Remington 750 Woodsmaster, rifles

Semi-automatic carbine Remington 750 replaced the 7400 mu, having in addition to model index name Woodsmaster for a more elegant box. Some changes were made and the mechanism of the gas engine, the details of which now have a Teflon coating, which increased its reliability.

Description carbine Remington 750 Woodsmaster

Self-loading carbine, working on the principle of gas engine. Like the Browning and Benelli semi-automatic, it is located under the barrel.

Produced carbine Remington 750 Woodsmaster in two versions:

  • with a barrel length of 558 mm in calibers .243, .270, .308 Win and 30-06 Sprg,
  • as well as the rifle, whose barrel has a length of 470 mm, calculated under the calibers .308 Win and 30-06 Sprg.

In both cases, the guns obtained by cold forging and covered with blueing.

  • After shooting the last bullet, the shotgun is on shutter delay.
  • Bed updated carbine wood American walnut received the butt with a pillow “Monte Carlo”, more gracefully curved pistol grip, and a wide area of slab on it and the shank, which increases the reliability of the deduction.
  • The modernization of the gas engine was to install a massive slide of prismatic form, reducing the stroke of the piston, offset holes for sampling closer to the chamber. To reduce friction all parts are coated with Teflon.

Remington 750 Woodsmaster


Advantages and disadvantages
  • The reliability of the carbine is inferior to Samothrace Browning BAR, Benelli ARGO but surpasses. According to this indicator, he can’t compete with the weapon created by Assembly scheme Kalashnikov assault rifle, since the lower location of the exhaust mechanism forcing one to use in a recurrent mechanism, two rods, going around the store with both parties. This makes it increasingly dependent on pollution. Bathing in swamp muck and dirt these rifles is not recommended.
  • The carbine Browning BAR it is inferior for the reason that the barrel does not have a rigid connection to the receiver. However, it is more reliable than the Benelli ARGO. In addition, the return mechanism of the Remington machine is a rigid rectangular frame, quite successfully opposing vibrations when fired.
  • Critical remarks on the forums that the 750 Woodsmaster is very picky to the type of the cartridges are often bad throws shells and netscream shutter generated by mass production, the intention to simplify and reduce the cost. The design of the rifle requires individual manual Assembly. After revision, grinding grooves, grinding burrs and corners, polishing the breechblock and other operations – weapons raises no objections. For those who rightly believes that bought a lot of money the thing should work perfectly-this is an unacceptable condition.

Not everyone likes the principle of operation of fuse and its check box located in the posterior branches of the trigger guard.

To switch, it is necessary to change the position of the arms, apart from the process of aiming.

  • Gripe is the latch lever of the store. He is too small to operate them in gloves or mittens is uncomfortable. On the left side of the shop made lever slide the position of which can determine the number of cartridges in the store or remove the weapon with the slide stop. Again, the button of this lever is so small that to use it not quite convenient.
  • The trigger mechanism does not involve the possibility of adjusting effort, it is always equal to 2.3 kilograms, which is considered a normal weapon of this type. Warning he has no that not all hunters like.
  • Lodge rifle is made of very high quality, its ergonomics compared to the predecessor improved. A wide area of the slab on the handle and fore grip greatly improves the reliability of the grip. I would like to have the ability to adjust the height of the butt plate, but users will have to settle for the canonical distance to the trigger, equal to 365 mm.
  • There are a couple of external sights – adjustable rear sight on a prismatic base with a remote line and a fixed front sight. Fiberopticheskie threads they are not provided with, and that would be helpful.
  • It’s possible to install optical sights on any of the straps or brackets.
  • Muzzle has a countersink that protects the rifling from damage. This bevel improves the ballistic qualities of the barrel and increases the accuracy of the battle.
  • The gun is very hard to demolition, which in the field is hardly possible because it requires even a wrench. It is difficult consistent with the strict requirement to the content it clean and need regular maintenance.

Since 2007, the carbine comes with a box of high impact plastic, its a model index designation is Synthetic. The dependence of the proposed calibers of barrel length remained the same.

  1. The barrel length of 470 mm. Calibers .308 Win and 30-06 Sprg.
  2. The barrel length of 558 mm. Calibers .243 Win, .270 Win, .308 Win, 30-06 Sprg.

Used for chassis and driven hunts, shooting offhand at distances up to 200 meters. Barrel length and other specifications of carbine Remington 750 Woodsmaster discussed below.

.308 Win, 30-06 Sprg .243 Win, .270 Win, .308 Win, 30-06Sprg
Type Self-loading carbine with a gas engine
Barrel length (mm) 470 558
Type of store Box, removable
Capacity 4+1
Overall length (mm) 985 1073
Weight without cartridges and optics (kg) 3,2 3,4
  • Self-loading carbine, operating on the principle of gas engine. The chamber of the piston and return mechanism located under the barrel.
  • The larva of the rotary shutter, with three lugs. The valve casing is welded to the tie rods of the recoil mechanism. Together with the prismatic slide in gas engine, it forms a rigid rectangular frame.
  • The receiver is rectangular, and its cover is removable, semicircular. Design milled from a single piece.
  • The barrel is removable, the clamping – bolt with metric thread, mounted on the front face of the receiver. It fitted with massive rectangular trunnion of the barrel. The breech is included in the receiver completely.
  • The trigger mechanism is unregulated, without warning. There is a slide stop lever.
  • Store removable, box, of sheet iron, with a slider for pulling the spring down, which allows you to quickly equip and remove the weapon with the slide stop. The eject lever is on the right side, under the receiver, the front branch of the trigger guard.
  • Sights external – height-adjustable rear sight on a V-shaped bracket and fixed metal front sight. For installation of optical sights on the cover of the receiver four holes plugged with slotted screws.
  • A bed of the wood of American walnut, oiled. Palaestrina, the butt comb and pad “Monte Carlo”. The handle is a gentle, shock absorbing recoil pad unregulated.
Picking and packing

The rifle comes in a hard case made of impact resistant plastic with internal foam shock absorber. Supplied only manual and warranty certificate.

The principle of operation
  • The reloading is performed under the action of a portion of the propellant gases assigned from a bore. The mechanism of the gas engine has a piston combined with the RAM-weighting, which is connected by two massive rods with a bolt.
  • Powder gases passing through the gas outlet pipe, press on the slide-weighting, the moves and compresses the return spring. His movement through the thrust is transmitted to the shutter, the larva of which rotated in and out of engagement with the breech of the barrel.
  • The reverse movement of the shutter is accompanied by a release liner and a platoon of the trigger. When returning the shutter to its initial position, the larva picks up the round from the magazine, rotated and docile his chamber. The tooth extractor larvae engages the flange recess of the sleeve.
  • After using up all the ammo slider of the store raises the slide stop lever trigger, which stops the frame of the recoil mechanism in the rearward position.
  • To charge the rifle should eject by pressing the lever on the front branch of the trigger guard on the right. If the shutter stood on a delay, it will return to its original position and lock the barrel. The cartridges are stacked in a staggered manner.
  • If you wish to charge the fifth round, distort bolt handle, clear the store and add another one.
  • If you do not want to shoot, put the rifle on safe, pressing the button on the back branch of the trigger guard from right to left to remove the red marker.

Its implementation will require a hammer, a pin punch and a wrench to “19”. Please note that the pins are tapered, to dislodge them only on the left side, the opposite direction leads to lifting.

  1. Eject, to discharge the weapon.
  2. Knock out the pins of the trigger, remove it from the receiver.
  3. Unscrew shaped bolt head on the end of the forend, withdraw its motion to muzzle the cut.
  4. Knock out the pin on the housing of the discharge channel to release the guide of the slide return mechanism.
  5. Remove the spring from the nut of the trunnion mounting of the barrel and withdraw it from the housing of the slide-weighting.
  6. To beat out a pin of fastening of a handle of a shutter.
  7. The key to “19” remove the nut at the stem.
  8. Withdraw the barrel from the receiver.
  9. Rotate the frame of the Adjuster 900 relative to the axle of the barrel and remove it.
  10. Knock out the pin on the back plate of the valve body, remove the striker, the firing pin and spring.

Reviews and prices on the Remington 750 Woodmaster carbine (caliber .243, .270, .308 Win and 30-06 Sprg) is given below.


The cost of the Woodsmaster carbine does not fall below 130 and not more than 170 thousand rubles.


Opinions about this weapon the Network is very inconsistent. There are those who deny the suitability of rifles Remington 750 Woodsmaster to eat.

However, with some refinement after you purchase and the condition of careful handling and regular skilled maintenance, carbines are reliable with any type of ammo. They are not a sniper, the magnitude of the deviation from the aiming point can reach 10 cm, soft Recoil, the barrel almost throws up. The improved mechanism of reloading allows you to do double shots.

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