 XCR at the official Remington website starts with 1540 $. In the online shops ask for it from 52 to 100 thousand rubles.


The rifle has a good ballistic qualities, the value of the MOA may not exceed a tenth. The sound of the shot is very strong, the return of sharp shooters unprepared her power may be excessive. It is preferable to use high-quality ammunition.

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