Remington R-25, carbine, smoothbore weapons

Design American semi-automatic AR-15 rifle, designed in 1957 by Eugene Stoner, an engineer at ArmaLite, became the basis of numerous clones produced around the world.

The company Remington (famous for models such as the Remington 700 Police, XCR, VLS, SPS Tactical, VTR, and R11 RSASS, 750, etc.).

it is also not remained aloof from fashion following that brand and has released a hunting semi-automatic R-25 under a primary rifle cartridge for NATO 7,62×51.

Description The Remington R-25

Semi-automatic repeating rifle, automatic reloading which works on the principle of using part of the powder gases removed from the bore. From the design of the donor, the AR-15 rifle adapted trigger and return mechanisms, is divided into two halves of the receiver and pistol grip.

A handle for carrying is missing, modified form of the forearm, which replaced the perforated casing of carbon fiber and also butt, which is made in the form of stationary “podiatrist” with a massive shock-absorbing butt pad.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Design, tested by time, the original sores and disadvantages which are eliminated for the past half a century, thanks to what turned out to be quite a reliable weapon.
  • A relatively long barrel with the flutes, which allows the pool to develop greater initial velocity, which can hit targets at distances up to a kilometer.
  • Universal and widespread ammunition – 7,62×51 bullet has good stopping power, which allows you to hunt with this weapon for almost all kinds of game which is found on the territory of Russia.
  • Long Picatinny rail, which allows you to install optical devices large multiplicity and intensity, and also effectively to check out from parallax.
  • Another strap under the forearm, it is possible to install tactical kit – flashlights, target designators, night vision devices.
  • Unfortunately, there is completely no external sights, which limits the scope of use of weapons. For drive and driven hunts when you want to shoot close and fast-receding goals, it is of little use. It is unlikely for the same reason, it can be considered expeditionary weapons.
  • This carabiner is left hereditary and fatal flaw of the AR-15 is a direct impact of the powder gases on the mechanism of reloading, which it is prone to corrosion and require regular cleaning.
  • Cleaning the rifle requires much time and considerable perseverance, since the details have many cavities of complex shape.

The weapon is relatively compact and light, the bed made of impact resistant plastic allows you to handle them without much reverence.

Photos Remington R-25


This weapon for hunting medium to large ungulates and predators.


Produced in only one caliber 7,62×51, the bed can have a different background camouflage coloring – red, green (mossy oak), light gray.

Feature The value
Type Semi-automatic weapon with a gas engine
Caliber 7,62×51
Trunk The console from chrome-molybdenum steel
The rifling Six keystone, right rotation
The pitch of thread (inches) 10
Barrel length (mm) 508
Shop Removable, metal, double row, 4 rounds
Total length (mm) 991
Weight (kg) 3,5
  • Self-loading carbine, working on the principle of gas engine. The powder gases are fed directly to the bolt carrier down the long tube.
  • Trunk thick-walled, with six longitudinal flutes. Made of chromium vanadium steel. Six trapezoidal right hand thread, obtained by donovania.
  • The design consists of two units: the upper, which includes a receiver, a barrel shroud (handguard) and the bolt; the lower, consisting of a base USM, bin store and butt.
  • Gas piston has a sealing split ring, like the internal combustion engine.
  • Cylinder bolt with seven lugs, so to unlock the barrel it requires a turn at very small angle.
  • The return of the bolt occurs due to the spring with weighting material located in the tube of the stock. To eliminate possible delays in the filing of the cartridge on the right side of the receiver is a pushrod.
  • The handle of the bolt located on the back plate of the receiver, it is used only for the initial cocking of the trigger. In the process of shooting is not involved, remains stationary.
  • Window ejector sleeves closed metal shutter, it automatically folds away when the platoon USM.
  • On the top edge of the receiver located Picatinny rail for mounting optics. It is supplemented by a short strap of the same type on the bottom of the forearm, which are mounted bipod, laser sights, or other tactical body kit.
  • The fuse box is on the left side of the receiver, it has two positions: Fire and Stop.
  • Shop metal, double row, removable. The eject button is on the right side, above the trigger guard.
  • Butt-podiatrist equipped with a massive shock-absorbing butt pad.
Picking and packing

Comes Packed in a cardboard box. Supplied with two stores. Attached the manual and a passport.

The principle of operation
  • Recharge and platoon firing mechanism occurs under the action of a portion of the propellant gases assigned from a bore. The principle of direct effects on the bolt.
  • Powder gases enter into the cylinder of the bolt and push the piston associated with the cylinders of the connecting rod. The movement of this mechanical system in Capernaum the groove rotates larvae and unlocking the breech. The recoil impulse throws the frame back, it compresses the spring of the firing pin, resting on the weighting. Simultaneously cocked spring impactor and ejected the cartridge. In the reverse movement of the cartridge is fed from the store into the chamber, the larva turns around and closes the bore.
  • For loading the magazine it is removed from the hopper. The cartridges are stacked in two rows.
  • Before the shot you will have to pull the T-shaped bolt handle back. Its left branch is a lever-latch. If it does not click, the slide does not move.
  1. Remove the magazine, put the gun on the fuse box down.
  2. Pull the bolt back and make sure the spring clip into the butt (with repeated movement of the frame does not feel resistance).
  3. Squeeze the rear pin holding the halves of the block of the receiver.
  4. To turn the unit shaft at the axis of the front pin, opening access to the USM and the bolt carrier.
  5. Pulling the handle, remove it together with the slide frame.
  6. To separate the handle and the frame of the shutter.
  7. Remove the pin on the back plate of the bolt, remove the firing pin.
  8. Rotate the pin cylinder shutter opernogo along the groove and remove it, extract the larvae.
  9. Remove the gas piston to remove the o-ring.
  10. Press the latch located at the back plate of the lower block of the rifle, near where the fixed stock. Remove the spring return mechanism with weighting material.

Changing the weight of weighting agent of the recoil mechanism, it is possible to increase or decrease the power of the cartridges and rate of fire.

Reviews and price on the rifle Remington R-25 (Remington R-25) are given below.


The carbine is from 90 to 100 thousand rubles.


With regular cleaning and lubrication of the rifle is quite reliable. Works better if the return mechanism is well-oiled. Therefore, in severe frosts there can be delays. Returns the average intensity, the accuracy of the battle within 3 MOA.

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