Remington 783, a rifle, shotgun

Series 783 has significant differences in design from what was created previously, but retained the traditional Remington quality – unprecedented reliability and simplicity of operation. When creating the carbine is the Remington 783, the designers of the Remington Arms company (the manufacturer of model Versa Max, 1100, 11-87 Sportsman, 700 BDL, R-25, R11 RSASS) sought to obtain weapons not only available to the widest possible audience of shooters, but also with excellent technical capabilities that brings him to the piece instances.

Description of the Remington 783 rifle (Remington 783)

Carbine bolt-on, paddle, cantilever barrel and a removable store. Digit in the model index indicates the diameter of the bolt in thousandths of an inch.

Bed plastic, the outer sighting devices are not. It is a utilitarian weapon for those who want to shoot and hit the target, who is not very important details.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • The optimal ratio of price to quality. The arrow will not be offered any option that has no practical sense and serves only as an occasion for self-empowerment and increase their status.
  • The console of chrome-molybdenum steel barrel with rifling, obtained by donovania. A good internal ballistics backed up by a quality muzzle chamfer in the shape of a crown. As a result, the value of the MOA does not exceed one, that for relatively cheap weapons very well.
  • The receiver is closed, which better protects the gun from dirt in the receiver during the hunt. At the same time, the window to eject shell casings large enough to be able to charge through it. This design allows to install long Picatinny or Weaver rail and effectively rebuild from parallax when using optics.
  • Unfortunately, there is completely no external sights. Without a rear sight and front sight cannot be considered universal. Challenged and able to use it as a forwarding. Not everyone is a “magician in the blue helicopter”, which without delay are delivered to the taiga wilderness optical sight instead of the broken.
  • The bolt covered with Teflon. This eliminates the need for grease and ensures a smoother ride in the cold, heat, rain or dirt. Unfortunately, the coating is not too strong, it can oblasti completely for two or three seasons.
  • Detachable two-row store is a big plus for weapons. It slightly increases the weight, but greatly simplifies the recharging process.
  • In the trigger mechanism added an additional element – the lever-lock built into the trigger. It increases the safety of using the weapon, reducing the risk of arbitrary shot when accidentally pressed. The longer trigger travel allows inexperienced shooters to get used to tactile contact, to mentally prepare for the upcoming push of the recoil and make an accurate shot. But he can allow the game to go.
  • Trigger guard made of plastic that, from the point of view of tactile sensations, which is good, because touching the metal in the cold is best avoided. But every plastic part in the gun subjectively perceived as something unreliable and inappropriate. In addition, the shape of the bracket too angular. It is ugly and not practical, because any sharp corner is likely to catch, to hit, to injure themselves.
  • The plastic stock is very practical for everyday constant use. You can not worry about the awkward blows and falls. At the same time, it should be noted that the friction properties of this material at sub-zero temperatures are always lower than the classic wooden Lodge with a well-developed notch on the shank and the handle.
  • The bed has a built-in metal tyre, absorbing the impact and making it more rigid. Designers used only the aluminum sleeve with thread. This is the budget version of the damper that the majority of shooters are not recognized quite reliable.
  • Swivels for attachment of the belt is made in the form of tides on the bed. Of course, it is impossible to lose. But it is likely to break and finally be able to set the device for carrying on the shoulder.
  • Rectangular in cross section the fore-end is more suitable for shooting from close range, on its bottom face made socket with metal threaded bushing which carries the bipod. But in General, the ergonomics of the Lodge is good, it is quite pricedata, and the chunky, shock absorbing recoil pad is able to repay up to half of the recoil, so the weapon is in the hand of an experienced Ranger, and a green rookie

The manufacturer offers eight calibers are medium to Magnums and three choices of barrel length. Therefore, it is possible to choose the best weapon and arm, and by appointment.

Photo Remington Model 783


This is a hunting weapon used for the production of small, medium and big game, hunting upland game. Effective range up to 300 meters.


The manufacturer offers eight options calibers:

  • .223 Rem,
  • 22-250 Rem,
  • 243 Win,
  • 270 Win,
  • 308 Win,
  • 30-06 Sprg,
  • 7 mm Rem Mag,
  • .300 Win Mag.

The bed may be black or camo (Camo) colors.

Conventional munition Magnum
Type The rifle with a longitudinally sliding gate
Caliber .223 Rem, 22-250 Rem, 243 Win, 270 Win, 308 Win, 30-06 Sprg 7 mm Rem Mag

.300 Win Mag

Trunk Console
Barrel length (mm) 508 and 559 for .243 Win, .308 Win

559 for .223 Rem, 22-250 Rem, 270 Win, 30-06 Sprg

The rifling 4 right
Step rifling 9 for .223 Rem

14 for 22-250 Rem

9 1/8 for .243 Win

10 for the .270 Win, .308 Win and 30-06 Sprg

9 ¼ 7 mm Rem Mag

10 for .300 Win Mag

Capacity 4 for 22-250 Rem, 243 Win, 270 Win, 308 Win, 30-06 Sprg

5 for .223 Rem

Length (mm) 981 with the barrel 508

1057 for 22-250 Rem, 223 Rem, .243 Win, .308 win

1080 for .270 Win, 30-06 Sprg

Weight (kg) 3,3 3,6

A repeating rifle with a longitudinally sliding gate. The trunk of a cantilever, constructed of steel covered with blueing. Four right trapezoidal thread.

  • The receiver is steel, round, closed. The window of ejector sleeves is not more than one third of the area. Connection with the barrel by means of a notched coupling locknut. Axle absorb impact put on the threaded part. On the top side arranged four threaded holes for fastening strap for optics. On the right plane, near the breech, has a through hole for emergency extraction of gases when they break through the cylinder valve.
  • The larva shutter are removable (pin), with edges to cover the bottoms of the casings. She has two lugs, one of which is the lever of the extractor. The bolt body is covered with composition similar to Teflon. The needle is removable drummer. Bolt handle is connected to the body of the drummer without the possibility of removal. Traditional Remington bead on the end replaced “tablet” with a convex edge and the letter R on the plane.
  • The trigger mechanism with two degrees of protection. Mechanical safety blocks the sear. Its check box is located on the right side of the back plate receiver and has two positions: the way forward – Fire; to stop ago – Stop. The trigger is a lever lock. Adjustment efforts descent is only possible after separation of the lodges – the screw located on the front face of the mechanism.
  • Shop metal, removable, double row. The latch is at the front edge of the bunker.
  • To remove the shutter lever is provided a located at the left side of the back plate of the receiver.
  • Bed polupoltina, plastic. To compensate for the recoil in the mounting space aluminum threaded Bush. The buttstock with a straight comb and a cushioned butt pad. The fore-end is massive, rectangular and long depressions at the upper edge for ease of grip. On its bottom face is arranged in a mounting hole (pressed metal block with the thread) to install a bipod.
Picking and packing

Comes in a cardboard box with foam absorber. The shutter is removed, placed separately. In the normal supplied keys to remove the box and adjust the trigger and safety lock. In advanced there is an optical sight. The attached certificate, warranty card and instruction manual.

The principle of operation

Before loading the rifle, put the safety on, which you check the backplate of the receiver slides back, before the advent of white dots. Store is extracted by pressing the latch from the front face of the bunker. He-is armed in the usual way – the cartridges in a staggered manner. Locks into place with a distinctive click. Loading a single cartridge through the window of ejector sleeves is only possible with an empty store.

When the safety shutter remains mobile, it can retract by lifting the handle. During the return of the stem into place and lowering handle is the platoon drummer. The shank of the firing pin does not extend beyond the body of the drummer, as it happens in models 700-series, but visually seen. If you remove the store and clean the chamber to seal the breech without cocking, so as not to bore the spring. To do this, press the trigger and hold until the shutter closes.

The trigger is a lever lock, without pressing on which he will not budge.

  • For feeding the cartridge into the chamber, lift the bolt handle and pull the stalk back until it stops. Then slowly, but vigorously, give it forward and lower the handle. Should be heard a “click” that accompanies the platoon drummer.
  • Turn off the fuse, sliding the box forward, click on the lock lever, trigger and align their faces, after which the trigger pull will increase due to overcome the spring resistance of the sear. When the sear ledge drops, tooth drummer released, the firing pin will move and make a capsule holder. The shooting would take place. At this moment the bolt handle slightly (2 mm) served up, which is normal.
  • The lock supplied is installed in a rented shop and the shutter is open, its loop is skipped in the window of ejector cartridges and carried through the bunker.
  1. Remove the magazine, open the breech and make sure the chamber is clean.
  2. Press the lever located on the left side of the back plate of the receiver.
  3. Output the shutter from the receiver.
  4. Remove the two screws on either side of the trigger guard, remove it.
  5. Remove the screw on the shank in front of the bunker store.
  6. Separate the box from the barrel to the receiver and trigger mechanism.

For disassembly of the shutter you will need a clamp.

  1. Pull the tooth of a drummer back and hold it in this position.
  2. Turn the back plate of the drummer 1/8 turn and remove the pin from the tooth of a drummer.
  3. Disassemble the bolt, taking out a case of the striker, the needle and the spring.

The rifle butt is hollow, it sounds like a drum, which is not good for hunting. It can be filled with a polymer mass, although this will increase the mass of the weapon.


The rifle is from 31 to 39 thousand rubles.


The weapon comfortable to fire with all regulations and for shooters with average anatomical parameters. The accuracy of the battle fits into the unit of MOA, confidently striking targets at ranges up to 150 meters according to the principle of “saw – aimed and fell.”

The shutter works well in all conditions, dirt contemptuously indifferent. The impact is palpable, but, thanks to high-quality butt plate, it is easy to adapt.

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