Remington Varmint SF rifles

Rifle Remington 700 Varmint SF is a weapon created by all the canons varmint hunting. It has an excellent ballistic qualities and allows you to hit small targets at distances up to a kilometer. Like everything that is created under this brand, it is very simple structurally and affordable, not yielding at the characteristics to premium-class models.

Description of the rifle the Remington Varmint SF

A repeating rifle with the bolt (longitudinal slide) the shutter. Its design borrowed much from the legendary Mauser rifle 98, but also has its own unique solutions, which are picked up by other gun companies. For example, triple locking the barrel (brand “three rings of steel”): two battle with the ridges of the shutter; a larva, form-fitting sleeves and the bottom part of the chamber; receiver of cylindrical shape that is mated with the barrel on the thread.

About this weapon, almost all says model abbreviation.

  • Varmint – sniper rifle for shooting small targets at very large (kilometers) distances, mainly with the emphasis lying or using a bipod. Small caliber cartridges with light bullets with high initial velocity (three times the speed of sound) and flat trajectory of the flight.
  • Stainless – barrel stainless steel.
  • Flute – six flute (wide grooves) on the outer surface of the barrel for effective cooling and added rigidity.

The barrel of the Remington 700 Varmint SF console, thick-walled (a match), the body of which extinguished a large part of the vibrations affecting bullet ballistics. Its interesting feature is the muzzle chamfer made in the form of a shallow funnel (crown). Thanks to her, the powder gases at the exit of the barrel are evenly distributed and focus on the bottom of the bullet, giving it an extra boost.

A weapon with this barrel is the accuracy of the battle, not greater than 0.5 MOA.

Remington 700 Varmint SF 223 Rem (photos)


Advantages and disadvantages
  • Very simple and reliable design. Thick match barrel with rifling, obtained by donovania, has excellent internal ballistics. Battle rifle heap, the impact is negligible.
  • The surface of the barrel is machined so that the formed matte anti-glare coating, which is not especially visible scratches, so the weapon can be treated quite freely, observing the usual precautions.
  • Lodge rifle made of plastic, with a massive aluminum inlay, vibration and torque that occurs with the passage of the bullet along the bore. Her form, though simple, but not devoid of grace. There are models that have the bed equipped with pads made of elastron on the forearm and pistol handle, which increase the reliability of the grip and make the weapon more attractive. The coating box is rough, easy to hold.
  • The comb of the butt is straight, parallel to the axis of the barrel, not all hunters are recognized as a particularly good solution for shooting offhand. There are shock absorbing recoil pad, which is not regulated.
  • On the upper surface of the forearm made the vent, increase the cooling efficiency of the barrel at a high rate of fire.
  • Trigger mechanism with an adjustable force on the trigger, but with a very short stroke. It is the accepted standard for sporting rifles, which not all hunters are welcome.
  • Shop built-in cover is used only to unload the ammunition, and charge only from the top through the window of ejector sleeves that is not especially convenient and is almost impossible if fitted with a rail and not a bracket for optics.
  • Trigger guard is narrow and is clearly overloaded with controls. Inside it there is a lever hopper store, and the unlock button shutter. All of this is designed to slow the shot after careful aiming, but not for dynamic shooting offhand.
  • The Americans provided special security measure, thanks to which you can be sure that random people, such as children, thoughtlessness or inexperience will not be able to use the weapon, causing themselves and others harm. On the back plate of the shutter there is a button with a curved cutout shaped key. In its turn, the shutter is locked in the open position. As a variant – instead of a button through hole, which is passed the handle of the lock, included in delivery.
  • Hand requires care and accuracy when dealing with controls a rifle. For example, if you do not bring the box of the fuse as far back as the shot is still possible, but visual alerts about this.

Because of the thick-walled barrel of the rifle significantly heavier than models with a large caliber. Its weight is 3.9 kg. For comparison, the semi-automatic Browning BAR .30-06 weighs 3.2 kg.


It’s a sniper rifle for shooting at long range. Possible use: varminting – the actual hunting for small animals like squirrels, raccoons, Prairie dogs, coyotes, stray dogs, or benchrest – sports shooting on the accuracy and range of a series of five rounds.


Virtually the same rifle is the SPS Varmint. It differs blued barrel without flutes and a box of black color. A set of calibers it twice, including a very rare 204 Ruger (5×47 cartridge).

22-250 Rem 223 rem 220 swift 308 Win
Type A repeating rifle with a longitudinally sliding gate
Trunk Stainless steel, heavy-walled, fluted
Barrel length (mm) 660
The pitch of thread (inches) 14 12 14 12
Shop Integrated
Capacity 5 5 4 4
Bed Polupoltina, plastic, with aluminum bus
Full length (mm) 1165
Weight (kg) 3,9
  • A repeating rifle with a longitudinally sliding gate. The trunk of a cantilever, stainless steel, thick-walled (a match), with six flutes and a muzzle chamfer in the form of a shallow funnel. The rifling made by the method of durnovaria.
  • The receiver at the breech is round, milled from a solid billet. Connection with one-piece barrel, threaded.
  • The bolt with two lugs, drummer with the striker and mainspring is inside its stem. The trigger mechanism of direct action, with one sear. Possible force adjustment on the trigger.
  • The fuse box is located behind the handle of the shutter. It only blocks the sear, so it is not recommended to press the trigger even if the rifle the safety is on (box is shifted far back).
  • On the back plate of the shock mechanism of the shutter (left) is a button safety to lock the shutter in the open position. Option through hole for the handle of the lock.
  • The store is integrated with the lid, the lever which is located on the front branch of the trigger guard. The same place, but at the top is a button to unlock the shutter used in the disassembly of the rifle.
  • Bed plastic, polupoltina. Buttstock with straight comb, parallel to the axis of the barrel. The shock-absorbing recoil pad, fixed. On the shank made a series of holes for better cooling of the barrel.
  • On the shank are fixed two ring swivels to mount a bipod.
  • The outer sighting devices are not. Strap or bracket under the optical sight installed on the receiver, which made four holes with metric thread.
Picking and packing

The rifle comes in a cardboard box with foam absorber. The shutter is removed.

Supplied screwdriver to adjust the effort of the descent, the secret key for the security buttons or the lock with a long shackle. Accompanied by a certificate and manual.

The principle of operation

Platoon projectile occurs when the promise of the paddle forward at the moment of passing his last four millimeters of stroke and lowering the handle down. Removed automatically, when you turn the knob up. There is a possibility to close the chamber without cocking the firing pin, what it is necessary to hold a finger on the exposed end on the back plate of the shutter and at the same time lower the hilt.

  • Longitudinal-a sliding shutter in the closed position engages the two weapon tabs in the receiver. The larva shutter covers the bottom of the liner and enters the chamber.
  • Equipment hopper store cartridges made from the top, through the window of ejector cartridges in the receiver. After laying the last, you can add another one and ramming it into the chamber. If you want to leave a chamber empty, you have imbedded stacked cartridges down into the bunker, and hold the cylinder stopper over them.
  • Unloading of the hopper by pressing the lever on the front branch of the trigger guard, then open the cover.
  • The trigger lock has two operating positions: the way forward “Fire” and all the way back “Stop.” Locked only the sear, the firing pin remains cocked and is able to impale the capsule holder. Therefore, it is categorically impossible to pull the trigger, hoping that a shot will not happen. You can achieve the opposite. If you do not bring the box back until it stops, leaving it in the middle position, the sear is not locked.
  • The safety mechanism is on the left side of the back plate of the drummer. This is the button with notched cutout or through hole. The breech bolt handle is lifted and it is moved back. In the notched cutout is inserted the key is included and turns counterclockwise, until the white dots visible in the back, from the butt. In this position, the shutter cannot be closed. The descent is blocked, the weapon is safe.
  1. Put the fuse in the “Stop”position.
  2. To unload the cartridges from the hopper by pressing the button on the trigger guard.
  3. To open the shutter and take him back.
  4. Click on the button under the trigger guard, unlock the shutter.
  5. Remove the shutter.
  6. Remove the screws on both sides of the trigger guard and front of the bin store.
  7. To separate the top handle, a box and barrel Assembly to the receiver and trigger mechanism.
  8. Knock out the rear pin of the trigger, remove the sear (don’t lose spring).
  9. To knock the front pin of the trigger and remove it along with the arm guard.

Can be disassembled and the shutter.

  1. Fix the backplate of the slide in a vise (the safety button) to move the tooth of the platoon drummer ago, as it seemed the end of the slot.
  2. Insert in the slot, the flat-blade screwdriver or a coin.
  3. Pulling the bolt and remove it from the percussion mechanism Assembly from the striker.
  4. To promote the percussion mechanism (the pair of back plate and striker spring screw).

The design of the rifle allows you to replace the box and the trigger.

About the price and the reviews on the rifle the Remington Varmint SF read below.


On the official website of the manufacturer announced the starting price of 991 $. In gun shops rifle Remington Varmint SF is offered at a price of 82 (223 Rem) to 120 (308 Win) thousand.


Owners say the satisfactory quality of manufacture and high reliability of Remington rifles. When you control the shooting of cartridges of average quality deviation from the aiming point does not exceed 2.5 cm (0.9 MOA).

Prekladatele of the Lodge and its ergonomics are evaluated on a solid “4”. The returns are very low, the sound of the shot similar to a dry click.

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