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The modern version of the classic sniper rifle, which has an excellent indicator of accuracy of fire (the manufacturer of this indicator is stated as “less than 1 arc minute”) and unique possibilities due to its technical characteristics, has gained a significant popularity among customers.

Although its price is high enough in comparison with hunting rifles middle class, but the level of demand for Remington R11 RSASS remains constant, as evidenced by the feedback of owners and buyers.

Offer today sale in two types, rifle model Remington R11 RSASS immediately attracts attention with its external design: the lack of spare parts, full balance and the ability to fit the body of the rifle by any user, all this makes it particularly interesting as professional hunters and beginners shooting from the serious firearms.

Review rifle Remington R11 RSASS

Stylish design, use in the creation of the body and trunk only high-quality materials with high strength, which is important in the operation of the model in the field, Remington R11 RSASS rifle also has a number of characteristics that distinguish it from the analogues. These include relatively light weight of this model, located on the barrel of the gun, not affecting the shape of the trunk and firing rates, which always remains high (even with frequent and active service rifles).

Created by two worldwide known manufacturers of firearms, the Remington R11 RSASS rifle combines the reliability of the Remington company, specializing in the professional manufacture of weapons and ammunition, and the style and build quality JP Enterprises, which is a manufacturer of sports-game weapons of the highest class. Having a relatively low weight with compact dimensions, a rifle of this model is well suited for hitting the target as stationary or moving. And obtaining initial skills of shooting with it is possible and will be quite convenient due to the soundness of the form of the model and its low weight, which also greatly facilitate the process of transportation.

Advantages and disadvantages

Every weapon model has a number of characteristics that can be considered its advantages and disadvantages. Of analysis provides the most complete picture of the quality of the rifle, and compare it with similar products available on the market today.

The most important positive characteristics of the model include:

  • firing range that allows you to hit targets that are at a considerable distance;
  • controlled impact when making a shot;
  • a convenient form of stock, guaranteeing maximum comfort during prolonged use rifles, and when teaching beginners;
  • removable magazine, which is important for the possibility of firing without a break for the filling (the rate has a high index);
  • a quick and thoughtful extraction of gases;
  • smooth running trigger makes the shooting process comfortable.

Light weight the weight of the rifle is due to use when you create the trunk in lightweight aluminium alloy having increased strength due to the manufacturing method (cold forging). Well thought out and balanced shape, good performance of fire and an attractive appearance is an important quality ensuring a constant demand for model semi-automatic sniper rifle model Remington R11 RSASS.

The drawback, according to most consumers, can be called relatively high cost, which to some extent limits the possibilities to acquire it. However, according to professionals, the quality of the model, its reasonableness, the shapes and firing rates determines the final price, and these characteristics Remington R11 RSASS can be considered relevant to its value.

Also the disadvantages include a loud sound make a shot, because when using this rifle, it is recommended to always use the silencer.

Sniper rifle Remington Remington R11 RSASS


Used rifle Remington R11 RSASS can for of warfare (she adopted some of the existing armies), for hunting, provided that the firing rates (firing range, rate of fire, accuracy of fire), and also for sports. For beginners this model can also be used.

The main user of this model – the armed forces used rifle for combat operations. In free sale this model is not available.


The sale has two main types of rifle models Remington R11 RSASS:

  1. Remington R11 RSASS with silencer and bipodfor firing from which are suitable for standard cartridges of caliber .308 Win. The store, supplied as standard, includes 20 rounds. The reload speed of the rifle – average.
  2. Remington R11 RSASS without a silencer, is also intended for firing by cartridges of caliber .308 Win, 7,62х5,1. Can also apply special sniper ammo, increases range and targeting.

Modern rifle that has a lot of positive feedback from buyers, and owners, Remington R11 RSASS immediately attracted attention, and rates of firing determined by the technical characteristics laid down by the manufacturer.


Having the ability to hit far away targets that may be in motion, rifle Remington R11 RSASS is also easy to use: the reasonableness of its design, the balance of stock and barrel – all makes this model particularly popular.

Specifications Carbine Remington R11 RSASS
Manufacturer Remington
Appointment The use for military purposes, is used of the armies of the
View Semi-automatic sniper rifle
Kind of caliber .308 Win., 9,3×62
The total length of the body 1 008 mm
The length of the barrel 524 mm
The height of the model 202 mm
Weight Of 6.87 kg
Width 57 mm
View of the trunk Cold forging, has an oxide coating

Combining maximum convenience in use, the thoughtful design and excellent technical characteristics, rifle Remington R11 RSASS has a high demand.


The relative simplicity of the design allows you to make quick partial disassembly of the rifle, it may be necessary to repair or carry out tuning. The main structural part of the model Remington R11 RSASS – barrel and butt. On the barrel is a flash suppressor that is also a mount for a removable silencer.

On the receiver, you’ll easily removable bracket, which is used for fastening the optical sight.

Picking and packing

Basic rifle is considered sophisticated and high quality optical sight mount for a silencer and front sight, the most rational set handguard make the process of using the rifle comfortable, and the shooting is most effective. Model Remington R11 RSASS is available in the market in a cardboard box, which presents information as model name, release date and manufacturer.

When selling a rifle Packed in with increased rigidity of the case for ease of transportation.

At the time of sale a certificate of quality on the rifle and her own passport.

The principle of operation

Semi-automatic rifle sniper Remington R11 RSASS begins its action since the introduction of cartridges in the store with their further sending to the barrel with a trigger mechanism. Restraining the cartridge, the spring comes out with a sharp blow to the striker’s shot. Optical sight for accurate shots, a silencer, also supplied to the rifle ensures quiet operation making the rounds.


The removal of the optical sight with quick release bracket, guaranteeing the convenience and reliability of installing the sight is integral with the guide, which is located on the top of the receiver. The muffler is easily removed with a flame arrester, which is also on the barrel.


Rifle sniper Remington R11 RSASS almost needs no improvement; however, to avoid noise when shooting can be used silencer third party. Also replaced by a store for big and spacious which gives an opportunity to make the shooting more rapid.

The price and the reviews about Remington R11 RSASS (Remington R11 RSASS) is given below.

The product price

The cost of this model can range from 182 200 rubles to 215 000 rubles, the price may vary from different sellers. In this money, note, you can purchase a Steyr Mannlicher mod. AUG-Z to use A2/SA, Sako 85 Brown Bear and Bavarian, Browning Bar .300WM Zenit, Browning Maral 9.3×62 HC.

Owner reviews

Attracting attention in the first place due to the appearance (sleek, timeless design with no superfluous details), rifle Remington R11 RSASS has a lot of positive reviews from its owners. The most frequently mentioned such a figure shooting out of it, as rate, which may rise when you replace the “native” store with a small amount of more spacious. Also good average received rate of this model.

Some of the owners as the noted advantage of transportation convenience: compact size, well thought-out forms make the rifle comfortable wearing, which is especially important when you move during operation of the weapon over long distances.

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